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Mistakes That Most People Make When Choosing A Plumber

Hiring a plumber is easy. After all, all you need is to identify the leak or some other emergency situations in your home, and then do a quick search on the internet and call any available plumber. If you think it is that easy, you are certainly wrong. Picking a reliable plumber is not a walk in the park, and this is what most people don’t understand. A simple mistake when hiring a plumber can result in huge losses arising from damages. Whether you are hiring for the first time or the tenth time, you must be very smart and ensure you don’t repeat the mistakes most clients make when picking a plumber. So, what mistakes do people make when hiring a plumber?

Hiring On Basis Of Service Charges

It’s unfortunate how low prices attract scores of people. We are in an era where people are more than willing to buy a product for a fraction of its actual cost. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that price is not everything when hiring a plumber. In the sensitive sector just like most things in life, you always get what you pay for. Those who go for low-priced services get ripped off easily and incur greater costs in future. Therefore, the plumbing service costs should not be the only factor to consider. Concentrate on value and quality and engage the accomplished plumbing contractors like for excellent services. Dig deeper on the web and get a company that uses high-quality materials and skilled plumbers. The best way to know is a company is up to the task is to look at online reviews and see what previous clients say about that company. Simply put, you should avoid attractive deals since quality work often commands higher prices. If you need a reliable plumber, visit the well-established plumbing contractors.

Not Looking At Reviews And References

This is another common mistake made by home owners when choosing a plumber. To get the best plumber available, take your time and do a thorough research for fine details about a particular plumbing company. How do they treat their clients? How many positive reviews do they have? How do they handle complaints?

Online reviews will help you answer all these questions and tell if the plumber can deliver or not. However, online reviews alone cannot be used to verify the authenticity of a plumber. For this reason, it is advisable that you ask for references. You may ask for at least three past clients and get their phone numbers and emails. Make sure you call them and inquire about their experiences when working with the plumber you are considering to hire. If there are no references and many positive reviews, keep searching.

Assuming All Plumbers Are The Same

Most people believe that plumbing is all about banging on pipes or unclogging blocked drains, and this makes them believe all plumbers are the same. If you are among the lot that assumes that these professionals are gifted equally, then it’s time to drop that perception because they are not.  Plumbing is an art that takes years to master. It is not for everyone and it requires unique skills and creativity to make it. In fact, it takes one five to seven years to be considered a proficient plumber who can handle numerous tasks effectively. For this reason, you should never assume plumbers are the same.

How do you differentiate them? Ask questions to ensure you get a plumber with experience and proficiency. Inquire about their specialization. Do they work on weekends? Do they have a 24/7 emergency service? Ask relevant questions that match your needs and wants. The questions will help you identify a contractor that compliments your needs.

Ignoring Warranties And Guarantees

Many companies claim to guarantee their work but only use this lie to appear reputable and attract unsuspecting clients. Such companies do a shoddy job and rarely take responsibility for their mistakes. They ask for extra charges when called back to fix a problem. Therefore, you should request a warranty or such other offers in writing before any work begins. You should also ensure the plumber is insured. Hire large and reputable plumbing companies because they make valid promises. This means if there is a problem after finishing your job, they will fix it for free. If a plumber offers no warranty or guarantee, look for another plumber immediately.

Focusing On Tool And Equipment Power

This is another common mistake that most people make when picking a plumber. Selecting a plumber based on the excellent collection of tools they have is like picking a musician based on the size of the guitar they have. Tools and equipment mean nothing. Look at the technical know-how and the experience of the plumber. Ensure they have adequate training on how to use the craftsmanship and tools they have. Simply put, if you look at the tools and equipment in the world of plumbing, you will end up with frustrations.


It’s true that humans are impatient beings. However, you should be patient when it comes to plumbing. The perception that plumbing is easy and everything will move along without any drawbacks is to blame for the impatience home owners demonstrate when hiring a plumber.

Unless it is an emergency, you should ensure you notify a plumber in advance because most experienced plumbers are usually busy most of the times. Give the plumber enough time to finish your job correctly. Rushing and demanding immediate results make plumbers do their work hurriedly, and this makes them miss essential details that may lead to losses in future. Constant communications with your plumber will guarantee both of you a nice experience.

