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Fixing Car Scratches of Different Severity

You may find scratches on the paint job of your car annoying, but it is much more troublesome than that. A scratch is a possible means of entry for elements, such as oxygen and rain, to enter your car. Thus, your car may slowly rust inside and eventually break down. However, there are solutions for removing scratches, depending on its depth.

Washing With Soap

Start by washing the scratched area, since you can confirm whether it is a scratch or just a paint mark and other material. Typical car soap will remove paint marks and other stains. However, it is unable to get rid of scratches, so you need to do something else for that.

Clear Coat Layer

Running your finger around the scratch is a way of determining its depth. If there are no marks on your finger, then only your clear coat is most likely damaged. Thus, you only have to utilize a car buffer to remove any scratches on the coating. However, if your finger has marks on it, then the scratch most likely is deep.

Primers and Paints

A scratch can reach the paint job or the primer further below. Thus, you may require primer, paint, and a clear coat to fix your car. The tedious part is looking for touch-up paint for your vehicle’s color, but if you are unable to find one, then you may find services that offer a paint job.

Once you have the paint, you may opt for a thin brush for filling the crack up to the layer of the clear coat. If the scratch is sizeable, then you may use spray paint instead. However, you need to be cautious as you may only add paint a layer at a time. Then, you wait for that to dry and repeat the cycle. For clear coat, the same process would also apply when you add it. After the coating process, you may rub it with a fine sandpaper to make it much smoother until the scratch is no longer noticeable.

Rust: A Car’s Worst Enemy

The worst-case scenario for scratches is when they reach metals. If left unchecked, these cause oxygen and water to begin rusting the car’s body panel. Also, rust spreads beneath the paint, causing the top layers to slowly wear off.

To prevent further damage, you need to seal the scratch right away using the same method. Add primer, paint, and then the clear coat layer in that order, thus, protecting the inner framework from elements. If you fail to notice the problem early, then you should consult a certified technician to fix your car. A decent place to start with is Peter Mould’s BMW garage which offers top-quality maintenance and services. However, that only applies for the worst of cases, and it is unlikely that your car will break down from rust.


Scratches are a typical problem when driving and owning a car. There are various degrees to which a scratch can affect it, and you have different methods for fixing scratches depending on their severity.

5 Ideas to Make Summer More Fun for Your Kids

Summer is here and your kids are spending most of their time at home. This is the time when you get to interact with your little ones uninterruptedly. Be it indoor activities that amuse your kids or outdoorsy fun, children remember the fun things they do in their Summer vacations.

If you’re a Pinterest mom, you already have a lot of cool ideas up your sleeve for this Summer. However, if you’re experiencing one of those ideas-blockade—yes, such a thing exists—have no fear! Here are 5 ideas to make Summer more fun your kids this year.

01. Buy a Snow Cone Machine.

You read that right. Children are obsessed with Snow Cones. Nowadays, a Snow Cone machine bought from Amazon and other similar websites come with a package deal and accessories. Not only do you get a Snow Cone machine, but you also get flavored syrups, packets of straws, snow cone cups, and much more.

You can have a snow cone day with your kids. Let them have their friends over for a snow cone party. Another fun thing to do would be to make a snowman from the snow cone machine and have a contest of whoever makes a snowman that lasts the longest.

You can have your kids make their own syrup for the Snow Cones. They could even go around selling snow cones they’ve made themselves.

02. Build a Treehouse.

This is a classic, but it’s still fun.You can purchase the necessary equipment from Amazon or from your nearest carpentry supplies shop. This activity won’t only be fun, but also educational for your kids.

The things you will need are:

  1. Quality wood.
  2. Carpentry supplies.
  3. Paint.
  4. Decorations.

Here is a detailed process of making a treehouse. Be sure to check with your neighbors if they mind you building a treehouse that could potentially block their view. Also, make sure that the spot that you pick is safe and not too far away from your house.

When building the treehouse, let the kids do the easy and the safest of the tasks that go into making the treehouse. Let the kids pick all the decorations and the color of paint. You can even let them paint it by themselves.

Your kids will now have a place to call their own. Just theirs.

