Summer Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

There is no better time to have fun, like during summer. Still, with the scorching sun, humidity, pollution, and more, your skin takes the toll. The weather elements during this time, wipe off the natural glow of your skin and hair, and if you are not lucky enough, it gets infections.

Not to worry, there is a hack for this. After reading this piece, you will know how you can still keep your skin radiating as it should, during summer. Here are some few tips you can use to restore the glow on your skin throughout this season.

Use sunscreens

Do you use sunscreens? If not, then you are missing out big time. A few people use sunscreens during summer; stand to be counted by buying a new sunscreen with AVA and UVB which comes in SPF 30 and SPF 70.  Start using a shot glass full for your body and a full teaspoon full of the face, and ensure you reapply it after an hour or two when out in the sun.

 Apply minimal makeup

Go for less makeup during summer. You look much better when you are more natural under the unforgiving sun. In case you use foundation, it’s advisable that you apply face powder as it prevents patchy skin. A good quality lip balm or gloss is excellent at protecting your lips to make them fresher. Also, avoid eye make like a plague during summer.

Hydrate your body

A good summer lotion should be your close friend during this season that you should never forget to put on. Summertime is the time to pack away your light wintery lotions and body butter. Light summery creams are the best since they come lighter and get absorbed into your skin quicker than the wintery body lotions which are thick.

Try purees and gels as they are the utmost absorbers. These are light, refreshing fruity lotions, best at spelling out summer. Apply right after a shower to seal in the body moisture your body absorbed while bathing.

Use summer polish

When it is summertime, you pack off your boots and grab your sandals. Go for a pedicure or better still treat go for an at-home pedicure. Get rid of the dead, dry skin and uncover your sandal-ready feet as there is nothing worse than showing your dull, dry feet in cute new sandals. Do it a couple of times each week, and in the end, you will have softer and gorgeous feet.

Got tired eye?

Long working hours and a host of other things to attend to when preparing for the festive season is tiring. What if you get nice eyewash that could get you refreshed in an instant? Put ice spring water in a bowl and add about three drops of honey then immense one of your eyes into it. Open your eye briefly, and then close it.

Throw away this liquid and make another portion of the same liquid one to use for the other eye. Repeat this process for a little while. Next, splash your eyes with cold mineral water. You will notice some redness in your eyes for a little while, but it will soon disappear, leaving your eyes refreshed for long.

Laser hair removal

Yes, it’s time to get ready for the summer. And, you canuse a laser machine to remove the unwanted hair from your legs, face, bikini line, underarm, and also in other parts of your skin where you don’t need hair to grow.

The benefit of laser hair removal includes precision, in that the laser selectively targets the dark coarse hairs without damaging the surrounding skin.  Speed is also other benefits, in that it takes less time to get rid of the unwanted hair when using a laser.

Avoid green chlorine hair

During summer most people like spending time in swimming pools without knowing how that could have a toll on their hair- green chlorine hair, especially with dyed hair. It happens when the chemicals in your hair dye mix with chlorine in swimming pool water. To get rid of this, since you can’t keep off swimming pools completely, wash your hair with baking soda and leave it in there for some time.

Also, try a great shampoo for swimmers as it is effective in removing the green. Otherwise, the chlorine in the water will ruin your hair shelf.  A deep conditioner and keratin treatments are suitable for your hair health. It leaves your hair healthy, vibrant, and shiny.


These are only a few tips you can use this summer to acquire gorgeous skin and hair. There are many more, such as combing your hair from the bottom, air drying it, eating a healthy diet for both your hair and skin health. Be sure to use these tips, and you will enjoy your summer more, without worrying about your hair and skin health.


Common Car Problems that can Cost you

Common Car Problems that can Cost you

You must keep your car in perfect shape if you want it to serve you well. Of course, you’ll run into problems now and then, even with a good maintenance schedule. It is essential, therefore, that you take your vehicle for regular checkups to prevent and repair glitches before aggravating into something more serious.

Here’s a list of snags you’re likely to encounter and how to deal with them.

Wrong Fueling

Okay, this is not a problem per se, but rather a mistake.  You can never rule out the possibility of putting the wrong fuel in your car at some point. In fact, this is a common mistake with a staggering 15,000 drivers making the blunder every year in the United Kingdom alone.

