Easy Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

Who doesn’t like the thought of chilling out in a relaxing spa at the end of the day?  Unfortunately, it is something that not many of us can afford.  However, with a little thought, you can easily transform your own bathroom into a luxurious and peaceful spa space.  Follow these tips and tricks to easily transform your bathroom space.  You can find more advice at Home Spa Select where you can find lots of useful advice including a guide to creating your own Hollywood glamour bathroom.

Clear Out.

First of all, have a good clear out of your existing clutter.  Move everything out of the bathroom first,and then you can sort out what you no longer need.  Move out everything that you can, until the room is as empty as possible.  This will not only allow you to visualise the end result but also give you the space to clean and decorate if necessary.


You may not have the time or the budget to redecorate your bathroom but plan a new colour scheme anyway.  If you are able to paint your bathroom, then either white or a neutral colour is a good choice.  Decide on the theme of your spa-inspired bathroom.  Are you going for a natural theme or a glamorous look and feel?  If you are after glamour then you could use white and black as your main colours with silver or gold as the accent colour.  But if you are going for a natural spa then stick with white or a neutral colour like grey or beige.

Storage Space and Shelves.

Now that you have chosen your colours and maybe even painted, the next step is to think about storage space and any shelves you want to add.  Whilst you do need shelving or cupboard space, you don’t want your space to appear too cramped.  Think about simple places to add some shelving, for example,in the wasted space over the toilet.  Add a few open shelves with enough space to keep baskets of towels, soaps, and maybe a plant or two.

Think of storagesolutions that will keep clutter out of your bathroom. The cluttered space will only add to your stress so organize your toiletries neatly.  Make sure your toiletries are organized into logical groupings so you can keep similar items together.

Now sort through the items that you removed from your bathroom and decide which you are going to keep.  Also, think of any accessories you might want to buy to match your colour scheme and create a spa-like feel in your bathroom.  Add a lovely feature mirror which will help to brighten your space and give it a light and airy feel.


Think how you can organize your toiletries similar to how a spa would.  Add some wicker or wire baskets.  Use glass jars for necessities like cotton balls.  A lovely addition to your spa atmosphere is a bath caddie.  You can even buy one that contains a wine holderfor a really relaxing treat.  Choose a style that will match your new look and feel.  Buy a collection of matching dispensers and transfer your body wash, shampoos and lotions into them.  You’ll be surprised how much this simple act will transform the look and feel of your bathroom.  You can go one step further and create your own homemade products, which look lovely stored in glass containers with your own homemade labels.

Nature Nurture.

If you are aiming for a Zen-like spa feel, then add some green plants or flowers.  This will not only add a bit of colour and light to the room but will also create a more healthy atmosphere.  You may never consider adding a vase of fresh flowers to a bathroom, but it will brighten up the room and make it feel more relaxing.  If you have space, add some wooden accessories which will add other elements of nature.  Even a wooden bath mat will add a bit of warmth to your room.

Towels and Mats.

Fluffy towels, robes and rugs are a must for your luxurious spa feel.  Now is the time to buy new luxurious towels that match your new colour scheme.  You may not think about adding a rug to a bathroom, but this will add an element of luxury.  Choose a trendy rug to match your new colour scheme and this will help to bring your room together.  As an added luxury warm your towels and robe on your radiator or a heated towel rail.

Scents for Your Senses.

No self-respecting spa would be without a touch of aromatherapy.  Make sure you have a supply of scented candles and essential oils along with your soaps and lotions.  Scents of lavender and jasmine will boost your relaxation and add to this calm and relaxing atmosphere.  Candles add a lovely ambience to your bathroom and you really can’t have too many. You can play it safe with an oil diffuser if the thought of candles makes you nervous.

Meditation Music.

A really relaxing addition to your bathroom that will sooth a stressed mind is to add some music.  Buy a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can play music from your Smartphone.  Create yourself some meditation playlists to match your moods.

However small your bathroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t transform it into a relaxing place.  As you can see, adding some features from a spa is not as difficult as you might have thought.  Put in a bit of effort and follow our tips to turn your bathroom into your private relaxing area.