03. Sign Them Up for Swimming Lessons.

You can have them sign up for swimming. Dispelling the heat becomes a priority in Summers and children get sunburned and come down with fevers more often when they play outdoors.

Having them swim would be both fun and safe. You could even go shopping for swimming clothes, goggles, and all other swimming equipment.

If you have a pool, you can teach them how to swim yourself. There are tutorials on YouTube with which you can teach them professional swimming, different swimming styles, and more.

What could be even more fun if you’ve got a pool is to have a pool party. Be sure to buy some floaters and have safety at the ready. You could let your kids invite their friends and have a barbecue as well!

04. Make a scrapbook.

Let your children explore their artistic side this Summer. Have them make a scrapbook. They can take pictures in every new place you take them for the holidays and put those in it.

Have them draw things. Buy them spray paints and different sorts of water colors and crayons etc. They can also glue hand-picked flowers on the pages and use ribbons to decorate the outside. There are so many exciting things about scrapbooks. Getting creative is key to scrapbooking.

Pinterest has a lot of ideas for scrapbooks, too.

05. Have a Bake Sale.

Finally, here’s something that can be even more fun: a bake sale!

There are tons of recipes online to try, and you can even opt for one of your family-owned recipes—if you have any that is. There are simpler and easy-to-make desserts, too, for children. Go for these if you want your kitchen and your oven intact. Make sure they have fun while helping you bake and while they sell the baked goods, but always make sure they are being careful, especially in the kitchen.

Great Gifts for Her

For a man, is there a more difficult question to ponder than what gift to get for her? Now, the “her” could be in reference to a significant other, wife, mother, friend or daughter. If you are a man and understand how monumental this task can be, then please keep on reading. No matter the next event (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday, etc.), be sure that you know what gift you are going to buy the special women in your life. Only you will know the specifics, but (typically) you can’t go wrong with the following gifts.

A Gift Card

Ah, consider this a perfect solution if you literally have no idea what to buy her. As long as you have an idea where she loves to shop, you could settle for buying her a gift card. Not only does this make the process of shopping easier for you, but the receiver is guaranteed to get a gift they are fully satisfied with. After all, they will be the one selecting their gift. About the only issue with this is the lack of surprise and substance. Depending on the women you intend to give the gift for, you actually may take some flak for this one.

A Whirlpool Tub

As this is a once in a lifetime gift that will take some serious consideration, you will probably want to save this gift for your wife (or significant other that you have been living with for an extended period). This is not exactly a gift you should surprise her with, either, as you will want to discuss the financial ramifications. If she is in love with the idea and is willing to do whatever it takes, can you think of a better 25th anniversary or Christmas gift? The lack of surpriseand investmentmay steer you in a different direction, though.

Curling Wands

One of the most difficult aspects of selecting gifts for women is picking the right product. You may not be able to get away with giving them a random accessory. Thus, try to pay attention to devices they are constantly complaining they wish they had or had upgraded. One of these could be some sort of curling iron or wand. If so, then you already know what you are going to buy for them. However, most men will not know what makes a curling iron or wand superior to the rest of the pack. Thankfully, you can pop over here to learn all about different types of wands, irons, and waivers and stylers.

Kitchen Appliances and Cookware

No, this is not insinuating that all women spend the entirety of their life working in the kitchen. Hopefully, they will understand that if you decide to get them improved cookware or additional appliances. If they do enjoy being in the kitchen, no matter if it is your mom, wife, daughter, or friend, they will appreciate upgraded equipment. The best part is the choices are nearly endless. For example, new pots and pans, a crock pot, a sandwich maker, new utensils, a microwave oven, new skillets, and even a brand-new oven.

Smartphone Accessories

In this technology driven world, how many individuals do you know that do not possess a smartphone? Chances are, your answer was kept in the single digits. However, this can work heavily in your favor as there are a plethora of gifts you can purchase for a smartphone. Consider this, you could buy them a smartphone case of their favorite character or animal. Depending on the model, you could also get them a screen protector. Another option would be an attachable camera for improved video and photography. Of course, you could also buy them the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy. Honestly, there is such a wide range of variety and diversity that you can’t go wrong here.