Wrong fuelling is costly too. You may have to part with up to £3,000 to solve the problem. Sure, such an error will send you into panic mode immediately, especially if it is your first time. While it is a serious slip up, you can get your vehicle up and running again in a couple of hours.

What to Do

One of the best ways to handle this situation is to seek the services of a fuel recovery service. For starters, these are companies with special equipment to empty your vehicle’s tank in case of wrong fueling. The best part? They will come to your location no matter where you are and sort you out. Be sure to visit Fuel Doctor UK to learn more about emergency recovery services and how it works.

Dead Starter

A dead starter, like the name, suggests implies that your car won’t, well, start. It such scenarios, it usually one of these two things – either, your battery is dead or the starter has malfunctioned. When this happens, the ignition key doesn’t get the engine running – all you hear is a click. And so you may know, starters come with a solenoid in the column (also known as starter relay).  It enables an electric current to move from the starter to the motor, setting the engine in motion.

What to Do

Be sure to conduct regular checks to your starter’s motor to see if anything needs replacing or fixing. A faulty spark plug can easily cause a dead starter. At times, all you need to do is to adjust the relay and you’re good to go.

Dead Battery

Now, this one is a common car problem. And, like a dead starter, your vehicle’s engine won’t run if the battery is dead. You’re likely to experience issues if your battery is too old or something drains the power out of it.

What to Do

Check to see if there’s any faulty connection and hook them back up. Also, replace your battery every three to five years.

Alternator Problems

An alternator will ensure that your battery is functioning. It keeps it charged as well.  Again, your car will not start if there are problems with the alternator. You can even experience a breakdown in the middle of the road. Some of the signs to look out for include electric failure and rattling from the engine.

What to Do

Take you vehicle to the mechanic as soon as you can to have it checked. Replace the battery to see if the car will start.

Radiator Leaks

Your car’s radiator may be leaking if it is leaving a trail of coolant in its path or if the air conditioning is failing. The ripple effect is that your engine is likely to overheat, putting you at the risk of a possible breakdown unexpectedly.

What to Do

Inspect all the connection of your vehicle to ensure that they’re in place. Replace anything faulty. On top of that, check the cooling system regularly. Don’t forget to refill the coolant after every couple of months.

Oil Leaks

Your car has an oil leak if it is leaving dark stains on your parking slot or driveway. It starts off small but intensifies into something critical. The primary cause of an oil leak is a faulty, misaligned or missing plug.

What to Do

You need to tune up your car regularly to help you deal with oil leaks. Also, change filters once or twice in three months. Wash the engine bay to check for oil. Determine if there are other fluids leaking.

Flat Tires

You must have had a flat tire, right? Sure – this is one of the most common car problems caused when sharp objects puncture your tire. Wear and tear can also cause a flat tire especially if you drive on uneven terrain.

What to Do

Drive carefully and check your tire’s pressure on a regular basis. Make sure that it isn’t under or over-inflated to keep the friction in check.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t take a lot of hard work to keep your car running without any issues. So, make sure that you’re giving your vehicle regular maintenance. Clean it inside and out as well. Also, avoid driving an unroadworthy car.

Samsung Galaxy vs Garmin Instinct

Today, I’ll help all those who may have issues trying to choose between Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatch and Garmin Instinct. These devices are popular but so many do not know their differences and features thereby making avoidable mistakes buying the wrong thing.

You do not have to grope in the dark trying to get these devices. My intention is to help you make an informed decision. One that you won’t have to regret about for any reason.

I’ll help you spot the real difference between these two similar products and you’ll be able to see exactly what you really want. You don’t really need to make a wrong buying decision when you know all these major differences. With this article you are armed with the right info to make the best buy.

Let’s start with the Galaxy Watch. It has a really beautiful full-colour display. Germin Instinct on the other hand has a cute monochrome display. If what you want is a full colour display then you know exactly which to go for. And for those who want a monochrome display then simply go fo Germin Instinct.

The Germin Instinct battery was designed to last for 2 weeks and for Samsung Galaxy the battery was designed to survive for like 7 days of normal use. If a battery life is so much an issue for you then you now know what to go for.

