Cleaning, Maintaining, Using your Rice Cooker

Cleaning tips


  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Soap
  • Soft brush


  • Always cool down first, at least 30 minutes is good
  • Consult the manual to double check this
  • Remove any rice stuck to the pan (if it is stubborn, soak it in cold water)
  • Don’t try to scape it, just use a soft spatula to remove any grains
  • Hot water just cooks it more and makes it more stubborn
  • Clean the lid carefully and let it air dry
  • Clean the outside of the rice cooker gently with a soft sponge and let that dry
  • Clean as soon as you can
  • Aluminum pots can be scoured if anything is burnt on

Take care

  • Read the instruction manual
  • Take care of the heat
  • Beware of steam as it may not be hot to touch but some steam is inevitable
  • Always place it on a level and stable surface
  • Never allow it to be immersed in water
  • Never fill above the maximum level
  • Don’t plug it in until you are ready to cook
  • Check the cord for damage regularly
  • Disconnect it when not in use
  • Disconnect it when you clean it
  • Use twin gloves when you lift the lid and stand back a bit
  • Avoid dishwashers
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners
  • Rinse and dry the bowl before placing it back

And the cover

  • Don’t use it if it becomes cracked
  • Let it cool down before you clean it
  • Never use sharp utensils
  • Soft clothes, cold soaking is better than scouring or scrubbing

Actually using your rice cooker

  • I do know some people do not bother with preparing their rice in terms of rinsing but here is the correct way of getting it all ready
  • Measure the amount of rice you need with the measuring cup
  • Rinse the rice in a sieve under running water to remove excess bran and starch
  • Pour the rice into the inner bowl, spread the rice nice and evenly
  • Measure your water with the cup or up to the level indicated in the bowl
  • Place the inner bowl into the rice cooker
  • Place the lid on, check instructions for this, some will have a catch which must be secure
  • Connect the cooker to the electrical socket
  • Press the cook mode, the cook light should come on
  • Make sure it is on, and not just on warm, that would take forever but is easily done if you hurry
  • Once it is cooked it will automatically go to warm or off depending on the model
  • If it is a keep warm model the warm light will come on, the cook light will be off
  • If it is more basic it will just stop cooking, no light
  • Keep the lid closed for a further 10 or 15 minutes
  • Stir the rice and serve as quickly as possible
  • Disconnect the rice cooker

And sterilizing

It will not do any harm to sterilize your pot now and again, using gentle baby sterilizing solution to get rid of any lingering odors

What kind of rice?

That is a difficult question and a lot will depend on where you live and availability but assuming you have internet it is better to look around locally or at  If you are very fussy you can probably find a good health food store and they can advise you.

Look for locally grown rice wherever possible.

Of course some people will only ever cook a certain type of rice, for instance basmati rice and that is fine.

If you want to experiment with different types of rice you probably do not want to purchase a huge bag of rice, try a smaller batch first and then you can   go for the bulk buy.


I have come across advice concerning cooking rice, refrigerating and keeping it for later.  Although it is good to have some pre-cooked rice for stir frying I do not recommend keeping rice for too long once it is cooked.  Cooked rice can harbor bacteria and if you are not used to that it can cause upset.

So always go for freshly cooked rice, not using it as a standby from the fridge unless you need it for the stir fry option.

Some rice cookers even have a quick reheat option but again I would be cautious.

If you take care of your rice cooker it can last you, but nothing lasts forever.  Just taking care not to misuse it will help it to last a long time.

What are infrared heaters?

Infrared heat is similar to the heat we receive from sunlight.

Infrared is invisible to the naked eye, it is beyond the spectrum we can see and this invisible light gets absorbed by our skin, clothes and other items in proximity.

If you think of it as being similar to being in the shade and being in direct sunlight that is how it works.  So infrared rays will only heat objects in its path.

There are many different types of heater hence many different specifications and fuels can be electricity, natural gas, or propane.

Garage Heaters;

Are for places that are not very well insulated and will provide you with high blasts of warm air to cover larger areas.

Baseboard Heaters

  • Are great for bedrooms and hallways
  • They are low profile
  • Fairly easy and safe to install
  • A most popular choice for the home.

Design wise there are many options

  • For example you could look for one that is designed to look like a real fireplace
  • Using electricity makes them safer and cleaner than the real thing.

The advantages of infrared heaters

As most heaters work through convection, slowly building heat into the surrounding area, permeating the whole room.  Infrared heaters emit a precise beam of heat onto you, directly keeping you warm.

  • They heat up instantly and (great if you have to sit at a desk burning the midnight oil or just sitting in front of a TV or computer as a form of relaxation)
  • They work silently without the use of any fan blowing away and creating noise, great if you have to work online in conference calls with your employer or clients
  • Also great for your bedroom where you want minimal noise and perhaps a quick cool down once you get between the sheets.
  • Hot coils are wrapped over the heat source reflecting the metal extending out for several yards, thus creating a gentle and comfortable heat source
  • They are considered to be healthier than other forms of heating as they do not reduce humidity or oxygen in the room.
  • This makes them a good choice for sinus sufferers and skin allergy problems
  • Infrared do not take anything from the atmosphere nor do they add anything, making them more suitable for sensitive souls.
  • Infrared heat aids blood circulation, yet there is no UVA or UVB radiation, causing aging and burning.