Hopefully, this post will give you some future ideas on perfect gifts for all the women in your life. Only you will know if they will find joy in the above gifts, but most women should. Keeping this in mind is vitally important as, after all, there is no point to a gift if the receiver has no use for it.

6 Things Dangerous Things NOT to Do When Driving Near Bikers

Driving by motorcycles on the road is an inevitable part of traveling. It can be a little nerve-racking because of the enormous number of accidents that occur ach year. With a little common knowledge and breaking bad habits, you’ll have nothing to be nervous about. Memorize this list of things not to do while driving by motorcycles.

Don’t Drive Too Close to the Back of the Motorcycle

Riding the bumper of a motorcycle is not just dangerous. It’s also annoying and just not smart. Reade end collisions are one of the most common serious or fatal accidents among car drivers and motorcyclists. Some people forget the driving rules and make a habit of driving too close to motorcycles. Others do it because they don’t want the cyclist in front of them.

Whatever the reason, you should be more considerate of motorcycles on the road with you. Take the time to learn more about Bikers’ Basics. It will help you find ways to collaborate in keeping each other safe on the road. Make a habit of leaving room in between your vehicle and the motorcycle. It could help you avoid accidents from sudden stops or pile ups.

Don’t Throw Trash and Food Out the Window

Littering has been against the law for years, but it hasn’t stopped some from cleaning their cars every chance they get while driving. If this describes you, think twice before you continue this habit. Whatever you’re so anxious to throw away can wait until you make a stop. Be especially careful not to throw out your food or trash around motorcycles.

Besides the fact that you shouldn’t be a litter bug, you don’t need to do anything to alter the motorcycle rider’s view or riding ability. Your food or trash could also get on the rider’s clothing, which is no fun. Think about it the next time you’re about to throw items out of your vehicle near a biker.

Don’t Flick Out Cigarette Ashes and Butts

If you’re going to smoke and drive, dispose of it properly. You don’t want your cigarette butts and ashes in the car, but why should mortorcyclist have to deal with them. It’s a crime to toss out used cigarettes along with being a dangerous habit.

Cigarettes are still flammable, so it’s unwise throw them out near gasoline, hot engines, and other parts that could ignite. This can create even more problems in areas with naturally dry climates. Look out for everyone’s safety on the road, including bikers and don’t throw out your cigarettes or ashes.

Don’t Text on your Cellphone Near Motorcyclists

Texting while driving is something you shouldn’t be doing anyway. When you’re driving near a motorcycle, it’s even more dangerous. All it takes is looking down for a second or two to cause an accident. You must take the same action with cellphones near bikers as you do with other drivers. Just don’t do it.

You’re more likely to be protected in an accident of this sort. Your car has a barrier of protection that will overpower the bike. Take extra care not to text while on the road with motorcycles. It will prevent careless accident.

Don’t Change Lanes Without Looking or Signaling

Another bad habit is pretending like you’re the only one on the road. You can’t just switch lanes whenever you feel like it. It’s easier for a motorcyclist to disappear in your blind side, so you should be paying even more attention when trying to pass, exit, or change lanes near them.

Even on quick lane changes, you should be using your signals. Most bike riders are courteous enough to use their signals, so you need to do the same. Keep everyone safe on the road by following lane change rules.

The takeaway from everything is creating a habit of having tasteful driving etiquette. Practice safe driving, and look out for yourself and others on the road. Take actions while driving by being mindful that motorcycles share the road with you and have less protection. Don’t do any of the actions above while driving near motorcycles. Instead pay attention, keep enough room between your vehicle and motorcycles, use signals, and save your trash to dispose of it properly.

Common Mistakes When Using a Rowing Machine

The entire purpose of using a rowing machine (or an exercise machine, for that matter) is to increase your physical health and strengthen muscles. They are fantastic machines and if you have not had the privilege of using one, you should head over to Home Rower to see just how incredible they are. For those of you who actively use them (or are just starting), however, you may be making mistakes that create unsatisfying results. If so, stop doing them now as you are defeating the purpose of the machine.

Too Much Pressure on Your Arms

It is no secret that rowing machines strengthen upper and lower-body muscles. That does not mean, though, that if you want strictly an upper-body workout you should ignore your legs. Doing so can cause serious injuries to your arms and back, as more than half of your power should come from your legs.