If water is something that will cause you concerns then listen to  this. Just in case you will be swimming or going other things that will attract much water then I have something for you here. The Samsung’s Galaxy waterproof certification is just 5 ATM. On the other hand the Germin Instinct is rated 10 ATM. So make a wise choice with this understanding.

Let’s now consider their operating systems. The Samsung’s Galaxy device operating system is Tizen. On the other hand the Instinct uses this operating system Garmin OS. If you’re concerned about their operating system then here is it.

Now get this, Spotify is supported in the Samsung Galaxy Watch. If that’s not a big deal for you then you can go for a Germin Instinct that is supported.

Bixby is what the Samsung Galaxy uses as voice assistant while Instinct does not have any virtual personal assistant.

Let’s look at the last difference between these two superb products. My goal for this article is to help guide you to buy the right device. You don’t have to do trial and error. You can buy the right stuff that will serve you well.

How about the map? If you want a good and accurate map then this part is just your source.  For the Galaxy Watch a full-colour map can be readily displayed. The Germin Instinct on the other hand uses monochrome breadcrumb-style navigation for it displays.

It’s now clear to you the major difference between Samsung’s Galaxy vs Germin Instinct.

When next are you going to buy this device? Equip your self with all the info here before going into the mall or the online shop.

The Interior Designers At Eighth Design

Are you wanting something new for your home? Is it time to change things up? Well, if you are located in Singapore there are some great interior designers that would love to redo your entire home and give you your dream home. Interior design may be tricky for the average person but once you enlist a top designer they take on all the work and begin to work on delivering you results that you want for your home.

Interior design goes beyond the looks of a space. Interior design can help with functionality. If you find yourself dealing with clutter pretty often then the help of an interior designer may be needed. Interior designers assist with creating layouts that help with the functionality of a space. They also can help with bringing your ideas to life. They can expose you to different textures, fabrics, colors and prints you may not be aware of. They will create an entire vision for your project. Interior designers can take on any small or big project. If you are just seeking some help with a room or two an interior designer can help with that, just how they can also take on a major project like designing an entire house.

The best interior designers in Singapore are the best because of their experience and their level of skill. When you are looking for an interior designer their eye for design and skill level should be what you consider when selecting a designer. There are so many designers out there but the best in Singapore have a track record of creating beautiful residences with their skill level, experience and resources. Eighth Design has established itself has a well known, respected interior design firm that is committed to pleasing their clients with interior design services.

You want to hire a designer that is both innovative and creative. The interior designer’s ability to be able to create a design layout from your ideas is a vital must. You want a designer that will work in your budget and within your time frame. These designers have the ability to get started immediately on your project and rapidly complete your project to your liking. While you’re selecting designers make sure a designer is known for their delivery. You want a designer that is reliable, hard working and will be consistent. Looking into their portfolio will give you a good outlook on their credibility and their quality of work.

If you are needing interior design for commercial purposes this same team of designers offer services for commercial interior design. This team of designers are skilled in creating beautiful commercial spaces as well. The team will work together to cater to your commercial needs. They understand your needs from residential to commercial spaces may differ. They offer detailed services to help execute your dreams for your commercial interior purposes. Just like with their residential interior services this firm aids its clients in making sure projects are completed within a timely manner.

Beginner Tips to Get the Most out of your Chainsaw

Beginner Tips to Get the Most out of your Chainsaw

Chainsaws are handy working tools. In fact, if you’re a serious DIY enthusiast, you should have one. Still, you have to know how to use your chainsaw to maximize its potential. These tips will help get you started.

Be Mindful About Safety

You should never attempt to use a chainsaw without wearing a helmet with a visor. You can opt for safety goggles as well. On top of that, put on safety shoes (preferably steel toe boots) and a canvas-made trouser. Don’t forget to carry a cellphone or a whistle in case of an emergency. Whenever possible, use gel-filled gloves for a better grip and excellent absorption of vibration.

Learn How to Use the Extras

Of course, your chainsaw will work better with accessories attached to it. And, it’s unbelievable how many possibilities there are regarding the extras you can use to increase your machine’s potential. The idea is to make operating your unit simple while allowing you to complete tasks quickly.

