Electrical Faults: Causes and Effects

Electrical faults tend to occur commonly in homes, mainly due to ignorance. People need to be aware of their causes and effects, to minimize their occurrence and to realize how hazardous these are. This article shall begin with discussing possible causes of electrical faults and moving on to their effects.

Equipment Failures

A short circuit occurs when electrical equipment malfunction due to aging and insulation failure. Furthermore, these equipment failures cause high current to flow through devices, which lead to further damage. Thus, it is best that you watch out for possible equipment damage, and you should stop utilizing them until you get them repaired.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions such as heavy rains and winds, lightning strikes, salt deposition on conductors and overhead lines, as well as snow accumulation on transmission lines can cause electrical faults. Specifically, it may damage electrical installations and interrupt power supplies. Thus, it is best if people stay away from electrical machines when there is a storm.

Smoke Particles

Smoke particles can cause air to ionize, and when these surround overhead lines, sparks can occur. These occur between the lines, or between the conductors and insulators. The flashover can cause insulators to become weaker and lose their function due to the high voltage spike.

Excessive Current Flow

Whenever an electrical fault occurs, it produces a low impedance path for current flow. Thus, high current passes from the supply, which causes relays to trip, and components as well as insulators equipment to get damaged.

Electrical Hazard

Shocks to individuals are possible upon an electrical fault, thus it is best to avoid utilizing faulty electrical machines. Shock severity depends on both the current and voltage and if excessive, it may stop the heart and lead to death.

Equipment Damage

Short circuit faults can cause heavy current to pass through components of a machine and burn them. At this point, it will no longer function well and is best thrown away to be safe.

Fixing Faulty Circuits and Machines

For fixing your faulty electric circuitry and machines, hire professionals. After all, it is hazardous for you to work on your own. Have a look at itechelectricalservices.co.uk/ since they provide the best services.


Electrical faults are no trivial matter as they can damage equipment and injure or kill a person. Possible causes are equipment failures, weather conditions, smoke particles. As for effects, it can cause excessive current flow, shock a person, and damage equipment. Lastly, you should never attempt to fix electrical problems on your own, always consult a certified technician.