Too Quick of a Pace

Whatever you do, do not row with the notion that the faster you go the better your results will be. It is all about technique, and chances are, the slower you go the more likely you will be to keep your technique strong. However, when do you know that you are going to fast? One adequate way to tell is if your seat contacts the front of the rower on a consistent basis. This informs you that you are out of control, and must slow it down.

Not Loosening Up Your Muscles

As with any workout that you partake in, it is generally a good idea to warm-up beforehand. This is especially important if you like to exercise as soon as you wake up. Stretch out your hamstrings, do a few push-ups, or simply go for a walk because it is not smart to dive straight into a full-fledged exercise before loosening up your muscles.

Sitting Incorrectly

The simplest aspect to rowing can also be the most difficult. Without even realizing it, you could be sitting incorrectly when rowing. Do not shake your head at this or laugh hysterically that this is an issue, as this can seriously hamper your results. For example, if you row with your back curved and your hips rolling forward you are doing it wrong. Be sure to always keep your posture straight.

Not Adjusting the Damper

Depending on what type of resistance your machine uses, some will allow you to manually change the levels. If your model is designed like this, then do not forget to adjust the damper setting to suit your liking. While this will not have negative effects on your body (unless you are rehabbing), it can cause you to exercise harder than you would have liked.

Not Properly Breathing

Any athletic trainer will tell you that one of the most important aspects of exercising, is to properly breath. For those of you who are perplexed that this is an issue, there are incorrect ways to breathe. For example, when doing so on a rowing machine, you want to inhale through the recovery process and exhale while in motion.

Being Inpatient

No, this is not referring to the speed in which you row with. After all, that issue has already been addressed. This is referring to the idea that you must be patient when using a rowing machine. Unlike elliptical machines (which simulate walking, running or jogging), rowing machines can take some time to get accustomed to. Do not expect to master it after your first couple of sessions. As a matter of fact, it is not a bad idea to receive proper training on how to use one. Through it, all, though, remember to stay patient.

A Loose Grip

When you are rowing, your hands should be firmly placed on the handlebars. Not doing so can put strain on your muscles, and if you must tape your hands directly to them.

Do not be intimated by all of these mistakes. Yes, excelling in this type of activity is not an easy process. Not to insult your intelligence, but the more practice you get at it the less prone you will be to make these errors. Give it a chance, because it is a worthwhile exercise to do.

Exciting Ways to Make Your Treadmill Workouts Less Boring

Running on a treadmill can seem monotonous and at times boring, but this should not be the case. Sometimes the weather outside is unfavorable or you’d rather run on a treadmill while the small one takes a nap. Overtime, you end up sticking to the same workout and your body tends to get lazy.

If you are one of those people who have a treadmill as their backup plan, do not worry. With the right mindset and planning, you can have fun at the treadmill.

Here are some unique ways to give your brain a break from the monotony and make your treadmill workouts more fun.

Increase the incline

You don’t have to run for a whole hour every day. One of the ways to change this is to walk slowly. Once your body warms up, you can then run or jog on the same slope. You can do three to five of these intervals and move to speed intervals. Alternatively, you can change your movements. This not only changes your routine, it also makes the workout more challenging.

Listen to your favorite music

Running while you listen to music boosts performance and helps to get rid of boredom. Studies also reveal that music reduces the levels of perceived effort, making it easier for you to run longer. Start with slow tempo songs and afterwards increase to songs with a faster beat to keep you motivated.

Visualize yourself being outside

Running outside creates a lot of memories, why not bring those memories to your treadmill workouts? When on the treadmill, think of your favorite route, running by landmarks or getting past that hill. Visualizing your good running memorizes makes your treadmill experience natural and exciting. If visualizing doesn’t come easy for you, look for videos and images that feature running routes and think of this.

Include bodyweight exercises

Treadmill workouts when combined with body weight exercises not only help to burn fat, but get rid of boredom while at the same time improving performance. After a jog, you can choose to sprint for 30 seconds, do 8-12 reps of squat jumps, do some lunges and cool down with a slow jog.