Avoid the Kickback Zone

Cutting with your chainsaw on the bottom of the bar is the easiest way to get a natural cut. Even then, there’s a specific spot on the bar that you should try to avoid known as the kickback zone.  For starters, this is the top half of the bar’s tip.

Why is this critical? Well, if the bar gets into contact with anything while in motion, the saw will kick up and back to your direction. In fact, this is the primary reason newer chainsaws come with a function that allows you to stop the machine in case of a kickback.

Know When It’s Time to Sharpen

A sharp chainsaw cuts smoothly, with less force on the bar. A dull chain, on the other hand, tends to ride in the cut and doesn’t deepen it.  So, if you’re forcing your saw or “persuading” it to cut, it implies that the chain is dull and requires some sharpening. Further, when the chain is spitting out dust (instead of fine chips), it is time to sharpen it.

It is important to note here that you should mark each tooth with a brightly colored marker after sharpening to avoid confusion.

Know How to Handle the Machine

You can reduce the risk of injury significantly if you know how to handle your chainsaw. Start by wrapping your left-hand thumb around the front handle when cutting. That way, you can manage to control the unit better during a kickback.

Also, be sure to remove your right hand off the back handle when moving from point A to B with the saw running. You want to reduce the chances that the engine can accelerate and get the chain spinning if you stumble or trip.

Treat Gasoline

Do you want the maintenance costs of your chainsaw to be as low as possible? Well, you should make sure that you treat gasoline when you buy it. See, you can never be sure about the quality of the gas you intend to use for your machine. So, add stabilizer before refilling. Keep in mind that when gasoline starts to breakdown, it makes the engine hard to start. More than that, it can gunk the entire system with varnish and gum.

Install a Gas Tank Leak Stopper

Be cautious when tiling your chainsaw to make repairs. The last thing that you want to happen to your machine is gas running out of the vent cap holes of the engine. Be sure to place a small piece of plastic wrapper over the tank’s opening and screw the cap back on.

Protect your Ears

Chainsaws can be loud – with some generating sound levels of over 120 decibels. Invest in high-quality earmuffs, reusable plugs or disposable foam earplugs to keep the noise below 90 decibels. You only need to make sure that the protective gear feels comfortable around your ears.

Keep a Safe Distance

Make sure that you maintain a reasonable distance between the chain saw and whatever it is that you are cutting (at least five meters). Also, clear the area. Get rid of animals and people especially if you are felling trees.  Learn about environmental regulations in your area before felling trees.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t take much to get you chainsaw to work the way you want it to. However, it makes perfect sense to get well aquatinted with the basics before you can start to use it for large tasks. Start with small activities such as splitting logs. You can even ask a seasoned operator to help with the first few steps.

Also, make sure that you take your machine for checkups once in a while.  One more thing – never use a faulty chainsaw because doing so increases your risk of getting hurt.

Pizza is the Best Winter Warmer

Pizza is the Best Winter Warmer

What is the thing that warms you up most in the winter? Is it the world’s best infrared heater that you bought from the shop the other week? Could it be getting cuddles from the one you love?

Well it might be all of these things but for me the thing that warms me up the most and helps me to get through those bleak winter months is pizza. I know that this might sound silly when you think about it logically why would pizza not help you out in this situation?

What’s that? I’m still not persuading you? Well sit back and relax because I am going to tell you all about why pizza is the only thing you need in the winter months.

The taste

I shouldn’t even need to explain this one. Everyone knows that pizza tastes nicer than anything else. It is warm and it is delicious and that is all that needs to be said on the issue.

The flavor combinations

Pizza is probably the most versatile food on the face of the earth. You can top it with basically anything you want and it will still taste nice. There is pepperoni, salami, ham, pineapple and bacon but to name a few. Then there are the different types of cheese you can have. My personal preference is for the classic mozzarella but you can also use cheddar, Swiss or anything else you can get you hands on.

Next up are the bases. I know I am in the minority but I like my pizzas to be formed on a barbecue base. I think it really adds to the whole sensation of a pizza but I know I am alone here. Most people like the original tomato base and there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong as long as you smother it in cheese! I’ll leave you with the thought of a stuffed crust pizza floating around in your thoughts.

