ASUS VX238H Gaming Monitor Review

When talking about the most elite gaming monitors on the market, the ASUS VX238H may not be on the top of the list. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad monitor. As will soon be found out, the VX238H is a competent model with loads of great features.

Great Image Quality and Response Time

As with all monitors, one of the more important qualities (no pun intended) is the image quality. With a 23-inch full HD (1920 x 1080) LED screen, the VX238H certainly has the goods. That’s just the core of the screen and that doesn’t always guarantee superb quality. No, what makes the picture so eloquent on this ASUS monitor is the contrast ratio and super-fast response time. With ASUS Smart technology, an implemented 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio produces the brightest whites and the darkest blacks.

However, the most important feature (in a gamer’s perspective) of the VX238H is its response time of 1ms. What this provides is the smoothest playback in games, while minimizing as much input lag as possible. With its implemented Trace Free II technology, motion blur, screen juddering, and screen delay is also not an issue. To top it all off, this monitor is built with flicker-free technology that significantly reduces eye fatigue over long uses.

Video Intelligence Technology

Adding on to the superior quality of this model is its video intelligence technology. For those who don’t want to adjust the screen’s settings for hours on end, there are six pre-set video modes that accommodate many different viewing experiences. Present are modes for gaming, theater, standard, night view, scenery and sRGB that can all be selected with a hotkey.

Dual HDMI Ports

There is no point to a gaming monitor that doesn’t include HDMI ports. After all, all modern consoles must be connected via HDMI. Unless the intent is to exclusively compete in PC gaming, then an HDMI port is needed. However, why not include more than one? To ensure multiple consoles can be plugged into the monitor simultaneously, this ASUS model includes dual-HDMI ports.

Honestly, this may not be the best gaming monitor in the world. However, there aren’t too many negatives to it either. It has a crisp picture, incredibly fast response time, terrific contrast ratio and multiple HDMI ports.

For another option (if this model isn’t ideal), it’s highly recommended to check out the Acer R240HY.