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Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill

Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill

Whether you are doing it to reduce the costs each month or to save the earth, you have numerous approaches when it comes to saving water in the home or the office. Conserving water is also one of the best ways to extend the life of the septic system through reducing pollution and soil saturation. The result of your actions is to pay less regarding water bills at the end of the month. Let us look at the various ways you can reduce this bill.

Reduce the Time You Shower

Do you know that if you reduce the time you spend in the shower by just four minutes you can save up to 4,000 gallons of water each year? You need to focus on getting into the bath and out in record time. Saving these gallons of water each year will end up saving you 100 dollars in costs annually. You can use the money you save to pay for other costs such as heating.

Don’t Let the Water Run

You shouldn’t let the water run when you aren’t using it. This scenario is common when brushing teeth or washing utensils. The simple action of turning off the water and turning it on only when using it will save you thousands of gallons of water each year. Another way to avoid wasting water when brushing your teeth is to use a cup to fetch just enough water for the task.

Keep Your Plumbing System in Proper Condition

One of the causes of increased water bills each month is faulty plumbing. Leaking pipes and faucets lead to wastage of water. You might think that the simple drip on the bathroom sink doesn’t add to your water bills, but at the end of the day, you are wasting gallons upon gallons which in turn translate into larger costs. You need to work with a plumbing expert who understands where to look for leaks and repair them accordingly. You can talk to an expert from to start the process towards lower monthly costs and better water use.

Run Full Loads Everytime

If you fill the washer machines in your home properly, you will fit in as many dishes or as many clothes as possible. Running the washer only when it is full reduces the number of times the washer has to run, which in turn reduces the amount of water you use during the process.

Reduce the Flow

Most people adopt the shower head that they get on their premises, whether in the office or the home. You can adjust the level of flow of water to an average flow, or change the shower head and install a low-flow one. This will reduce wastage whenever you take a shower.

Final Thoughts

If you notice a spike in your water bill, you need to suspect various causes top of the list is poor plumbing, followed by the cleaning practices that you follow when cleaning and bathing. Make sure you follow these tips to reduce the water bill.

What Are The Dangers of Asbestos?

What Are The Dangers of Asbestos

Anyone working in a trade involving working in old buildings is warned of the dangers of asbestos. An employer has a duty of care towards their employees, but what about asbestos around the house? Homeowners renovating old houses need to be aware of the dangers too. But what is asbestos and why is it so dangerous?

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is actually a naturally occurring group of minerals. That doesn’t sound harmful or scary, does it? When the minerals form fibres, these are strong and heat resistant.

It has been used for thousands of years in household goods, even things like pottery. But like so many things, we didn’t realise the dangers at the time.

The problem for us in Britain is that during the industrial revolution, the use of asbestos peaked and it was used everywhere. It was widely used in construction and that is still causing us problems today.

Why is Asbestos Harmful to Health?

Asbestos is one of the most harmful things we can be exposed to. Sadly, many people don’t know they have been exposed to asbestos until too late. Symptoms can appear as late as 30 years after exposure.

Asbestos was routinely used in walls, tiles, corrugated roofing panels and lagging. You can’t see if asbestos is present so it is impossible for people to detect. It is generally safe until it is disturbed.

Then asbestos articles are released into the air and when breathed in could stay in the lungs for years. Once the fibres have been breathed in, they can’t be removed. This can then cause lung diseases including cancer from which there is no known cure.

Exposure to Asbestos

Unbelievably, as we have been aware of the dangers for years, around 20 tradesmen a week die due to past exposure. Buildings built or renovated up to as recently as 2000 may contain asbestos as it wasn’t actually completely banned until 1999.

People working in old buildings are potentially at risk of disturbing old asbestos. Those worried about a property can arrange for an asbestos survey in Kent or London for a report, support, and advice.

The asbestos is disturbed primarily by cutting or drilling and can even be found in paint and coatings. If working in a house that could contain asbestos, don’t cut or drill until you are sure it is safe. There are global concerns, especially in Australia, that the increase in people DIYing, will lead to an increase in those being exposed to asbestos.