The social elements

I don’t know about you but the only time I really eat pizza is when I am with my friends. Someone normally pipes up wanting to get one and within a couple of minutes the call has been placed and a delicious pizza is on its way to you. For this reason having a pizza is normally associated with good times and having another one will normally bring back good memories of the other times you have shared with your pals.

They can make you a better chef

If you are brave enough to make a pizza on your own instead of ordering one in then you will know just how easy they are to make. You have to create the base which is the only really difficult part. Once you have done this you are then free to experiment however you wish to. You can pick whatever ingredient you like and flavour it exactly to your own tastes.

If you want to try a pickle and pepperoni pizza then you can do just that. The more time you spend in the kitchen creating pizza ideas and the executing them the quicker you will become a pizza pro and never have to order one in again. Think of all of the money you can save by doing this. When you add this to the fact that cooking is extremely fun then you are looking at a very good way to spend an evening or two each week!

The conclusion

I hope I have brought you round to my way of thinking. Pizza is life and life is pizza. When things start to get cold each year you can keep all of your heaters and jackets and just chuck me a pizza from an infrared oven. If you are feeling extra generous then make mine a meat feast with a barbecue base please…

Power Tools Buyers Guide – All You Need to Know

Power Tools Buyers Guide - All You Need to Know

Power tools are a necessity in every household today. Making repairs on anything will either be a hassle or will cost a lot. Most repairmen charge a lot for repairs and are highly unreliable as it could take a lot of time to make the repairs and there is never a guarantee that the repair will last.

You might also catch yourself in a situation where the aid of professionals is unavailable or unwanted. You might want to make a treehouse for your kids or help a friend with some work. The aid of professionals might be the easier way to do things, but nothing can replace the hands-on feeling and safety you get when you do it on your own.

The other benefit to having power tools is the bond you make when you build or repair something. Such occasions are often depicted in movies, a family making a treehouse together, or a man making a pool table for himself. That is because many consider power tools a part of “The American Dream”. The prospect of bonding through creation is not a myth, however. It is an actual occurrence, similar to how a parent will love it’s own child more than another person’s.

The market of power tools is huge and at times overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for. There is a lot to check out. This, however, can be mitigated if you know what you are looking for. When it comes to day to day housework you will not need much more than a drill.

However, if you are looking to get into a hobby or a more difficult and extensive job there are a plethora of different tools specialized for different things. You will not need the dozens of different kinds of saws so I suggest finding a guide on an array of tools that best serve the purpose you want or a makeshift starter kit for any homestead.

A simple drill saw, and a nail gun will do you good no matter what. It’s worth pointing out that sewing machines are a kind of power tool, as are vacuum cleaners and pressure washers. As you can see the term power tool is as inclusive as they get and that power tools are a part of life no matter how you look at it.

Power tools can be pricey but will make a positive return in savings, as you will not be needing handymen. This is where selection will be very important as you will probably have no need for a jackhammer or an ice saw.

When we’re talking about prices your best bet is the official site of the company making it. The age of computers requires such a commodity for everything. If the prices are too much for you, you can find a relatively stable secondary market on Amazon and similar sites where you will be able to buy used products that will arrive quickly.

The fact that they had a prior use, however, is not an important factor, as they can maintain peak functionality for years. A more sophisticated subgroup of power tools are the cordless power tools. They come at a steeper price but are worth it as they pose less of a hazard, being disconnected from electricity.

They do not need an energy source to be used which makes them more flexible as they can be carried more easily and used on different occasions where a power source is not at hand. They are more energy efficient as well and come equipped with a charger, so you will not be needing to worry about maintenance.

Power tools generally do not need much maintenance, except if use them a lot and are very easy to repair, the jackhammer being the only tool whose parts need to be serviced separately.

Power tools are a necessity, as they can make life that much easier if used by competent hands. They will save you money by extending the longevity of most furniture and will give you a healthy and enjoyable. The hours you might spend using these tools will be well worth it as they will bring you a feeling of success and will prove to be quite fulfilling as an activity.

It will also give you a feeling of safety for yourself and others. You will feel like a more useful member of any circle and you are going to be generally more liked and viewed as a handyman. Studies show that people find handymen more attractive as they impact those around them as reliable.

