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Differences Between a Compost Tumbler Bin and a Compost Bin

Composting has become increasingly popular among gardeners and home owners as a mode of enriching the soil. It involves a simple natural process that you can manage in your garden or backyard regardless of the size. As such, the market has plenty of designs and models to offer to meet the diverse user needs. Different types of compost bins are suitable for different purposes, thus, knowing your needs and the various options available in the market can help you make the right choice. That said, it is important you take into account certain factors so as to get the best look and yield of whatever you are growing, be it flowers or plants. Thus, you need to understand the differences between the different types of bins at your disposal.  A good starting point would be to research on sites such as and understand their features to help you choose the right fit for your needs. Nonetheless, this article explores some of the major differences between compost tumblers and compost bins.


Compost tumblers are constructed using heavier materials compared to compost bins. Those materials make them more long-lasting than their counterparts. The heavy construction helps to support the full weight of the composting waste. When buying a compost tumbler, be sure to inspect the central axis connection and the supporting legs to ensure they are strong enough. Also, ensure that the handles in place for spinning the drum are not flimsy. The compost bins constructed using thin plastic that can be damaged easily by prolonged exposure to sunlight and may also chip or crack with hard use.


Compost bins can hold a larger volume of composting waste compared to tumbler bins. Depending on the model, their large size enables them to hold up to 20 cubic feet of organic material. On the other hand, compost tumblers hold up to 15 cubic feet of composting material. Their capacity is much lesser to allow for easy spinning. However, newer models of compost tumblers can support larger volume and still spin with ease.


Whereas the compost tumbler and the compost bin are both effective at composting, they work in distinct ways to produce the end results. For instance, the design used to construct compost bins does not allow for adequate mixing or turning of the composting pile. It can be quite tasking to turn the pile with a shovel or a pitchfork, and there is a high risk of damaging the bin. Again, due to the minimal aeration involved with the compost bin, it takes much longer to process the compost. On the contrary, compost tumblers are designed to speed the composting process because of the improved aeration and the extra heat generated by the sealed unit.  Also, when it comes to emptying the bins, it is much easier as you just need to roll the wheelbarrow directly under the bin and empty the contents.


Compost tumblers tend to be more expensive because of the heavier materials used for construction and their design. Besides, they are also more durable and can serve you for many years compared to the thin plastic compost bin.

Modern Sprinkler Controllers enabling you to Water your Plants with Ease

Whether it is an orchard, flower bed or lawns well-watered plants are eye catching and can significantly make your home compound more fulfilling.  A big number of people have also become health conscious and want to feed on organic foods that have been produced carefully in the home garden or backyard. However getting flourishing plants in your home is not an easy task because they have to be watered to prevent withering and to encourage growth. Remember the most vital factor for plant growth is moisture and the plants in your garden can not blossom if they are not well watered.

In the past plants were watered mainly using watering cans but technology has changed every aspect of human life, and you don’t have to get tired putting water into a watering can and wasting a lot of energy watering the plants.  Engineers in the agricultural field have developed devices that have made watering easy and more convenient. The modern equipment is environmentally friendly, and they help in conserving water and reduce wastage caused by traditional watering methods.  The device controls the amount of water watered into your flowers, plants or fruits in the orchard.  The ancient irrigation practices were improper, and a lot of water was going into waste.  With the best smart sprinkler controller, you don’t have to be worried again because your plants will get the right amount of water when needed without you having to be physically present.

The smart devices are a great innovation, but if you are bringing up kids, you should at times allow them to do manual irrigation. This will impact them with skills which will enable them to appreciate the value of nurturing plants, and as they grow up, they will quickly embrace the modern devices. Physical farm activities can also help the overall development of your kids and give them a healthy physique and bones that are strong enough.

Choosing the best smart sprinkler controller can be challenging if you are buying for the first time. There are numerous models in the market with different specifications, and you can easily get confused if you don’t understand the most important features to consider before purchasing the controller. To equip you with information on the factors to consider when buying a sprinkler controller I have discussed a number of the crucial aspects that a sprinkler controller should have;

It should be Able to Isolate Zones

Different geographical areas have different plants. Depending on your zone the sprinkler controller should be able to water the plants according to their needs. If there is enough rain, the sprinkler should be able to detect and reduce the amount of water fed to the plants.  If your zone does not have sufficient rain water for the growth of your plants, the controller should sense and supply the plants with adequate water.  This aspect ensures that the plant receives enough water all the time and also prevents possible rotting excess water uptake can cause that.

