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How to Run Your Commercial Kitchen Better

As a restaurant owner or manager, you have the tough task of making sure the kitchen runs efficiently. This task can be tough, but it is necessary because in the kitchen you know that every little detail counts. While there might never be more than 24 hours a day, there are ways that you can use to run your kitchen more efficiently.

Here are a few ways to run the kitchen better;

Listen to Feedback

Normally, we usually believe that we have the key to running kitchens in the perfect way, which is a wrong notion. A true leader takes time to listen to the staff and make changes as necessary. The employees are the ones in direct contact with the customers and will give you the feedback that you need to make the right decisions.

Try talking to each member of the staff and find out the various ways to make the kitchen much more efficient. Instead of being controlling, try to give a listening ear to the employees.

In addition to employee feedback, you need to listen to what the customers tell you. They know what they want, and the ability to supply this is one of the ways to make sure you get more sales.

Have Everything You Need

To make sure you give your customers what they want, it is vital that you have everything you need to prepare the right dishes.

This means that you need to procure the right equipment, the right ingredients and make sure the environment is suitable for cooking.

One thing that makes it hard to achieve the perfect dishes consistently is a poor waste disposal system. Waste disposal is a huge issue when it comes to commercial restaurants. This is why you need to take time and install the perfect waste disposal system in the restaurant. Check out this one to understand what you need for the restaurant.

Have an Efficient Inventory System

You need to make sure that you have an efficient way to run the inventory in your restaurant. Nothing is worse than noticing that you do not have the right ingredient for a dish when you are half-way into the preparation.

You can avoid this embarrassment by running a good inventory system that allows you to know when to restock. It is also ideal that you do not waste your food, so you need to review the orders regularly so that you know what ingredients you are not using so you stop ordering them.

Do not be Ignorant of New Technology

Every kind of business is on the lookout for new ways to do things, and with technology, this is now easy. Whether it is a state of the art point of sale system or a new device, you need to find a way to make technology your friend.

To get the technology that you need, take time to understand what you can do better in the kitchen to make it easy for you to prepare meals and serve them. A quick search on Google can expose so many technologies to improve your kitchen, and they are not as expensive as you think.

Technology makes it possible for you to cook better and faster. You do not have to depend on the old-fashioned cooking strategies each day; take time to use the right kind of technologies to make things easier for you.

Have Specific Workstations

A big issue with commercial kitchens is the high level of bottlenecks that happen in the kitchen. To alleviate this, make sure that you have well-delineated workspaces for different duties. Have separate workstations, with each workstation assigned a supervisor and an employee. You can have a separate area for inventory so that the food stays safe and the staff get enough time to handle the tasks.

If you have many staff, it is better to allow them to work in shifts. When the workflow is handled perfectly, you do not have to keep on repeating orders or keep the customer waiting for their food.

The Bottom line

Make sure you have your commercial restaurant running efficiently by making sure the kitchen is effectively handled. Take time to listen to feedback from both the employees and the customers so that you do not make your customers wait for their meals for hours on end.

Amazing Technology in Cars

For many decades, a family car was just the way that people got to work, school, and to go on the family road trip for summer vacation. It is an important part of how a person or family takes care of the things that they need to be able to take care of on a daily or weekly basis. They also make it possible for a family to be able to do the things that they want to do as well. It has, inevitably, evolved over time to be so much more than that. Vehicles have become machines that are integrated with incredible new technologies that make them capable of so much more that the original inventors ever thought that they would be.

Cameras are one of the technologies that many of the new models of cars are coming with that are making driving a lot easier and safer. One of the ways that cameras are being used are for going in reverse. There are cameras at the back of the car so that a driver doesn’t even need to turn around and look incessantly while backing up because they have a camera to help them do this. They are also being used to help keep drivers in their lanes. This is called lane assist and small sensors and cameras are being used so that cars are able to detect if the driver is drifting out of their lane. If they start to, the car will, autonomously, turn the wheel to bring them back into their lane or set of a small alarm to alert the driver that this is happening.

One of the features that many cars come with are infotainment centers and the things that they can do is amazing. These systems are able to connect to the driver’s smartphone, via Bluetooth, and the driver can then access all of the things on their phone using their cars infotainment center. They can use their phones GPS, contacts, and music playlists so that they are functional within the vehicle. They are also able to run a diagnostic scan on the car. This system will run a scan of the car to find any issues that may exist or can be starting, and it will email the owner letting them know what the results of the scan were. These infotainment systems are becoming a feature that car shoppers are wanting in the vehicles that they are buying.

Another amazing technology that car companies are trying to perfect is autonomous driving. They are trying to create cars that are going to drive all on their own. This is allowing drivers to hit a sort of auto pilot button and they do not have to physically control their car. It is still in the works, but there are some cars that are capable. Cadillac has just released a car that is capable of doing this in a highway, long distance type of setting. There are other cars that are being used in major cities for taxi services that are totally autonomous vehicles. This is the type of thing that people only thought was possible in science fiction movies and now it is something that has been made a reality.

