Best Accessories to Get More out of Your New Ipad

Apple’s IPad remains the all-time tablet-to-have in the gadget category. The company now offers a wide range of IPads for you to pick from, each coming with different capabilities. With the right set of accessories, you can get a lot more out of your IPad. Let us check out some of the top accessories that you must have.

The Tstand

It is a great idea to watch movies from the IPad as you lie back, but possible hazards await – tired arms, a stiff neck or even a bruise lest the device falls on you. The answer lies in having a Tstand. This stand comes with a set of clamps that you can slide apart to fit the size of the IPad. The base is designed in such a way that you can lie down and place it on your chest. This stand comes with hinges to allow you fold it flat and keep it away.

InvisibleSHIELD by ZAGG

One of the top issues with IPads is they are vulnerable to impact. You drop something on the screen and it can crack, affecting the way you work. Well, you can now shield your device with military-grade material. This is a thin yet awfully strong layer of elastic transparent material originally used to protect helicopter blades. You can opt for full body guard or get protection for only one side.

Movie Mount for IPad

This is perfect if you work in media and you wish to convert your IPad into a moviemaking machine. The mount comes with an app that lets you control the recording manually. You can add other equipment to the mount such as a mic and lighting to add to the quality of the shots and add sound clarity to the videos you record with your IPad. You can also attach lens, LED lights, clip-on microphones, handsfree stabilizer and a shoulder rig.

The Invoxia AudiOffice

This is the best solution if your day is full of video conferencing. It is an audio and speaker dock for the IPad. It uses in Vivo acoustic technology and makes use of 8 digital microphones and 8 broadband speakers. It features hands-free and background noise cancellation. It also has Bluetooth capability so that you can connect to your IPad by the tough of a button. Also comes with 2 USB ports for your convenience.

In-Ear Headphones by Apple

These headphones give you the chance to enjoy pro audio performance while isolating the sound. You get to hear every single detail of the music without increasing the volume to unsafe levels. Convenient buttons on the headphones allow you to control the video playback, volume and select the next song. You can end calls or answer them using these controls. This headphone is an ideal accessory when you are traveling and you need to listen to music without any disruption.

M-Edge’s Hip Bag

Retain your cool with the M-Edge Hip Bag designed in form of a messenger-style IPad holder. The bag is made out of hardy canvas and finished off with Scotchgard to prevent liquids and dirt from getting to your device. The interior of the bag is made of a soft microfiber to make sure the gadget doesn’t come out with scratches. You get to choose between navy blue, green, orange, pink and black colors.

Final Words

The IPad is a great gadget that can help you achieve both personal and work tasks. There are so many ways to personalize this gadget to suit your style. There are so many ways to do this; iThingum offers you a platform where you can find information on your favorite accessories, and guides on how you can buy the best accessory for your needs.