5 Ideas to Make Summer More Fun for Your Kids

Summer is here and your kids are spending most of their time at home. This is the time when you get to interact with your little ones uninterruptedly. Be it indoor activities that amuse your kids or outdoorsy fun, children remember the fun things they do in their Summer vacations.

If you’re a Pinterest mom, you already have a lot of cool ideas up your sleeve for this Summer. However, if you’re experiencing one of those ideas-blockade—yes, such a thing exists—have no fear! Here are 5 ideas to make Summer more fun your kids this year.

01. Buy a Snow Cone Machine.

You read that right. Children are obsessed with Snow Cones. Nowadays, a Snow Cone machine bought from Amazon and other similar websites come with a package deal and accessories. Not only do you get a Snow Cone machine, but you also get flavored syrups, packets of straws, snow cone cups, and much more.

You can have a snow cone day with your kids. Let them have their friends over for a snow cone party. Another fun thing to do would be to make a snowman from the snow cone machine and have a contest of whoever makes a snowman that lasts the longest.

You can have your kids make their own syrup for the Snow Cones. They could even go around selling snow cones they’ve made themselves.

02. Build a Treehouse.

This is a classic, but it’s still fun.You can purchase the necessary equipment from Amazon or from your nearest carpentry supplies shop. This activity won’t only be fun, but also educational for your kids.

The things you will need are:

  1. Quality wood.
  2. Carpentry supplies.
  3. Paint.
  4. Decorations.

Here is a detailed process of making a treehouse. Be sure to check with your neighbors if they mind you building a treehouse that could potentially block their view. Also, make sure that the spot that you pick is safe and not too far away from your house.

When building the treehouse, let the kids do the easy and the safest of the tasks that go into making the treehouse. Let the kids pick all the decorations and the color of paint. You can even let them paint it by themselves.

Your kids will now have a place to call their own. Just theirs.

03. Sign Them Up for Swimming Lessons.

You can have them sign up for swimming. Dispelling the heat becomes a priority in Summers and children get sunburned and come down with fevers more often when they play outdoors.

Having them swim would be both fun and safe. You could even go shopping for swimming clothes, goggles, and all other swimming equipment.

If you have a pool, you can teach them how to swim yourself. There are tutorials on YouTube with which you can teach them professional swimming, different swimming styles, and more.

What could be even more fun if you’ve got a pool is to have a pool party. Be sure to buy some floaters and have safety at the ready. You could let your kids invite their friends and have a barbecue as well!

04. Make a scrapbook.

Let your children explore their artistic side this Summer. Have them make a scrapbook. They can take pictures in every new place you take them for the holidays and put those in it.

Have them draw things. Buy them spray paints and different sorts of water colors and crayons etc. They can also glue hand-picked flowers on the pages and use ribbons to decorate the outside. There are so many exciting things about scrapbooks. Getting creative is key to scrapbooking.

Pinterest has a lot of ideas for scrapbooks, too.

05. Have a Bake Sale.

Finally, here’s something that can be even more fun: a bake sale!

There are tons of recipes online to try, and you can even opt for one of your family-owned recipes—if you have any that is. There are simpler and easy-to-make desserts, too, for children. Go for these if you want your kitchen and your oven intact. Make sure they have fun while helping you bake and while they sell the baked goods, but always make sure they are being careful, especially in the kitchen.

Top Rat Baits

They’re the (almost) silent pest in your home. The ones that can sometimes be seen but not heard, or heard but not seen. Scratching away in the walls, getting under your skin, or getting into the flour under the sink that you could’ve sworn you wrapped multiple times so that they wouldn’t do it again. They scurry along between their chewed-through holes, creating a maze of madness as they slowly take over your wallpaper and your insanity. How on earth do you go about figuring out the most effective and efficient way to kill them, without killing your dog too, or spending way too much on one particular product only to watch them hardly touch the stuff?

That’s what xlargestuff is here for. They’ve done their research and compiled a comprehensive list that has been narrowed down to just 3 products available on the market, allowing you to save time researching and money buying the wrong stuff. Simple, easy to read and concise, they have clearly outlined the positive and negatives of all three products, bullet-pointed for your convenience. Also included is a link to where you can purchase the product at a very reasonable price, saving you more time trying to track the product down in a major department store or obscure online website. These are the 3 top poisons for rodents and they are strongly recommended so that you can get to the exterminating bit without wondering if you’ll just have to go back to square one.