There are also apps that have been invented in order to improve the experience that drivers have in their vehicles. There are apps like MileIQ that are for people who use their cars for their job. MileIQ allows the driver to track the miles that they drive for their job so that they are able to easily able to take the information to their accountant to write off on their taxes. There are also other apps that let people know where the best gas prices are in their area.

Technology is enhancing everything that we do and everything that we own, not just cars. There are websites like Human Paragon that talk about the amazing technology that are being developed for people. There are so many different technologies for cars and everything else that now people want to enhance the way that people experience life. They want to use science for the improvement of people just like they use it on cars and everything else.

Can Stone Paving Add Value to Your Home?

Many homeowners are quietly having a debate on whether to pave the driveway or not. Well, we can help you make the decision and settle this argument for you. With the development of attractive, affordable and environmentally friendly paving stones, many homeowners have a way to increase the value of the property.

Remember that your pavement represents the first glimpse of the home when visitors come to your property.

First Impressions Matter

We all know that first impressions have a lasting impact on the visitor. If your pavement if poorly maintained, for example, if it has potholes and an uneven gravel surface, you give the prospective buyer an assumption about the rest of the property.

The good thing is that you can easily access easy-to-install, low maintenance paving stones, making sure you can improve the visual appeal of the driveway in the shortest time possible.

York Stone paved driveway makes your home more inviting. The paved way makes a pleasant appearance to the outdoor area. Additionally, time that you spend outdoors is more enjoyable when a certain level of organization surrounds you.

You get to impress family and guests alike with your excellent taste of paving stones, especially when they see what you have done with the stones.

The Result

A high property value can be of massive benefit to you when you decide to sell the home. Any prospective buyer always sees the outside of the house before they see the inside. Many buyers make the decision even before they step into the inside the home.

They are sure to be hooked on the way you have designed the outdoor area using paving stones especially when they see the driveway, walkways, patios and pool areas.

In fact, the buyer might decide to buy the home long before they step out of their vehicle. Due to the increase in value, it is much easier to recoup the cost of installing the pavers when you sell the home.

In the meantime, you can decide to enjoy the beauty that the pavers provide for various years until you decide it is time to move.

Where Can You Use York Stones?

You can use the stones in different parts of the home. Here are a few applications.


    1. Front Entrances and Walkways

Everyone wants to create the perfect setting for a grand entrance to their homes, and a paved walkway offers you the best opportunity to do this. Additionally, the walkway gives you a great way to navigate between the comfort of the home and the outside elegantly and safely.

The walkway is one way to make a great first impression on your visitors. If you come up with a walkway that is bold and dynamic, you highlight the best features of the property and push the drawbacks such as limited space to the background.

Not only does a well-designed walkway bring satisfaction to you the owner, but it also helps you to maximize the value of the property

Apart from making sure that the walkway is appealing to the visitors, you also need to ensure that it is functional and practical. Make sure you consider the orientation as well as the flow when designing the walkway. Normally, try and design the walkway in such a way that it allows a view of the front door. This tells guests that they are welcome into your home.

The width also plays an important factor. The width should be wide enough to allow two people to walk side by side comfortably. The concept of width is also crucial when it is considered in relation to the surrounding landscape. A narrow pathway seems more constricted. On the other hand, a walkway that is too wide wastes a lot of much-needed space in the home.


    1. Driveways

York Stone paving gives you a wide choice of materials to make an attractive and durable driveway surface for your home.

When it comes to creating the right curb appeal, your driveway and parking is king. It is hard for any other element to beat the style and look of the driveway. However, make sure you choose the right kind of stone for paving your driveway.

The best thing about paving your driveways is that you have access to a wide range of stones in different colors and sizes.

Installation of the stones isn’t so hard at all if you work with a professional. Once you have the right choice, all you need is to determine where the driveway needs to be installed and you are done. Professional pavers find it easy working with these stones, meaning the work is done in the shortest time possible.


    1. Patios

A stone patio comes with many benefits. The patio is easy to maintain and doesn’t require specialized tools and equipment to do this. You don’t need glue and patches to fix these stones. Additionally, the stones don’t need to be painted to look nice, since they come in different colors for you to choose what suits you.

Stones are good for the environment. Remember that other paving materials such as concrete have to be manufactured, which means they cost money, leading to pollution, energy and a rise in carbon footprint,

Stone doesn’t take a lot to make, plus it adds beauty to the surrounding landscape. You can also reuse the stone in other areas of the home.

Nothing can break the stone easily. Once installed on the patio, it cannot be blown away easily during strong winds or hurricanes. As the years go by, stone wears well, making your patio look more appealing.

With a stone patio, you won’t have to burn your feet walking on the surface. Stone doesn’t trap heat, giving you a cool surface during summer.

In Closing

York Stone pavers give you the chance to make your home attractive and more functional with the installation of walkways, attractive driveways and parking lots, as well as creating the perfect stone patio. Stones add to the natural look of your home and make it more valuable in the eyes of the potential buyer.