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What Do You Buy a Toddler for Christmas?

What Do You Buy a Toddler for Christmas

Christmas time is coming up quick, and you’ve got no idea what to buy for your young one. Whether it’s your first child or just your youngest, buying gifts for a toddler is always a challenge.

Why is Choosing a Gift for a Toddler so Hard?

If you take a stroll through your neighborhood toy store, you’ll likely find your eyes wandering to small details you hadn’t thought of before. Small parts? Toddlers put everything they see into their mouths, so it’s probably a choking hazard. Are there any sharp points on that doll? You definitely don’t want to deal with any stab wounds on Christmas morning.

If this is your first time doing Christmas with a toddler, I can’t stress this next part enough. Don’t buy anything messy. Nothing messy. Trust me, you’re going to have to clean up enough once the relatives leave. You don’t want to spend an extra 2 hours scrubbing paint off of the walls while everyone else is drinking eggnog.

Toddlers can’t even tell us what they want. You’re completely on your own. You’ll miss these days when they’re teenagers who refuse to tell you what they want, but for now, it’s just confusing. So what do you buy for them?


Alright, if we’re being honest here, most of the gift options for a toddler are toys. However, some are designed for specific types of play. Some encourage your kids to create things, others are supposed to help them learn, but most are just to see your child laughing and having fun! For toys in this last category, your list is pretty much endless. Ultimately the choice comes down to knowing your toddler. What do they like playing with now?

There are plenty of sites that have great lists of toy reviews for you to peruse. These can be very specific. For example, if you’re wondering what to get a 1 year old boy for Christmas, there’s a list for it. 2 year old girl? There’s a list for it. Use them to narrow your search so you don’t spend hours wandering through the terrifying labyrinths of toy stores in a daze, bumping into disgruntled parents and employees.

Educational Gifts

There are plenty of great educational resources hiding as toys on the shelves. LeapFrog is famous for doing this well. Anything that gets your child putting letters together or reading is a smart choice. You might not feel like the fun parent when you’re paying for it at the register, but you’re future college-graduate will (might) thank you in a few decades.

For the Creative Kiddos

Art supplies are always a great gift for a toddler. As long as they’re safe. And non-toxic. And easy to clean up. Alright so maybe always isn’t the right word, but there are certainly safe art kits designed for toddlers to flex their creative muscles without leaving a mess for you. Keep your eyes open for coloring kits where the markers only work on a specific drawing pad, or else you’ll find stick figure families living out their entire lives on your living room walls.

Blocks or Lego-like products designed for toddlers are also excellent choices for the creative types. They get to start their engineering careers early on in life by building towers, and then they can experience the thrill of a career shift when they join the demolition team for the same building.

It’s Christmas!

Spend time with them! Every old Christmas movie stresses this as the most important part of the holidays, and the lessons we learn from old Christmas movies are the truest ones. No matter what gift you decide on for your child, remember that the thing they, and you, will value most is the time you spend together.

The Right Toys Come With Several Benefits for The Child

The Right Toys Come With Several Benefits for The Child

Being a kid represents one of the happiest moments in our lives. This is the stage you start learning so many things as you prepare for the challenges that will plague you the rest of your life. Your childhood can never be complete without toys. Your child loves to play because it is a way to express what they want in life and what they want to be.

There are a lot of toys that you can get to help your child in their development. Each toy comes with a role to play in the development of the child. Let us look at the different roles that toys bring in the lives of your kids.


Just remember how you used to feel whenever you got the time to play with your favorite toys. Your children will feel great as well whenever they participate in an activity they enjoy. This is what playtime that involves great toys is all about. When kids play, they get the enjoyment that makes them have fun; they end up laughing. Recent studies have shown that laughter is one of the best ways to boost the mood of your kids, which makes them sleep better and grow faster.

The Benefits of Group Play

Solitary play can help your child boost confidence and find their passion, but they also need group play. Group play helps your child get along with their peers and how to solve problems when they come up. They learn how to come up with decisions as a team and how to take charge.

There are a variety of toys that help in group play. They give the kids the right enjoyment and enough fun to get engrossed for hours on end. One of the best toys for this role is a train set from Train Sets for Kids | Toy Train Center. If you have more than one child, having a train toy set will keep them enthralled the whole time. The set involves various small pieces that they use to create a train station or a town that the train will pass through. Your children, apart from developing social skills, will get valuable motor skills.

Problem-solving Skills

Your child needs problem-solving skills not only for a short time, but long into their adult lives. Every aspect of your kid’s life will involve problem-solving in one way or another. The skills that your child learns when playing with toys will help him in solving both complex and simple problems.

By playing with the right toys for their age, children will be able to learn to solve various issues. Take an example of the train set mentioned previously; your child will be able to learn how to come up with the perfect tracks so that the train can move without any obstacles. Your kid also learns to organize the train set in a manner that will make it move faster. The whole process might take time, but as your kid gets to learn how the set operates, he also learns valuable skills that will last him a lifetime.

Creativity and Imagination

Without being imaginative and creative, your children won’t be able to come up with ideas that will make their lives easier. With the perfect toys, your child gets to pt various arrangements together limited only by their imagination. The kid will think of various ways to make the toys serve him better. As they continue to play with the toys, they gradually develop the confidence to create compelling arrangements that will make them happier.

It Develops the Child’s Senses

This is especially true for small kids that are just learning to explore their senses for the first time. At this moment, everything they encounter is new to them. They enjoy new experiences that they will look forward to building upon the next time they play with their toys. The kid will experiment with various arrangements that stimulate specific senses. They develop their personalities through these new experiences.

In Closing

The benefits of playing with toys are numerous. Your child gets to have fun and develop various skills that will help them the rest of their lives. They can put their imagination and creativity to test as they find ways to solve common problems.