5 Ideas to Make Summer More Fun for Your Kids

Summer is here and your kids are spending most of their time at home. This is the time when you get to interact with your little ones uninterruptedly. Be it indoor activities that amuse your kids or outdoorsy fun, children remember the fun things they do in their Summer vacations.

If you’re a Pinterest mom, you already have a lot of cool ideas up your sleeve for this Summer. However, if you’re experiencing one of those ideas-blockade—yes, such a thing exists—have no fear! Here are 5 ideas to make Summer more fun your kids this year.

01. Buy a Snow Cone Machine.

You read that right. Children are obsessed with Snow Cones. Nowadays, a Snow Cone machine bought from Amazon and other similar websites come with a package deal and accessories. Not only do you get a Snow Cone machine, but you also get flavored syrups, packets of straws, snow cone cups, and much more.

You can have a snow cone day with your kids. Let them have their friends over for a snow cone party. Another fun thing to do would be to make a snowman from the snow cone machine and have a contest of whoever makes a snowman that lasts the longest.

You can have your kids make their own syrup for the Snow Cones. They could even go around selling snow cones they’ve made themselves.

02. Build a Treehouse.

This is a classic, but it’s still fun.You can purchase the necessary equipment from Amazon or from your nearest carpentry supplies shop. This activity won’t only be fun, but also educational for your kids.

The things you will need are:

  1. Quality wood.
  2. Carpentry supplies.
  3. Paint.
  4. Decorations.

Here is a detailed process of making a treehouse. Be sure to check with your neighbors if they mind you building a treehouse that could potentially block their view. Also, make sure that the spot that you pick is safe and not too far away from your house.

When building the treehouse, let the kids do the easy and the safest of the tasks that go into making the treehouse. Let the kids pick all the decorations and the color of paint. You can even let them paint it by themselves.

Your kids will now have a place to call their own. Just theirs.

03. Sign Them Up for Swimming Lessons.

You can have them sign up for swimming. Dispelling the heat becomes a priority in Summers and children get sunburned and come down with fevers more often when they play outdoors.

Having them swim would be both fun and safe. You could even go shopping for swimming clothes, goggles, and all other swimming equipment.

If you have a pool, you can teach them how to swim yourself. There are tutorials on YouTube with which you can teach them professional swimming, different swimming styles, and more.

What could be even more fun if you’ve got a pool is to have a pool party. Be sure to buy some floaters and have safety at the ready. You could let your kids invite their friends and have a barbecue as well!

04. Make a scrapbook.

Let your children explore their artistic side this Summer. Have them make a scrapbook. They can take pictures in every new place you take them for the holidays and put those in it.

Have them draw things. Buy them spray paints and different sorts of water colors and crayons etc. They can also glue hand-picked flowers on the pages and use ribbons to decorate the outside. There are so many exciting things about scrapbooks. Getting creative is key to scrapbooking.

Pinterest has a lot of ideas for scrapbooks, too.

05. Have a Bake Sale.

Finally, here’s something that can be even more fun: a bake sale!

There are tons of recipes online to try, and you can even opt for one of your family-owned recipes—if you have any that is. There are simpler and easy-to-make desserts, too, for children. Go for these if you want your kitchen and your oven intact. Make sure they have fun while helping you bake and while they sell the baked goods, but always make sure they are being careful, especially in the kitchen.