The first one they recommend is by far the cheapest at $9, so if you’re killing rats on a budget then this one is definitely for you. Farnam “Just One Bite” is touted as quick and extremely effective. However, xlargestuff mentions that due to the very bright packaging, it can easily become very attractive to young children who are in danger of ingesting it. It is also mentioned that it could potentially be confused with dog food, putting your animals at risk of accessing it as well. Another advantage given is that it’s effective at killing other pests aswell like squirrels, skinks etc. so if you’re animal infestation isn’t limited to rats, then this would be a helpful product for you. However, you might want to rethink its storage as it’s such an effective poison that it poses an extremely high risk to children and household pets.

The second one that is recommended by xlargestuff is Tomcat “Rat Killer”, the second cheapest rat bait coming in at $12. This rat bait has a number of advantages that potentially outweigh the disadvantages. According to xlargestuff, it is arguably the safest rat killer poison gadget available as it is relatively inaccessible to small children, however if they were persistent with the block they would probably be able to get into it. However, it is seen as safe for cats and dogs and is also weather resistant. The greatest disadvantage is that rats have a terrible odor when they die inside of it.

The third and final rat bait that is recommended by xlargestuff is “Havoc” Pellets, coming in as the most expensive at $60. Like “Rat Killer”, its advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages, but it is still potentially dangerous for curious children if they were persistent. However it is recommended as the least dangerous rat bait for humans and pets, and prides itself on being able to “kill rats in a single feeding”. Like the other two rat baits, however, the rats have a terrible odor when they die, which seems to be an unavoidable disadvantage to most rat baits.

Xlargestuff is to-the-point and accurate, making it easier for you to discern which rat bait is going to be the most effective in your home. Each rat bait that is recommended has its own pros and cons, so the best thing to do is to visit the website and come to your own conclusion about which one will be the best fit. After all, these are the three top rat baits currently on the market, so whichever one you choose will have positives well above many other products out there. With xlargestuff you can rest easy knowing that you’re choosing a fast and effective product.

Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

So. You’ve just finished installing that beautiful redwood hardwood floor, had it polished with a protective layer that won’t break for 10+ years, and had multiple conversations with your spouse about how easy it’s going to be to clean up any spills – that old carpet couldn’t last another day. Slowly but surely, your mind starts to teeter off the edge of optimism and into the inevitable pessimism…like how are you going to walk, play, jump, and drag who knows what from outside everyday onto this beautiful masterpiece without completely ruining it? What are you going to have to do to keep up its glorious day-old sheen that’s surely going to wear down to near nothing by year 10? It’s going to be easier than you think.

Vacuum Seek has the best choices for that precious project of yours. Maybe another optimistic thought running through your head about a hardwood floor was how little vacuuming you were going to have to do now – surely sweeping is the best option? I assure you, these vacuum cleaners make sweeping look like your absolute last resort. Here’s a couple of handy reasons to convince you that you really should be treating your panels to the absolute cadillac of cleans, with the absolute cadillac of vacuums.

Sweeping and mopping, unfortunately, don’t do the whole job. While they are both great ways to clean a hard surface, there are always going to be bits of things that the broom and mop can’t quite see and that get left behind for your nice clean feet to pick up. Those annoying little bits that are too small to sweep up instead just get moved around, remaining nice and snug on that polish. Sucking it up with a vacuum will make sure that even the tiniest little tidbit will be eradicated, away from those fresh bare feet.

Now, for all you devil’s advocates out there, let’s look into that just a little bit more. The reason why you want to make sure you have no naughty particles floating around that the broom can’t quite get to is because they can damage your floor. I know, those aren’t words you really want to hear are they? Beyond making sure those fresh soles of yours are free from dirt and dust, walking across the hardwood with these pesky particles still lingering here and there can actually scratch and gouge them into the surface of the flooring. Yikes.