Who Is At Risk From Asbestos?

It seems scary to think that your house may contain asbestos. But the people most at risk of suffering from the lung diseases caused by asbestos are those that have worked with it. People who made asbestos products have the highest risk but others working unaware in buildings with asbestos such as builders are also at risk. Especially people who did these jobs 25-30 years ago when we were not so aware of the dangers and employers weren’t so strict about complying with health and safety regulations. There has even been a recent case of someone who is now suffering from lung disease from being exposed to the asbestos fibres on her husband’s clothes.

Nowadays, workers are protected by strict regulations and homeowners should be aware of these too. As previously mentioned, asbestos is very hard to recognise and was used in such a variety of products that it is very difficult to know if something contains asbestos.

It is worth remembering that asbestos is still an issue, even in residential homes. It will be an ongoing problem for many years to come. You can get further information on asbestos from your local council if you are concerned.

Keep Your Home Secure Without an Expensive Security System

Keep Your Home Secure Without an Expensive Security System

No house is secure enough, even with the latest technologies available today. And often, employing methods can save you the cost of an expensive security system. Try out these tips, and you’ll see that your home is much more secure.

Do Not Leave the Keys in the Mailbox

This one comes first since there are carefree homeowners who just leave their keys in the mailbox. Do not ever try to imitate this, as it is equivalent to giving away your property to any burglar or untrustworthy person. Instead, keep your keys that only you and your family would know, a place that is not that obvious.

Change Locks

Whenever you move to a different home, change the locks. After all, there are people who utilized the house before you moved in, so it is better to be safe than sorry. To ensure maximum security, you may have to replace all locks just to keep your family and property out of harm’s way.

Keep Lights Turned On

Even at night, it may do you well to keep some lights on. After all, burglars search in the neighborhood for houses that are empty. One way of telling for them is lights that are always turned off, more so if several days. Anyway, the entrance is the most crucial location that requires lighting. Thus, you may want to keep lights on at night even if you are away, just to deter any suspicious person.

Deadbolt Locks

Although deadbolt locks may be more expensive than typical spring latch locks, these have greater strength and durability. Thus, they offer you much more protection, since these are quite difficult to break down. You may even reinforce them with either plywood or sheet metal. Lastly, you should avoid leaving space between the door and the frame, since an intruder tends to take advantage of gaps.

Protect the Windows

Besides the doors and entrances, the windows are another opening that a burglar will exploit. In fact, most entries into homes are through windows rather than doors. As such, you should protect them by installing window locks as well as resistant glass. Another option that helps is to install multiple small glass panes rather than a single large one, as infiltrating these is impossible for the burglar without breaking down the window.

Install Smart Locks

Although these may be pricey, a smart lock is a good option to increase home security. These often require either a code or bio-information in order to open. Furthermore, these can also be locked and unlocked from a remote location, which is quite handy for someone who is away often. If you would like to install high-quality locks on your doors and storage, drop by at


If you follow these tips, you can increase your home security without investing in expensive equipment such as security cameras and alarms. As long as you employ some rules of thumb, then you can keep you and your family safe from harm.

What Do You Buy a Toddler for Christmas?

What Do You Buy a Toddler for Christmas

Christmas time is coming up quick, and you’ve got no idea what to buy for your young one. Whether it’s your first child or just your youngest, buying gifts for a toddler is always a challenge.

Why is Choosing a Gift for a Toddler so Hard?

If you take a stroll through your neighborhood toy store, you’ll likely find your eyes wandering to small details you hadn’t thought of before. Small parts? Toddlers put everything they see into their mouths, so it’s probably a choking hazard. Are there any sharp points on that doll? You definitely don’t want to deal with any stab wounds on Christmas morning.

