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Disney Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

My 7-year-old son is a real Disney fan.  As a family we have all been to Disneyland in Florida and Euro Disney.  My son is absolutely obsessed with Mickey Mouse. His bedroom is covered in Mickey merchandise.  Wallpaper, curtains, duvet cover and soft toys.  You name it, he has got it and he is always looking for more.

I wanted to buy him something for doing so well at school, he came top in his math set that term and I was really struggling for gift ideas.

I searched the internet for weeks to find something suitable and wanted to get something that my son didn’t have already. I came across some Mickey Mouse flip waffle maker reviews online.  As present ideas go, this isn’t the first thing that came to mind. I was looking for maybe a Disney computer game or t-shirt but when looking at the positive reviews and the fact that Mickey Mouse’s face is inside the machine and out, I knew my son would love it.

I ordered it on the internet and when I opened the box to look through and check everything was in order, I was pleasantly surprised. The external casing is beautiful; it has a print of Mickey Mouse’s face on it. For a machine that is most likely mass produced, it is really well made. It has solid controls and although compact, the machine is a lot heavier and more solid than I thought it would be. The plates look sturdy and it certainly should last for a while as it looks reasonably durable.

Machine Specification

It makes one large Mickey Mouse face waffle at a time and has 800 watts of power. Quite powerful for a small, domestic machine. It has a red electric signal to tell you the waffle cooking is complete and you can use it with any waffle or pancake batter.

It has an internal Mickey Mouse design and a non-stick cooking surface. It has various heat settings, a cord that easily wraps around the machine neatly and rubber feet so it doesn’t slide whilst on the surface of wherever you are using it.

Lots of Fun! 

It is small and compact, cleans well and as the plates don’t heat up to a dangerous heat, I let my son, under close supervision, use the machine. The waffle maker makes waffles in the image of Mickey Mouse and they do actually look like Mickey too, not just a blob.

My son loves making waffles and covers his with sprinkles, banana, honey, chocolate and various other toppings.  Sometimes altogether and sometimes one at a time. He really loves the machine, and what is great, is we have a really nice family time together when we make the various waffle deserts. 


My family and I have now become waffle experts.  Trying to mix things up a little, my husband, son and I have little competitions to see who can make the best waffles and pancakes. We add various spices to our batter.  Sometimes we add a little sugar to the waffle to crisp them up and we are becoming quite inventive with some of our batter recipes, toppings and overall waffle creations. As this machine has a consistent heat and has a light to indicate when the waffles are ready, it makes really well cooked waffles and pancakes that are absolutely delicious.


Seeing your family having so much fun making Mickey shaped waffles and pancakes would make this a worthy investment alone. I have to admit because of the lower price range, I thought it would be of a cheap standard but that is simply not the case. This machine is solid, easy to clean and makes really great food.  I really have been pleasantly surprised and if anything happens to it, I will definitely invest in another. Happy waffle making!

Rice Cooker Expert

The following are 6 dishes provided by RiceCooker.Expert you can cook with your rice cooker, no matter what brand name it is. If these don’t peak your interest, there are plenty more recipes available like these, but for now see what you have been missing. As you expand your mind about what rice cookers can really do for your home cooked cuisine choices.

  1. Curry Chicken

This is easy to make in a rice cooker, plus there are a number of great reasons to make curry. First curry is a fun spicy meal that has an out of this world combination of flavors. It is so simple to make, that everyone should learn. Curry can be made with such common ingredients that there is no need to go searching for obscure spices. Curry has an aroma that will waft through the house, reviving your senses with it’s delicious smell. Curry can be made with chicken, shrimp, beef or just skip the meats add extra veggies for vegans, to get a jambalaya style to the finished product.

  1. Jambalaya

Speaking of hot spicy things, jambalaya is another great dish to make with your rice cooker. Dare to start channeling your hunger for the deep South and chow down hard on some jambalaya with your favorite fixings. Adding just six ingredients into any rice cooker produces a meal that’s ideal for busy lives, just add rice, beans, ham, sausage, shrimp and creole sauce. Once this mix has time to simmer for a while, the only work will be resisting the urge to start eating before it is finished cooking.

  1. Vegetable Frittata

Frittata served with summer vegetables is a masterful dish, but can be made with just a rice cooker quite simply. Normally it is a dish that requires some timing and planning to cook on the stove, but again, not with a rice cooker handy. Put all the best potatoes, zucchini, and peppers into a pan for browning, then scoop them all into the rice cooker. Frittata is better with all kinds of veggies, so it is also the perfect excuse to clean out your refrigerator. It can be served freshly cooked, between slices of bread or paired up with a side salad. Frittata is a classic that is sure to impress, so try it soon.

  1. Country Style Ribs

Listen to this: Ribs cooked in beer that don’t require a grill or an oven. Did your heart just skip a beat? Turns out your humble rice cooker can give you fall-off-the-bone pork cooked to perfection. Here it’s slathered with a classic Guinness-and-BBQ sauce. Bonus: Hands free cooking guarantees less mess and time mopping up, that is a big problem with sauce based recipes. So consider this, ribs cooked in beer don’t need a stove, oven or grill. You can turn your simple rice cooker into a pork cooking machine. Make country style ribs that literally let their meat fall off the bones, every single rib cooked to perfection.

  1. Chicken Chili

Good things always come with chili, but no other dish comes together as simply in a rice cooker. Chili is the staple of slow cooking style food dishes. Anyone can put together a basic chicken chili recipe, plus the recipe can be adapted with beef or even as a meatless dish. Try throwing some Greek yougurt into chili recipes atop a sour cream topping, it’s to die for. Or sneak in some crushed red peppers to give it that extra fire, if you are brave and can stand the heat. Chili is a hot and spicy original dish, that is great for parties or small gatherings. So make sure your rice cooker is ready to serve it. that slow-cooker staple, comes together just as easily in the rice cooker.

  1. Rice Pudding

Four ingredients are all you need to create tasty rice pudding, plus one rice cooker. Slow cook white rice, french onion soup, beef broth and butter, then get ready for one super dessert. If you aren’t a fan or rice pudding generally, consider how easy it is to make for company or special guests. It is so simple a child should make it and this home made dessert is a real treat, sure to curb late night snacking on unhealthy sweets. Rice pudding and the rice cooker, a winning combination recipe.

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Cleaning, Maintaining, Using your Rice Cooker

Cleaning tips


  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Soap
  • Soft brush


Breville Mixers For You!

Breville's BREBEM800XL

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