And quite frankly you are. You have the tools and the will to help. I am not implying that tools do this themselves, but it is good to be ready and handy. Investment in power tools is never a bad idea.

Tips to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Tips to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Statistics indicate that nearly 250,000 homes in the United Kingdom are at constant risk of high carbon monoxide (CO) levels. The Department of Health says that carbon monoxide poisoning accounts for 50 deaths every year and more than 4,000 medical visits.

CO, dubbed as “the silent killer” is one of the most dangerous pollutants on the planet. It is colorless, tasteless and odorless, making it even harder to detect. You’re likely to be a victim of CO poisoning if you don’t ventilate and service your fireplaces, stoves, furnaces or gas ranges. What follows is a rundown of tidbits to help you stay safe at home or workplace.

Know the Risks of Carbon Monoxide

This is where it all starts. Anything that burns fuel, be it your generator, car or gas appliance produces carbon monoxide as a by-product. So, make sure that you vent and maintain such items to help disperse and channel the gas out of your home.

On top of that, know the symptoms of a possible carbon monoxide poisoning. At lower levels, you may experience dizziness, headaches, vomiting, nausea, confusion, weakness and chest pain. Higher concentration can lead to unconsciousness and even death.

Install a Gas Detector

Installing a gas detector could very well be your best bet to know if there’s carbon monoxide in your space. Think of this as a way of improving safety and by extension minimizing potential damages.

Even then, be sure to choose a high-quality detector. At the very least, you want to know that you’re buying a detector with proven ability to keep you safe. Also, ensure that the unit you purchase can pick up the presence of other gases including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, and nitrogen dioxide. In other words, you’re better off with a gas detector designed to look after the air you breathe.

Don’t forget to maintain your detector regularly. Change the batteries at the manufacturer’s recommended frequency. Of course, it is a good idea to have an extra supply of batteries to make sure there’s an uninterrupted operation, even when the power goes out.

Hire an Expert to Install the Detectors

See, mounting a gas detector in your premises is one thing but doing so in the right manner is entirely different. Hire an expert to install the unit. Although they provide detectors and thermostats you can also purchase these things online, just make sure you read the reviews first, Thermostat Center is a good site for that, and you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of money as those experts often overcharge for the equipment. Ask them to set up the appropriate venting for your fuel-burning devices as well. Invite a qualified professional to inspect all your fireplaces once every year to make sure that they continue to function correctly without putting you at the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Don’t Run Your Engines in a Closed Area

Adequate ventilation is essential to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. So, avoid starting your car, running a generator, or firing up a grill in a closed area such your garage or basement. Sure, you can leave the garage open, but you should keep in mind that CO can quickly build up to toxic levels, putting you (and everyone around you) at risk.

Know What to In Case of a Poisoning

Even with a carbon dioxide detector installed in your home, you have to know the actions to take. Here’s what you should do;

  • Leave immediately and take others with you
  • Open the window and doors to help disperse the gas
  • Start CPR to any affected individuals
  • Call for help as soon as possible

Rush victims of acute poisoning to the hospital. Make sure that the person gets a 100% oxygen treatment.

The Bottom Line

You can’t rule out the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home or place of work. The good news, however, is that you can counter the problem if you know what to do. Educate everyone around you about the dangers of CO poisoning and how to deal with it. Most importantly, teach them how to prevent a dangerous situation from happening in the first place.

Get rid of anything obstructing your stove, furnace, dryer or stove during and after a storm. Make sure that snow doesn’t block essential critical vents for dangerous gases. You don’t have to be part of the statistics – safeguard your home against this silent killer. Remember, installing a gas detector is your first line of defense.

Top 4 Foot Massagers from Amazon

Top 5 Foot Massagers from Amazon

If there’s anything that fixes the stress of our daily lives it’s a massage so it’s no surprise that a foot massager accomplishes the same. The best part about it is that it’s extremely affordable for everyone and it can save you a lot of time so if this is something that helps you sleep better than go for it. Today we discuss the five most popular foot massagers that are for sale on and reviewed in more detail at Free Your Spine so that you don’t have to wait any longer and get all the info you need jam-packed in one short article.