If this is your first time doing Christmas with a toddler, I can’t stress this next part enough. Don’t buy anything messy. Nothing messy. Trust me, you’re going to have to clean up enough once the relatives leave. You don’t want to spend an extra 2 hours scrubbing paint off of the walls while everyone else is drinking eggnog.

Toddlers can’t even tell us what they want. You’re completely on your own. You’ll miss these days when they’re teenagers who refuse to tell you what they want, but for now, it’s just confusing. So what do you buy for them?


Alright, if we’re being honest here, most of the gift options for a toddler are toys. However, some are designed for specific types of play. Some encourage your kids to create things, others are supposed to help them learn, but most are just to see your child laughing and having fun! For toys in this last category, your list is pretty much endless. Ultimately the choice comes down to knowing your toddler. What do they like playing with now?

There are plenty of sites that have great lists of toy reviews for you to peruse. These can be very specific. For example, if you’re wondering what to get a 1 year old boy for Christmas, there’s a list for it. 2 year old girl? There’s a list for it. Use them to narrow your search so you don’t spend hours wandering through the terrifying labyrinths of toy stores in a daze, bumping into disgruntled parents and employees.

Educational Gifts

There are plenty of great educational resources hiding as toys on the shelves. LeapFrog is famous for doing this well. Anything that gets your child putting letters together or reading is a smart choice. You might not feel like the fun parent when you’re paying for it at the register, but you’re future college-graduate will (might) thank you in a few decades.

For the Creative Kiddos

Art supplies are always a great gift for a toddler. As long as they’re safe. And non-toxic. And easy to clean up. Alright so maybe always isn’t the right word, but there are certainly safe art kits designed for toddlers to flex their creative muscles without leaving a mess for you. Keep your eyes open for coloring kits where the markers only work on a specific drawing pad, or else you’ll find stick figure families living out their entire lives on your living room walls.

Blocks or Lego-like products designed for toddlers are also excellent choices for the creative types. They get to start their engineering careers early on in life by building towers, and then they can experience the thrill of a career shift when they join the demolition team for the same building.

It’s Christmas!

Spend time with them! Every old Christmas movie stresses this as the most important part of the holidays, and the lessons we learn from old Christmas movies are the truest ones. No matter what gift you decide on for your child, remember that the thing they, and you, will value most is the time you spend together.

Locked Out? No Problem, A Professional Locksmith Has the Solution

No Problem, A Professional Locksmith Has the Solution

You arrive at your home after a long day at work only to discover that you don’t have the keys to your front door. You try to find the spare key only to remember that you lost it some weeks back. What should you do at such an odd hour without the right tools to break the door?

All you need is to work with an emergency locksmith in Harrogate. The locksmith comes to help you gain entry when locked out. Here are the various situations when you need to call in this locksmith.

Auto Lockout

Have you forgotten your key in the car and you don’t have the spare one nearby? To give you the best services provided by professional locksmiths, Harrogate has top experts to help you get a quick re-entry into your car. The locksmith has a lot of expertise and has handled different locks for different kinds of vehicles. When you call in the technician, make sure to communicate the kind of vehicle model and the situation at hand so that the technician arrives when prepared.

Locked Out of An Area of The Home?

Have you lost the keys to any room in your home, be it the bedroom, storage area or the garage? The technician comes to help you regain access to the area that you are locked out of. Remember, if you decide to break the door down you end up spending more money on repairs and fitting a new door. Your attempts might also be fruitless because breaking down a steel door isn’t as easy as it seems.

The technician comes with the right tools and helps you gain re-entry without the need to damage nearby property. The locksmith understands and has worked on a wide range of locks, a fact that gives him the experience to give you access fast.

Office and Industrial Lockout Woes

More common than not, you have found yourself unable to proceed with a task because you don’t have the keys to a drawer or a room. Some of the storage locations in your office were last used a few months back, and the keys might be misplaced. When this happens, the expert services of a locksmith are in order.

With advances in technology, the security industry has seen a proliferation of different locks, both keyed and keyless. The technician understands all the different types and will help you regain access within no time at all.