Incorporate high intensity interval training

If you’re tired of running at a steady speed for a long period of time, incorporate high intensity interval training to your treadmill workouts. You can go as fast as you can for a given time frame and return to your previous pace for a given amount of time. While it’s up to you to choose what ratio to use, it’s imperative to remember that you need to put in the effort to get the most out of this form of training.

Let go of the bar

When first introduced to the treadmill, you’re told not to hold the bar.  When running or jogging, you won’t be able to grip, the only time you get a hold is when on a steep incline or while walking. Holding the grip reduces the intensity and makes your workout boring and less effective.

Take a workout class that includes treadmill running

Staying in the house for a long time can leave you bored and stressed out. Go for a workout class that includes treadmill running to get rid of the monotony.

Run with someone

If you live with a friend or spouse, you can get them to run with you to make the experience more exciting. You get to have similar conversations inside that you would have outside. There’s no need to slog through the workouts alone when you can get a buddy to encourage you to keep at it.


When running inside, you’re likely to sweat a lot due to the indoor temperatures and reduced airflow while running on the treadmill.  If you’re dehydrated, you’ll feel fatigued and less motivated to continue running. The trick is to consume lots of fluids like you would on an outdoor run. Most treadmills must have the capacity to hold a bottle where you can easily drink up.

Take your eyes away from the screen

If you’re used to constantly focusing on the screen, the numbers can drive you insane after some time. Distract yourself by watching TV or listening to an amazing playlist.

Minimize the time you spend on a treadmill

You should spend at least 30 minutes doing cardio five days a week. To minimize boredom, spend 15 minutes on the treadmill and the other 15 on a stationery bike.

The secret with treadmill workouts is to vary your routine. Get your favorite playlist and drink up while working out.  Remember not to quit. Quitting won’t get you any results. Stay motivated and inspired while you work out.


ASUS VX238H Gaming Monitor Review

When talking about the most elite gaming monitors on the market, the ASUS VX238H may not be on the top of the list. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad monitor. As will soon be found out, the VX238H is a competent model with loads of great features.

Great Image Quality and Response Time

As with all monitors, one of the more important qualities (no pun intended) is the image quality. With a 23-inch full HD (1920 x 1080) LED screen, the VX238H certainly has the goods. That’s just the core of the screen and that doesn’t always guarantee superb quality. No, what makes the picture so eloquent on this ASUS monitor is the contrast ratio and super-fast response time. With ASUS Smart technology, an implemented 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio produces the brightest whites and the darkest blacks.

However, the most important feature (in a gamer’s perspective) of the VX238H is its response time of 1ms. What this provides is the smoothest playback in games, while minimizing as much input lag as possible. With its implemented Trace Free II technology, motion blur, screen juddering, and screen delay is also not an issue. To top it all off, this monitor is built with flicker-free technology that significantly reduces eye fatigue over long uses.

Video Intelligence Technology

Adding on to the superior quality of this model is its video intelligence technology. For those who don’t want to adjust the screen’s settings for hours on end, there are six pre-set video modes that accommodate many different viewing experiences. Present are modes for gaming, theater, standard, night view, scenery and sRGB that can all be selected with a hotkey.

Dual HDMI Ports

There is no point to a gaming monitor that doesn’t include HDMI ports. After all, all modern consoles must be connected via HDMI. Unless the intent is to exclusively compete in PC gaming, then an HDMI port is needed. However, why not include more than one? To ensure multiple consoles can be plugged into the monitor simultaneously, this ASUS model includes dual-HDMI ports.

Honestly, this may not be the best gaming monitor in the world. However, there aren’t too many negatives to it either. It has a crisp picture, incredibly fast response time, terrific contrast ratio and multiple HDMI ports.

For another option (if this model isn’t ideal), it’s highly recommended to check out the Acer R240HY.

Best Accessories to Get More out of Your New Ipad

Apple’s IPad remains the all-time tablet-to-have in the gadget category. The company now offers a wide range of IPads for you to pick from, each coming with different capabilities. With the right set of accessories, you can get a lot more out of your IPad. Let us check out some of the top accessories that you must have.