Cost Effectiveness

If you spend a lot of time in a certain area of a large room, you can make savings by just heating that area rather than using central heating for areas that do not need heat. As they emit nearly 100 % of the heat from as little as 300 watts of electricity you can get superb value, and instant heat. You can work or play without the need for wooly hats and mittens.


With no motor, no moving parts, no filters or lubricant there is little in the way of routine maintenance.  The reflectors may need dusting occasionally


  • If you wish your heater to be ascetic in design then you can probably find one that suits your style.
  • Little wooden cabinet heaters look cute,
  • Some look more like lava lamps and will look more functional.
  • They are also portable and convenient.

The disadvantages

  • As the coils can get very hot they can be dangerous when you have pets and/or children.
  • It is imperative if you have an older style heater to keep it away from your pooch or your little ones.
  • Now they are designed with your family’s safety in mind so are more likely to be encased and cool to touch. Perhaps you need to upgrade if you find you like this source of heat.
  • Some do have (ceiling) fans to help disperse the heat and now new models have automated shut off and emergency tip-over switch, all making them much safer than in the past.
  • You will get a nice warm glow from your heater, make it a feature of the room rather than an eyesore


As the radiant heat goes in one direction only, directly heating an area they are not going to be any good for a large family room.  For heating a larger zone they may not be quite enough.


If you are considering this type of heating for one room or the whole house there is a solution for you.

Check out this article for a wide range of portable infrared heater reviews for a futuristic home with no cold spots!

My Asian Experience: Staying With my Friend in Tokyo

Tokyo is a city filled to the brim with bright lights, but there are plenty of other things to look at when it comes to Tokyo as well. I was always curious as to what the city would feel like, and it always gave off the impression that everyone was looking to get ahead. I loved that sort of mentality, so I felt it was only right to make my way over to Tokyo itself; I’m hapy that I decided to do that! I’ll be talking about a few of the things I go into while I was over in Tokyo, as well as what me and my friend set out to accomplish (I had a mission in mind the entire time, this wasn’t just a spontaneous trip). Whenever you’re going to a brand new location it’s got to feel exhilarating, it’s almost like you’re moving to a brand new city for the first time. You get to look at culture from a different side of the world, and you get to experience all of the things like food and art that the city has to offer. Tokyo is always going to be looked at as the “most technologically sound city in the world” – but there’s much more to it than just gizmos and gadgets.

My trip was one that looked to focus on one thing, and one thing only; Jessica. She was a foreign exchange student that was born in the United States, but she had recently moved to Japan for classes. We hit it off while she was back home (meaning the USA), but when she moved, I felt as if I was empty inside. I needed to see if she still felt the same way about me, and I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone, seeing as I had planned on going to Tokyo at some point in my life anyways. I’m not some creep stalker that’s looking to find her in a massive city, she knows I’m coming and we’ve already agreed to meet up.

Jessica is notthe friend I had been staying with while I was in Tokyo, that was actually Paul. Paul lived in Tokyo as well, but he wasn’t in school or anything, he was just working and living his life. Paul is white, but could speak fluent Japanese – he was essentially my means of communciation. I love the guy as well, so that definitely didn’t hurt the situation.

Paul’s Pad

Paul had a pretty amazing house, it was relatively small but I would consider it comfy (as opposed to tiny). There was a big screen TV mounted on the wall, and he had a very large glass window facing the outside – you could just look out and see how busy the city was. Paul’s house was very close to the middle of Tokyo, so we had access to pretty much anything we needed. There are things like buses and bullet trains that can help you get to certain locations as well. We weren’t too afraid of getting down and dirty when it came to traveling, so the bullet train was a viable option for us. It’s usually jam packed, so it’s a tough sell for some.

Paul and I were looking to find Jessica at her home, which was in the city center as well, after I got her address we decided to get a bit of food and head on over. We got sushi and it was absolutely exquisite, although it cost a decent amount of money. I wasn’t here to be cheap, though, so I was cool with it all. When we finally got to Jessica’s house, she asked us if we had already eaten and such. She had a rice cooker that she had got from Kitchen Dome, and she was going to make us a little snack – I was really full, so I declined politely.

Paul had decided to bring one of his cute friends over, so it felt like a double date of sorts, the only thing is that Jessica wasn’t trying to be in the middle of it all. I don’t know if she met someone while she was in Tokyo, but the spark had definitely died out.. I’m not one to try and bring dead love back to life, so I just let it be and went about my business. I was in Tokyo, and I was destined to have a great time – and that was with or without Jessica in my life.

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