My Asian Experience: Staying With my Friend in Tokyo

Tokyo is a city filled to the brim with bright lights, but there are plenty of other things to look at when it comes to Tokyo as well. I was always curious as to what the city would feel like, and it always gave off the impression that everyone was looking to get ahead. I loved that sort of mentality, so I felt it was only right to make my way over to Tokyo itself; I’m hapy that I decided to do that! I’ll be talking about a few of the things I go into while I was over in Tokyo, as well as what me and my friend set out to accomplish (I had a mission in mind the entire time, this wasn’t just a spontaneous trip). Whenever you’re going to a brand new location it’s got to feel exhilarating, it’s almost like you’re moving to a brand new city for the first time. You get to look at culture from a different side of the world, and you get to experience all of the things like food and art that the city has to offer. Tokyo is always going to be looked at as the “most technologically sound city in the world” – but there’s much more to it than just gizmos and gadgets.

My trip was one that looked to focus on one thing, and one thing only; Jessica. She was a foreign exchange student that was born in the United States, but she had recently moved to Japan for classes. We hit it off while she was back home (meaning the USA), but when she moved, I felt as if I was empty inside. I needed to see if she still felt the same way about me, and I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone, seeing as I had planned on going to Tokyo at some point in my life anyways. I’m not some creep stalker that’s looking to find her in a massive city, she knows I’m coming and we’ve already agreed to meet up.

Jessica is notthe friend I had been staying with while I was in Tokyo, that was actually Paul. Paul lived in Tokyo as well, but he wasn’t in school or anything, he was just working and living his life. Paul is white, but could speak fluent Japanese – he was essentially my means of communciation. I love the guy as well, so that definitely didn’t hurt the situation.

Paul’s Pad

Paul had a pretty amazing house, it was relatively small but I would consider it comfy (as opposed to tiny). There was a big screen TV mounted on the wall, and he had a very large glass window facing the outside – you could just look out and see how busy the city was. Paul’s house was very close to the middle of Tokyo, so we had access to pretty much anything we needed. There are things like buses and bullet trains that can help you get to certain locations as well. We weren’t too afraid of getting down and dirty when it came to traveling, so the bullet train was a viable option for us. It’s usually jam packed, so it’s a tough sell for some.

Paul and I were looking to find Jessica at her home, which was in the city center as well, after I got her address we decided to get a bit of food and head on over. We got sushi and it was absolutely exquisite, although it cost a decent amount of money. I wasn’t here to be cheap, though, so I was cool with it all. When we finally got to Jessica’s house, she asked us if we had already eaten and such. She had a rice cooker that she had got from Kitchen Dome, and she was going to make us a little snack – I was really full, so I declined politely.

Paul had decided to bring one of his cute friends over, so it felt like a double date of sorts, the only thing is that Jessica wasn’t trying to be in the middle of it all. I don’t know if she met someone while she was in Tokyo, but the spark had definitely died out.. I’m not one to try and bring dead love back to life, so I just let it be and went about my business. I was in Tokyo, and I was destined to have a great time – and that was with or without Jessica in my life.

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