The Tstand

It is a great idea to watch movies from the IPad as you lie back, but possible hazards await – tired arms, a stiff neck or even a bruise lest the device falls on you. The answer lies in having a Tstand. This stand comes with a set of clamps that you can slide apart to fit the size of the IPad. The base is designed in such a way that you can lie down and place it on your chest. This stand comes with hinges to allow you fold it flat and keep it away.

InvisibleSHIELD by ZAGG

One of the top issues with IPads is they are vulnerable to impact. You drop something on the screen and it can crack, affecting the way you work. Well, you can now shield your device with military-grade material. This is a thin yet awfully strong layer of elastic transparent material originally used to protect helicopter blades. You can opt for full body guard or get protection for only one side.

Movie Mount for IPad

This is perfect if you work in media and you wish to convert your IPad into a moviemaking machine. The mount comes with an app that lets you control the recording manually. You can add other equipment to the mount such as a mic and lighting to add to the quality of the shots and add sound clarity to the videos you record with your IPad. You can also attach lens, LED lights, clip-on microphones, handsfree stabilizer and a shoulder rig.

The Invoxia AudiOffice

This is the best solution if your day is full of video conferencing. It is an audio and speaker dock for the IPad. It uses in Vivo acoustic technology and makes use of 8 digital microphones and 8 broadband speakers. It features hands-free and background noise cancellation. It also has Bluetooth capability so that you can connect to your IPad by the tough of a button. Also comes with 2 USB ports for your convenience.

In-Ear Headphones by Apple

These headphones give you the chance to enjoy pro audio performance while isolating the sound. You get to hear every single detail of the music without increasing the volume to unsafe levels. Convenient buttons on the headphones allow you to control the video playback, volume and select the next song. You can end calls or answer them using these controls. This headphone is an ideal accessory when you are traveling and you need to listen to music without any disruption.

M-Edge’s Hip Bag

Retain your cool with the M-Edge Hip Bag designed in form of a messenger-style IPad holder. The bag is made out of hardy canvas and finished off with Scotchgard to prevent liquids and dirt from getting to your device. The interior of the bag is made of a soft microfiber to make sure the gadget doesn’t come out with scratches. You get to choose between navy blue, green, orange, pink and black colors.

Final Words

The IPad is a great gadget that can help you achieve both personal and work tasks. There are so many ways to personalize this gadget to suit your style. There are so many ways to do this; iThingum offers you a platform where you can find information on your favorite accessories, and guides on how you can buy the best accessory for your needs.

Helping to Maintain Grandpa’s Farm

There were thousands of things that had to be done each and every day after school. Many of these things were written down on a list and attached to the refrigerator with a magnet. I was one of the only grand kids that liked visiting our grandparents and I did so every day after school. I would get off the bus and go straight to their house, as they lived right next door to us in our old neighborhood.

Some days I would walk in the door to find that no one was in the house. Instead they were somewhere on the farm doing something that needed to be done. My grandmother would write up a list and have it pinned to the fridge for me to begin. It mainly consisted of things such as cleaning out an animal pen, or bringing in the eggs from the hen house. There were times where I had to do something challenging such as chop down tall grass by the rabbit pen or go into the woods to dump debris after a storm.

Maintaining the Outdoors

As I became older, I started doing things that were a little more difficult for someone who was only eleven or twelve. I began to drive the tractor around the farm and help feed and water the animals in all locations. My grandparents were very worried when I would go out of site or not be where they expected me to be. Because the farm was very large, they were worried that I would get lost or end up in the woods.

My grandmother would love for me to help in her flower beds because that was the only thing that we seemed to share or have in common. I loved the animals and anything that had to do with outside. She loved her pretty flowers and her house, which was always spotless. The yard looked just as good as the inside of the house and she made sure of that. She loved to decorate with lawn ornaments, especially butterfly related. She had a few gnomes and a small villa type place for dwarf statues that she had purchased at a recent yard sale.

They had the best lawn mower for cutting their grass. It was a zero turn and would cover the entire yard in less than a few hours, including the backyard which was about two acres. Of course I was not allowed to use that until I was much older. At fifteen I was still pushing around an old gas hog of a lawn mower. I was allowed to use the weed eater, only because it was a cheap one and my grandfather had two or three others that he could use in case I was to mess one up. As a child, I would mess up a lot of things because I didn’t know exactly how it worked and was too proud to ask someone.