Malfunctioned Lock? No Problem

Another common reason for getting locked out is a malfunctioned lock. You might have the key, but it might not open due to a problem with the lock. In such a case, you need a locksmith to find out the problem with the lock and solve it, giving you access within no time at all.

Benefits of Working With The right Locksmith

When it comes to getting access back to your car, home or office, you need a locksmith that is reliable and one that you will feel safe with. The locksmith comes to you, eliminating the need for you to spend money on towing your vehicle or traveling. The professional comes with expertise that you can trust for handling many kinds of locks and lock-related issues. The locksmith is located in Harrogate, which means he understands the different neighborhoods and will be with you in a very short time.

The Bottom-line

Whether you have a commercial or residential lock situation, the right locksmith will help you regain access to the premises or your car. All you need is to pick up your phone and make a call, detailing the kind of problem and your location and the technician will be with you in a short while, regardless of the time of day or night. Don’t worry because you don’t have to pay a call out fee.

How to Select the Best Roofing Company

How to Select the Best Roofing Company

When it comes to contracting a roofer for either repairing or replacing your roof it’s not an easy task. There are different companies to choose from which can be a bit overwhelming at first, and you require someone who will provide the best service. To make your search a bit easier, please follow the below tips on how to find the best roofing company.

Tips for selecting the best roofing company


A lot of companies have a website to market their services. Most sites have a blog about their history and how long they have been offering their services. Therefore, research such businesses and gather as much information as possible regarding their work. Read their customers reviews and see how that particular roofing company served them.

From the customers’ reviews, you are able to determine if the company is suitable to work with or not. If the company has over 90 percent positive reviews, it’s probably fairly safe to hire them. If you live in Miami, search for the best roofers in South Florida to find the highest ranking roofing companies to work with.


Repairing or placing a roof is not an easy task so make sure to hire someone who has enough knowledge and skills regarding the work. Your roofer has to have experience on how to identify the problem, how to replace or repair the different roofing materials in the market and so on.

Choose a company that has all these experiences under their roof. Experience can be based on the number of years that the roofing company has been in existence or the number of projects that the company has been able to accomplish for a particular period.


Insurance is essential, and something that every professional roofing company must have. Anything can happen such as an accident or destruction of your property while the work is in progress. With an insurance premium, the company can easily cater for costs and any other damages caused. Also, an insurance cover shows that they have been operating for a while and have plenty of experience under their belt.


For a roofing company to acquire a license, they have to undergo vetting to ensure that the company indeed has the needed experience about roofing, and that they take their work serious. Make sure to select a company that has a license and also check to see if it has a seal from the licensing body. Any professional roofer should be able to present these documents the moment you meet them.

Excellent customer services

Apart from finding an experienced roofer, you need someone who offers excellent customer service to ensure the job proceeds smoothly. It’s rather easy to determine if a company has an outstanding reputation from the time you request a quote. Simple things like how long they take before they respond to your questions, their communication skills and so on should tell you a lot.

Make sure to choose a company that has a positive attitude, that is willing to help you with your different ideas, and the employees should be open-minded as well to listen to your (perhaps crazy) thoughts ;).

The cost

The price the roofing companies charges you matters a lot of course, however price does not necessarily equal quality. Therefore, select a company that has pocket-friendly costs that are neither too high nor too low. Don’t get attracted by the low rates charged by some roofers as you may find out that their roofing materials aren’t up to par with what you would expect, so choose a company that offers low rates but don’t go for a dime on the first row.


If you are thinking of having your roof repaired or replaced, follow the above tips to guide you in selecting the best and most appropriate roofing company to work with.

The Right Toys Come With Several Benefits for The Child

The Right Toys Come With Several Benefits for The Child

Being a kid represents one of the happiest moments in our lives. This is the stage you start learning so many things as you prepare for the challenges that will plague you the rest of your life. Your childhood can never be complete without toys. Your child loves to play because it is a way to express what they want in life and what they want to be.

