6 Things Dangerous Things NOT to Do When Driving Near Bikers

Driving by motorcycles on the road is an inevitable part of traveling. It can be a little nerve-racking because of the enormous number of accidents that occur ach year. With a little common knowledge and breaking bad habits, you’ll have nothing to be nervous about. Memorize this list of things not to do while driving by motorcycles.

Don’t Drive Too Close to the Back of the Motorcycle

Riding the bumper of a motorcycle is not just dangerous. It’s also annoying and just not smart. Reade end collisions are one of the most common serious or fatal accidents among car drivers and motorcyclists. Some people forget the driving rules and make a habit of driving too close to motorcycles. Others do it because they don’t want the cyclist in front of them.

Whatever the reason, you should be more considerate of motorcycles on the road with you. Take the time to learn more about Bikers’ Basics. It will help you find ways to collaborate in keeping each other safe on the road. Make a habit of leaving room in between your vehicle and the motorcycle. It could help you avoid accidents from sudden stops or pile ups.

Don’t Throw Trash and Food Out the Window

Littering has been against the law for years, but it hasn’t stopped some from cleaning their cars every chance they get while driving. If this describes you, think twice before you continue this habit. Whatever you’re so anxious to throw away can wait until you make a stop. Be especially careful not to throw out your food or trash around motorcycles.

Besides the fact that you shouldn’t be a litter bug, you don’t need to do anything to alter the motorcycle rider’s view or riding ability. Your food or trash could also get on the rider’s clothing, which is no fun. Think about it the next time you’re about to throw items out of your vehicle near a biker.

Don’t Flick Out Cigarette Ashes and Butts

If you’re going to smoke and drive, dispose of it properly. You don’t want your cigarette butts and ashes in the car, but why should mortorcyclist have to deal with them. It’s a crime to toss out used cigarettes along with being a dangerous habit.

Cigarettes are still flammable, so it’s unwise throw them out near gasoline, hot engines, and other parts that could ignite. This can create even more problems in areas with naturally dry climates. Look out for everyone’s safety on the road, including bikers and don’t throw out your cigarettes or ashes.

Don’t Text on your Cellphone Near Motorcyclists

Texting while driving is something you shouldn’t be doing anyway. When you’re driving near a motorcycle, it’s even more dangerous. All it takes is looking down for a second or two to cause an accident. You must take the same action with cellphones near bikers as you do with other drivers. Just don’t do it.

You’re more likely to be protected in an accident of this sort. Your car has a barrier of protection that will overpower the bike. Take extra care not to text while on the road with motorcycles. It will prevent careless accident.

Don’t Change Lanes Without Looking or Signaling

Another bad habit is pretending like you’re the only one on the road. You can’t just switch lanes whenever you feel like it. It’s easier for a motorcyclist to disappear in your blind side, so you should be paying even more attention when trying to pass, exit, or change lanes near them.

Even on quick lane changes, you should be using your signals. Most bike riders are courteous enough to use their signals, so you need to do the same. Keep everyone safe on the road by following lane change rules.

The takeaway from everything is creating a habit of having tasteful driving etiquette. Practice safe driving, and look out for yourself and others on the road. Take actions while driving by being mindful that motorcycles share the road with you and have less protection. Don’t do any of the actions above while driving near motorcycles. Instead pay attention, keep enough room between your vehicle and motorcycles, use signals, and save your trash to dispose of it properly.