What I Learned

My grandparents taught me a lot, even if they said very little. They taught me how to care for the farm and for myself. They also taught me how to turn over a profit with selling at the local flea market, which they had done for nineteen years. I learned a lot from my parents, but the knowledge that I learned from my grandparents was to survive with a farm and to learn how to grow vegetables and other foods. This is valuable information and can come in handy in the future.

I am grown now with children, or little helpers, of my own. There are several things that I learned that I would love to pass down to my children, even if it’s just a small garden in the back yard. Teaching the kids how to farm and how to properly manage animals, especially those that produce eggs and milk, is very important. I feel confident that I can pass on the information that was shared with me to my children. Unfortunately my grandfather has passed before they could truly meet and get to know him, but my grandmother is still the sweet lady that I knew her to be years ago to the child version of me and she adores my children.

Everyday tips for living in a high-crime neighborhood

Nobody wants to live in a crime-ridden area. People often live there out of necessity – for ease of getting to work, low rent, proximity to family and so on. Some people live in neighborhoods that begin to go through tough times; perhaps a major factory closes and suddenly crime starts to increase. Others move into the area, perhaps hoping to get in at the start of gentrification, or simply because they can’t go anywhere else. Whatever the reasons, living in a high-crime area can be a stressful and risky experience and there are definitely things you need to take into consideration that you wouldn’t otherwise need to do elsewhere.

The first thing is to realize that the crime is being perpetrated by a minority of people. Most of your neighbors are just like you, law abiding individuals who are looking out for themselves and each other. That’s why it’s important to get to know your neighbors. They’ll want to know who is living next door to them. These are the guys who can clue you up on the neighborhood – people and areas to avoid, safety tips, what to look out for and how to act. Good neighbors look out for one another, watch each other’s property and so on. If you live on a particularly tough street, you might want to buddy up with your neighbor when walking around. Whatever you do, don’t walk around intoxicated.

High crime areas are usually poor areas and showing off any wealth you might have is asking to be targeted. You should carry a phone with its battery charged, but it should be out of sight. Dress down and wear baggy clothes that can conceal anything of value you might have in hidden pockets. By sticking to well-lit areas and avoiding gang hotspots, especially at night, you reduce the risk of walking into trouble. When driving, never drive with the window down and always leave a car-length gap either side of your car to avoid opportunistic carjackings. Be especially wary at red lights. If your area is associated with a particular gang, find out who their rivals are and don’t be seen wearing anything with that rival’s colors. Plenty of people have been shot for simply wearing the wrong color t-shirt or baseball cap.

If you like to exercise, do it at the gym or drive to a safer area if you like running in parks or at the beach. Running in a dangerous neighborhood can cause all kinds of confusion. Get yourself a good quality treadmill, something like this: It will help you keep fit and the comfort and quality of the machine will make up for the lack of fresh air.

At home, get a dog if possible. The more ferocious it sounds, the better. Dogs can be a nightmare for intruders, so 99% will move on and try to find an easier place to break into. Put up blinds so that nobody can see into your home and make sure the exterior is well-lit. Hoodlums don’t congregate in well-lit areas. If you own a gun, don’t advertise the fact. Some home invasions take place with the specific intention of stealing a firearm. As with anywhere, don’t reach for your gun unless you fully intend to use it. You may think you’re just sending a warning message, but another person will think you intend to fire and you could end up getting shot.

Secure your windows and doors. Deadbolts are the way to go as other types of locks are easy to kick in. A peephole is a good idea, a chain isn’t. Even better is a security camera with an intercom and an internal monitor to show you who is at the door.Doors and windows that are hidden from your neighbor’s view and the street are going to be the most likely places an intruder will try to enter. Block them off entirely if it’s feasible, but don’t compromise your emergency exit.

If you have a mail box or a bell, don’t put your name on it. If you must put your name on it, for whatever reason, try to get away with a slight alteration, a nickname, a spelling mistake or even a blatant lie (such as putting “Sgt.” before a civilian’s name).

Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around. If you have to, stick up for yourself. People pick up on weakness. If you get singled out as weak, you become a target for all the lowlifes in your area.