There are a lot of toys that you can get to help your child in their development. Each toy comes with a role to play in the development of the child. Let us look at the different roles that toys bring in the lives of your kids.


Just remember how you used to feel whenever you got the time to play with your favorite toys. Your children will feel great as well whenever they participate in an activity they enjoy. This is what playtime that involves great toys is all about. When kids play, they get the enjoyment that makes them have fun; they end up laughing. Recent studies have shown that laughter is one of the best ways to boost the mood of your kids, which makes them sleep better and grow faster.

The Benefits of Group Play

Solitary play can help your child boost confidence and find their passion, but they also need group play. Group play helps your child get along with their peers and how to solve problems when they come up. They learn how to come up with decisions as a team and how to take charge.

There are a variety of toys that help in group play. They give the kids the right enjoyment and enough fun to get engrossed for hours on end. One of the best toys for this role is a train set from Train Sets for Kids | Toy Train Center. If you have more than one child, having a train toy set will keep them enthralled the whole time. The set involves various small pieces that they use to create a train station or a town that the train will pass through. Your children, apart from developing social skills, will get valuable motor skills.

Problem-solving Skills

Your child needs problem-solving skills not only for a short time, but long into their adult lives. Every aspect of your kid’s life will involve problem-solving in one way or another. The skills that your child learns when playing with toys will help him in solving both complex and simple problems.

By playing with the right toys for their age, children will be able to learn to solve various issues. Take an example of the train set mentioned previously; your child will be able to learn how to come up with the perfect tracks so that the train can move without any obstacles. Your kid also learns to organize the train set in a manner that will make it move faster. The whole process might take time, but as your kid gets to learn how the set operates, he also learns valuable skills that will last him a lifetime.

Creativity and Imagination

Without being imaginative and creative, your children won’t be able to come up with ideas that will make their lives easier. With the perfect toys, your child gets to pt various arrangements together limited only by their imagination. The kid will think of various ways to make the toys serve him better. As they continue to play with the toys, they gradually develop the confidence to create compelling arrangements that will make them happier.

It Develops the Child’s Senses

This is especially true for small kids that are just learning to explore their senses for the first time. At this moment, everything they encounter is new to them. They enjoy new experiences that they will look forward to building upon the next time they play with their toys. The kid will experiment with various arrangements that stimulate specific senses. They develop their personalities through these new experiences.

In Closing

The benefits of playing with toys are numerous. Your child gets to have fun and develop various skills that will help them the rest of their lives. They can put their imagination and creativity to test as they find ways to solve common problems.

How to Make the Most of Your Upholstery

How to Make the Most of Your Upholstery

Whether it’s in your living room, your office, or your car, keeping your upholstery clean and well-kept can be quite a chore. It seems like any little thing can go wrong with it, turning your living room centerpiece from a place of comfort to an annoying eyesore. Maybe you found a stain that seems like it’ll be around longer than our solar system’s star or a faded pattern that now looks a lot more like dirt than paisley. Whatever your upholstery problems may be, I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to keep your upholstery looking clean, fresh, and comfortable.

DIY Cleaner

Stains, ground in dirt, and dust can all take a piece of upholstery from “new” to “yard sale” in seconds. One of the crucial steps to keeping your upholstery looking good is regular cleaning. If those stains have sat there so long that you can’t imagine the couch without it, you might need to go out and grab some heavy duty stuff. However, if you catch the stains within a reasonable amount of time (reasonable, to me, meaning within a year) you can usually get them out fairly easily with a little bit of homemade cleaning spray. Just grab a spray bottle and fill it with half rubbing alcohol and half white vinegar. If you don’t want your house smelling like a dentist’s waiting room, feel free to put a few drops of essential oils in there to make everything smell like lavender, citrus, or any scent your olfactory sense desires.