Now here is where things get a bit technical, so bear with me for a second. Canisters – vacuum cleaners that are oval in shape and have big wheels on them that make it easier for you to drag it around – are better for the floor than vacuum cleaners that sit upright. The long, oval attachment they come with make it easier to get into those finicky cracks and crevices that square attachments just can’t get to. Speaking of wheels on vacuum cleaners, even these need to be a certain material – just remind yourself how much you spent on that hardwood floor. Rubber wheels are the best ones to go for – even plastic wheels pose a risk to that scratch free surface you have. So for the layman out there, go for the vacuum that rolls around after you, the one with the oval head. And don’t let it go running around without it’s rubber wheels, either.

One little mention of the upright model, if that is the kind of vacuum cleaner you prefer. Make sure its little carpet cleaning brush that digs right in there to pull all the dirt out is off, so that it doesn’t scratch the surface of your floor.

A good conclusion to come to is that there are pros and cons to both. Luckily, Vacuum Seek have both. With extensive bios for each one explaining the ins and outs, it won’t be hard for you to find the perfect vacuum cleaner for that beautiful brand new hardwood floor. It’ll be your strongest advocate for making sure your surface is in just as good nick in ten years time as it is today. You’ll be glad you did it!

Why You Need A Vacuum Sealer And What You to Look For When Buying One

Not long ago, there was a belief that vacuum sealers were only reserved for professional cooks and chefs. Today, however, most people have embraced the use of vacuum sealers. In fact, they have become a must have Kitchen tool. For me, owning a vacuum sealer has changed my life. For this reason, I decided to write and explain why you should include a vacuum sealer on your shopping list. I have also included a list of factors that I look for when buying a vacuum sealer.

What are the benefits of owning a vacuum sealer? Well, I asked myself this question too. However, before I mention the benefits, let me first explain what a vacuum sealer is and how it works. A vacuum sealer is a device that helps preserve food by removing air from the bag it is stored in. Simply put, a vacuum sealer gets rid of oxygen, which is usually responsible for food and consequently food loss. Oxygen causes the food to lose essential qualities like flavor, color, texture, and nutrients. Therefore, having a vacuum prevents oxygen from degrading perishable foods and greatly extends its life, freshness, and flavor.

A recent report stated that an average family spends over $5000 a year on foods that go bad. The report made me think of how my vacuum sealer helps me save more because I rarely throw food in the bin. Owning a vacuum sealer also makes it possible for me to buy more food when a great sale opportunity presents itself because I can keep the food longer without sacrificing quality. My vacuum sealer has also helped me become a better cook. How? I utilize it to prepare my food for cooking submerged in water. It is an innovative approach. So, how do I find a good vacuum sealer? Here what I look for;

Brand Reliability
With the ever-changing economic environment, I am always keen to ensure I spend my money on reliable products. I don’t want an item that gives me trouble when using it. For this reason, reliability tops my list of what I look for when buying a vacuum sealer. I always check for vacuum sealer reviews and buying guide first and aim at buying a reliable vacuum sealer that is efficient. The best approach is to go about it is to select the leading brands.

For me, a vacuum sealer is solely for home use. Therefore, it should be portable and easy to work with around the house. I always go for a sealer that I can effortlessly carry from one to another and around my house.

This is a very important thing that I cannot afford ignore. Leading online shops sell ‘compatible’ sealer that can work with any type of bag. However, most sealers are designed to use specific types of bags. You should consider the type of food you want to store and the kind of bags you intend to use. I always go for the vacuum sealer that uses different types of bags in order to save money.

There are several types of sealers available on the market for home use. However, I will focus on the two main types of vacuum sealers. That is the chamber vacuum sealers and the external vacuum sealers. A chamber vacuum sealer removes the air from the chamber and sealing bag, keeping the food almost completely free from air. An external vacuum sealer removes the air inside the bag only. Having worked with the two sealers, I would say that external vacuum sealers are the best for home use. Chamber vacuum sealers are complex and are mainly used by professions for commercial use.

For a sealer to work efficiently, all the coordinating accessories must be there. Vacuum sealer accessories include bottle stopper, marinators, adapters, jar sealers, vacuum hoses and replacement parts. I am always keen to ensure I get all the right accessories.

With a vacuum sealer, speed is king. I don’t want to wait forever especially when I have to store a large quantity of food. So, I make sure I buy a model that can quickly seal my food.

Care and Maintenance
A sealer will handle my food. This means that hygiene should be a top priority. Therefore, when buying a vacuum sealer I always go for the one that I can easily clean after each use.