Miko Shiatsu – Amazon’s Best Seller

Why not top the list with a model that sells best? That is not because it’s the cheapest one, as a matter of fact, it’s a medium priced massager that doesn’t break the bank. With over a thousand reviews and counting and an average star rating of 4.3 stars, you know that you found yourself a great deal. The product claims to relieve tired feet and improve your blood flow, no doubts about that as that’s what massages naturally accomplish, and we haven’t seen any reviews disputing that claim so what more do you want.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Amazon spends a good amount of time testing products before labeling it as Amazon’s choice as they obviously have a reputation to uphold. Today it’s priced at only $118 and if you have a special coupon you can get an additional discount of twenty dollars bringing it just below a hundred dollars and it won’t get any better than that. The reviews aren’t as positive as I hoped for, with only 125 reviews in and a rating of 3.4 stars I’m starting to lose my confidence in the testing team that Amazon employs.

Nekteck – Amazon’s Choice

I have to admit a mistake here, the above model isn’t labeled as Amazon’s Choice but this one is and the reviews immediately show it with a rating that represents a high-quality product.  The Nekteck has a built-in infrared heater so this is especially comfortable in the winters or if you don’t have floor heating and live in a poor isolated house. A feature that we don’t see in many products either is that it’s adjustable in height, easy for when you’re sitting on the sofa, and it’s unique design ensures you can put it anywhere without people wondering what that ugly thing is.

Renpho Foot Massager

We’ve already reached the end of our list but this is definitely one that I wouldn’t want to leave out and not just because of its good looks. The reviews are just as positive as the above model and the price difference is neglectable. It’s equipped with a rotation ball and a rolling stick for the massage process, and the heating and compressing capabilities of this machine ensure you get an optimal massage for your money.

In Conclusion

I could’ve listed a handful of a dozen more products but I wanted to keep it short and simple for you today. You now have the choice between just four models so that you can make your purchase without the need of second thoughts so go for it I would say.

7 Essential Instagram Growth Hacks

Essential Instagram Growth Hacks

Hacking your way into Instagram, well, it’s not exactly possible in the literal sense of the word but there are so neat tricks that can get you a lot more exposure than you usually get so that’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Focus on Certain Lifestyles

Although this is not directly a growth hack the problem most people make is that they niche down too much, run out of ideas, and give up altogether.

So what you need to do is pick a certain lifestyle, and focus on that instead, for example, the stay-at-home mom, or the party crasher.

Just think of something that matches you well and you will never run out of ideas ever again.

Create Your Own Hashtag

On Instagram it’s all about branding and the easiest way to do that is by coming up with your very own hashtag.

In our case that could be something like #dripworksrocks, thanks to its uniqueness.

When people see this passing by often enough they know it’s us!

Every Heard of Regrams?

Regrams are simply shared posts but they like to invent a fancy word for it and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What you need to do is keep track of them.

By doing so you can join in the conversation and pull them over to your side.

You can even hunt down the people that just like the post and follow them and there is a very real chance they follow you back, after all, they already like what they’ve seen.

Automate Your Account

This is by far the most efficient way to grow your account to massive numbers, for an overview check this post:

Top Instagram Bots for Likes & Followers in 2018 – Income Artist

The top nine bots are being reviewed by them so I don’t want to dive too much into this material right here but take a look.

I recently saw that the owner has 100k+ follower so that’s all the proof you need.

Contests are Favored

If there is one way to go viral it’s by giving stuff away, especially when it’s something impressive enough for people to share.

Don’t confuse impressive with expensive though.

It all depends on how attached your fans are, for someone like Katy Perry a hand signed DVD is already doing the trick but you can come up with something yourself that better matches where you stand.

If you offer a certain service you could give that away for any duration you want.

Shout it Out

So few people are doing this and for no good reason.

Everyone loves attention so why not share some of this love?

Your fans will appreciate it, hack, it might even inspire them to do the same without you even asking it, their motivation is probably hoping that you do the same for them.

Establish Relationships

The trick is to find (micro) influencers in your niche that are about the same size as yours.

If you start contacting people with 50,000 followers and you only have 500 followers it’s a waste of your time so don’t forget this.

Your account will grow insane fast this way and before you know it you’re the one with 50k+ followers.