Fabric Dye

Alright, you tried the cleaning spray. It….worked? Kind of? But the upholstery still looks older than the American Dream. Time to try some fabric dye. You can grab a color similar to the old color, or feel free to cover it up with a brand new flair. Luckily, these dyes are strong enough to cover up whatever leftover stains, faded colors, and regret was on the upholstery before, so I usually like to switch it up. Choose a spray from Fabric Spray and start getting some new vibrant colors in your life!

Baking Soda

You cleaned all the dust and dirt off with your trusty spray, the scent of lavender essential oil is wafting through your house, and your sofa is covered in brand new bright red paint drying. You turn your eye to your office chair and realize you missed a little stain. As you kneel down to scrub it, you realize your office chair has absorbed many different smells over the years, none of which are pleasant. Don’t think about it. Just toss some Baking Soda on there for twenty or thirty minutes, come back to vacuum it off, and we’ll never talk about it again.


Do you really want to keep scrubbing out all of these stains? Consider waterproofing your upholstery to make the cleaning process twice as quick and easy. There are plenty of upholstery waterproofing products out there, but I personally recommend the sprays. They’re just easy. I like easy.


So as you’ve probably discovered, taking care of your upholstery is no walk in the park. There are plenty of ways to keep it all looking fresh and clean, and all of these techniques will work on your sofas, chairs, couches, car seats, office chairs, and any other upholstery you have. However, if it all just sounds like a lot of work to you, you can give up on the whole regular maintenance of your belongings thing and just grab a cover for it all! Covers catch all the dust, grime, and potential stains. Before you go wrap all your furniture in plastic, check out some of the washable covers. They’re more comfortable, they fit right in the wash, and they look a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing than mountains of non-biodegradable plastic engulfing all your furniture.

The Need for Regular Air Filter Cleaning

The Need for Regular Air Filter Cleaning

The air filter in your AC unit is a crucial part of the unit. The role of the filter is to trap debris that comes in with the air and hence prevent them from getting into your house. It also helps trap allergens that might get into the house and cause respiratory issues. The use of the filter makes it possible for you to enjoy clean, fresh air in the home all the time.

As the filter keeps on working day and night to keep the air clean, it ends up trapping more and more debris, and it might get clogged. When it reaches this point, the dust and allergens might clog the pores of the filter, thereby affecting the performance of the unit as a whole.

It is a good idea to work with an experienced technician to check the performance of the AC, check the filters and identify any existing problems. When the technician identifies any problem, he goes ahead to fix them before a problem occurs.

Air Filter Problems and Issues

The major issue that crops up with filters is simple enough – as these components become older, they take in too much debris and become inefficient. This makes the unit underperform and use up a lot of power just to get the air through.

A bigger problem also arises when your air conditioning unit is old. With age, the unit becomes prone to failure and breakdown. Replacing the filter might take more time and require more effort. Additionally, getting the right filters for outdated models becomes a hassle as time goes by.

When it comes to newer units, the process is much faster, and the process is less expensive. These units have better safeguards and self-diagnostic tools that make it easy for a technician from Airecontrol aircon services to identify the issue and handle it. It takes a shorter time to diagnose a problematic filter and replace it on a newer system than the older units. Nevertheless, a replacement makes your unit work much better than before.

Health Risks and the Integrity of Filters

Your filters are conduits of both cold and warm air. When they pass humid air, they encourage the growth of microbes and mold. They also need to filter pollen, which is one of the top allergens in the home.

Old filters also cause irritation just for being dusty. They need to be cleaned regularly and replaced when they don’t work as expected. The allergens are a serious health risk especially when you have small kids or the elderly in your house. These filters cause allergic reactions that if left for some time can lead to respiratory conditions.

It is therefore great to have a policy for changing these filters regularly. Remember, the filters aren’t designed to last forever and will one time become inefficient. Depending on the level of use and the season, the filter ought to be replaced or cleaned to ensure good performance and fresh, good air quality.

