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Samsung Galaxy vs Garmin Instinct

Today, I’ll help all those who may have issues trying to choose between Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatch and Garmin Instinct. These devices are popular but so many do not know their differences and features thereby making avoidable mistakes buying the wrong thing.

You do not have to grope in the dark trying to get these devices. My intention is to help you make an informed decision. One that you won’t have to regret about for any reason.

I’ll help you spot the real difference between these two similar products and you’ll be able to see exactly what you really want. You don’t really need to make a wrong buying decision when you know all these major differences. With this article you are armed with the right info to make the best buy.

Let’s start with the Galaxy Watch. It has a really beautiful full-colour display. Germin Instinct on the other hand has a cute monochrome display. If what you want is a full colour display then you know exactly which to go for. And for those who want a monochrome display then simply go fo Germin Instinct.

The Germin Instinct battery was designed to last for 2 weeks and for Samsung Galaxy the battery was designed to survive for like 7 days of normal use. If a battery life is so much an issue for you then you now know what to go for.

If water is something that will cause you concerns then listen to  this. Just in case you will be swimming or going other things that will attract much water then I have something for you here. The Samsung’s Galaxy waterproof certification is just 5 ATM. On the other hand the Germin Instinct is rated 10 ATM. So make a wise choice with this understanding.

Let’s now consider their operating systems. The Samsung’s Galaxy device operating system is Tizen. On the other hand the Instinct uses this operating system Garmin OS. If you’re concerned about their operating system then here is it.

Now get this, Spotify is supported in the Samsung Galaxy Watch. If that’s not a big deal for you then you can go for a Germin Instinct that is supported.

Bixby is what the Samsung Galaxy uses as voice assistant while Instinct does not have any virtual personal assistant.

Let’s look at the last difference between these two superb products. My goal for this article is to help guide you to buy the right device. You don’t have to do trial and error. You can buy the right stuff that will serve you well.

How about the map? If you want a good and accurate map then this part is just your source.  For the Galaxy Watch a full-colour map can be readily displayed. The Germin Instinct on the other hand uses monochrome breadcrumb-style navigation for it displays.

It’s now clear to you the major difference between Samsung’s Galaxy vs Germin Instinct.

When next are you going to buy this device? Equip your self with all the info here before going into the mall or the online shop.