The Controller has to be Wi-Fi Enabled

Operating a sprinkler by hand has been phased out by innovations. A significant number of devices used in modern days are Wi-Fi supported, and your sprinkler controller should not be an exception.  A driver that is Wi-Fi enabled will give you an easy time managing your garden because the plants get watered regardless of where you are.  The wireless control aspect allows you to continue doing your regular job without worrying about the plants watering schedule.

The Controller must have an Automatic Adjustment

With the current climatic changes, you can never predict the weather condition. The sprinkler controller you purchase should be able to adjust and fit current weather conditions automatically. If there is a lot of heat, the controller should tweak the sprinkler to release more water to the plants to avoid drying. The controller should have the ability to assess weather conditions and make an accurate forecast to ensure that plants are watered depending on the weather.

It should be User-friendly   

Some sprinkler controllers are sophisticated. You don’t have to employ a technician to man your controller; you should ensure that the device you purchase is easy to operate.  The instructions provided by the manufacturer should be easy to understand to make sure that you set the controller in the right way.

With the new sprinkler controllers, you don’t have to worry about your plants anymore.

Great Gifts for Her

For a man, is there a more difficult question to ponder than what gift to get for her? Now, the “her” could be in reference to a significant other, wife, mother, friend or daughter. If you are a man and understand how monumental this task can be, then please keep on reading. No matter the next event (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday, etc.), be sure that you know what gift you are going to buy the special women in your life. Only you will know the specifics, but (typically) you can’t go wrong with the following gifts.

A Gift Card

Ah, consider this a perfect solution if you literally have no idea what to buy her. As long as you have an idea where she loves to shop, you could settle for buying her a gift card. Not only does this make the process of shopping easier for you, but the receiver is guaranteed to get a gift they are fully satisfied with. After all, they will be the one selecting their gift. About the only issue with this is the lack of surprise and substance. Depending on the women you intend to give the gift for, you actually may take some flak for this one.

A Whirlpool Tub

As this is a once in a lifetime gift that will take some serious consideration, you will probably want to save this gift for your wife (or significant other that you have been living with for an extended period). This is not exactly a gift you should surprise her with, either, as you will want to discuss the financial ramifications. If she is in love with the idea and is willing to do whatever it takes, can you think of a better 25th anniversary or Christmas gift? The lack of surpriseand investmentmay steer you in a different direction, though.

Curling Wands

One of the most difficult aspects of selecting gifts for women is picking the right product. You may not be able to get away with giving them a random accessory. Thus, try to pay attention to devices they are constantly complaining they wish they had or had upgraded. One of these could be some sort of curling iron or wand. If so, then you already know what you are going to buy for them. However, most men will not know what makes a curling iron or wand superior to the rest of the pack. Thankfully, you can pop over here to learn all about different types of wands, irons, and waivers and stylers.

Kitchen Appliances and Cookware

No, this is not insinuating that all women spend the entirety of their life working in the kitchen. Hopefully, they will understand that if you decide to get them improved cookware or additional appliances. If they do enjoy being in the kitchen, no matter if it is your mom, wife, daughter, or friend, they will appreciate upgraded equipment. The best part is the choices are nearly endless. For example, new pots and pans, a crock pot, a sandwich maker, new utensils, a microwave oven, new skillets, and even a brand-new oven.

Smartphone Accessories

In this technology driven world, how many individuals do you know that do not possess a smartphone? Chances are, your answer was kept in the single digits. However, this can work heavily in your favor as there are a plethora of gifts you can purchase for a smartphone. Consider this, you could buy them a smartphone case of their favorite character or animal. Depending on the model, you could also get them a screen protector. Another option would be an attachable camera for improved video and photography. Of course, you could also buy them the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy. Honestly, there is such a wide range of variety and diversity that you can’t go wrong here.

Hopefully, this post will give you some future ideas on perfect gifts for all the women in your life. Only you will know if they will find joy in the above gifts, but most women should. Keeping this in mind is vitally important as, after all, there is no point to a gift if the receiver has no use for it.