The Solution

So, what do you need to do to maintain the integrity of your air filters and prevent health issues? The right technician helps you maintain the integrity of the AC unit. The technician will regularly check for issues that your unit is experiencing and come up with the best solution. Regular air filter replacement and cleaning help you enjoy fresh and clean air all year long.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is more refreshing than having clean, fresh air in your home each day. One of the components that determine how fresh your air becomes is the air filter. When this filter malfunctions or gets clogged, you start experiencing issues with the quality of air in your home. Work with an experienced repair person to make sure your unit is working properly.

How to Set Up Your Home’s New Automation

How to Set Up Your Homes New Automation

Home automation seems to be the newest trend for the future, and you don’t want to be left behind. So, you’re ready to automate your home. But, how do you do it? What materials and devices are required? Is it difficult to setup on your own? These questions and more are probably on your mind as you consider home automation. This guide will give you step-by-step instructions to help ease you into the future.

1—Decide on a Controlling Unit

This is your Smart Hub, the device that will link all your other devices together. Think of it, in simpler terms, as a machine like your Wi-Fi router, which allows computers, tablets, and phones all over your house to connect to the internet. The Smart Hub is the most important component of your home automation; without it, nothing can communicate.

2—Integrate Your Home Security System

One of the benefits to home automation is that you’ll be able to control your home’s security even when you’re not there. And if you have cameras installed either inside or outside your house, you’ll be able to view those cameras from your tablet or smart phone. This includes the new smart doorbells that you may have seen advertised on TV.

3—Implement Safety Options

This includes smart smoke and/or CO2 detectors, which will not only sound an alarm, but send you an alert if smoke or dangerous gases are detected in your home. And, if you have children, the elderly, or someone who is disabled in the home, you can set up reminders for important things like homework or medication times. This gives you peace of mind when you’re not at home.

4—Turn on Your Lights

To integrate your lighting into your smart home, you’ll need to invest in powerline adapters and/or smart bulbs. This gives you control over your lighting from your phone, enabling you to turn lights on and off at random. To learn more about powerline adapters, visit the Smart Future and read their reviews. These are plugs that fit into your regular sockets, like old-style timers do, giving you control over whatever is plugged in to the adapter.

5—Tune in Your HVAC System

To add your heating and cooling system to your smart home, you’ll need to invest in a smart thermostat. Digital programmable thermostats are not the same; these only allow you to program them for certain times of the day. A smart thermostat will give you control over the system even while you’re away from home, letting you turn up the heat when you leave work, for example, so your home is cozy when you return. Doing so can greatly reduce your annual electric bill.

6—Add Your Tunes

If you’re a music buff, you can add a Multi-Room music system. They come in both wireless and wired versions and let you bring music from a single base to every room in your home. But, beware: if you have children, they’ll likely not agree with the kind of music playing through the speakers!

7—Add Your Screen

You can also integrate HDTV into your home’s smart system. You can also stream movies from places like Hulu or NetFlix.

8—Control Your Draperies

You can install power blinds or curtains so that you can open and close them when you’re away from home. This can be an important security addition, helping to deter crime because it looks like someone’s home. And if you have pets or plants, having natural sunlight come in your home during the day is important.

9—Get in Control of Your Kitchen

With smart appliances like the range and refrigerator, you can access your fridge menu while you’re at the grocery store. This lets you see what you have in the appliance and what you need. You can also turn your oven on when you leave work, so it’s already heated up when you get home.

10—Automate Your Laundry

When you add smart washers and driers to your laundry room, you’ll be able to do things like start the machine when you’re not at home to do it. This lets you take advantage of the times of day when there’s likely to be less electricity usage in your area. It’s just too bad you can’t get the system to fold and put the laundry away for you!

In Conclusion

Automating your home is a huge step for you. But, it doesn’t have to be complex if you take your time and follow all the directions provided with your devices and appliances. Home automation lets you be more in control of what goes on in your home, adds a level of security to your property, and gives you peace of mind when you have children or elderly people living in the home. Home automation is the wave of the future, and you won’t want to be left in the dust!