4 Mistakes New Dog Owners Should Avoid

New dog owners often become too enthusiastic about their cute pet, but that also leads to forgetting crucial steps in choosing their pet and taking care of the dog. Thus, they eventually end up being disillusioned about having one. If you wish to avoid only being content with your pet initially, and eventually feeling tired of it, avoid these mistakes:

Picking a Breed Based on Appearance

Most people often choose to adopt cute or cool-looking dogs. However, the problem is that there is more to a dog than their appearances. As an example, there are different breeds with different needs and personalities. A smart owner would choose one that matches their lifestyle, and not the initial physical appeal of the dog.

A busy person who is rarely at home should choose a dog that requires less activity. Perhaps refrain from adopting a Siberian Husky since they require intense exercise such as running several miles each day. However, if you are a relatively free and outgoing person, feel free to adopt a dog that demands action and affection.

Not Giving a Dog A Shelter

Dogs are den animals and, thus, require a home of their own. However, some dog owners either leave their dog outside or keep them indoors without a specific home. For dogs, crating can be beneficial, not just for enforcing discipline, but also for providing a safe place for them. Also, a heated bed can help them feel more comfortable, particularly when sick. 

Lack of House Rules and Training

Another common mistake of new owners is that they give free reign to newly adopted dogs. People who feel sorry for restraining their pets enforce wrong behavior. Consequently, this leads to a long-term problem in which the owner gets tired of their dog at some point. Thus, it is ideal that you train your dog to follow house rules. In fact, doing so will set them up for success, and will ensure that discipline stays with them.

For example, you can begin choosing where a dog is allowed to sleep, and they should have something comfortable to sleep in. You can look for high-quality beds at www.petnap.co.uk. Also, you have to be consistent, so you can successfully reinforce the training. Avoid suddenly punishing your dog for not being able to understand what you want. Thus, you have to be patient at enforcing rules, and eventually, your efforts will pay off.

Not Correcting Mistakes

Some owners assume that dogs will eventually learn passively. However, that is not the case, as dogs will never learn without the proper stimulation, namely reinforcement and punishment. In order to correct mistakes and change their actions, you need to punish your dog if it performs an undesired act. And if they are doing an appropriate activity, feel free to reward them to encourage repetition.


Adopting a dog and taking care of them is not for the faint of heart. If you want one, you better choose wisely and provide them the care and discipline they need to become a healthy pet.