Enjoying Your Summer: Keeping Things Clean

The summer is a time for many different things, most of which will include your property getting dirty in one way or another. If it isn’t the outside of your house, it’s the inside; 6-0HP-Engine-Lawn-Mowerand if it isn’t that, it’s something to do with your car or lawnmower (or whatever else you can imagine making use of more than once in the summer). The summer isn’t just about popsicles and having fun, somebody has to clean the mess up afterwards! Keeping things clean means you’ll have to have the right tools for the job, so I hope you aren’t afraid of getting down and dirty. Scrubbing the floor of your outside patio isn’t a great way to spend a summer day – but it’s something you have to do, my friend. I would usually tell you that a bucket of water and some rags is going to get the job done this time around, but I’ve started to get a little more serious about cleaning up in the summer time; I’m just going to chalk that up to maturity (or the fact that I can grow a full beard now).

You have to become well aware of the many different chemicals you might be making use of, because you don’t want to mess around and mishandle some of these bad boys. Nothing too serious should be used if you aren’t a trained professional, but there are still a few relatively dangerous chemicals out on the general market. You probably use bleach all of the time, but you don’t drink it, do you? I’ll break down a small list of the things I use to keep my house clean in the summer, but don’t take my word for it; feel free to look up some information for yourself (you know, just in case). I use a lot of different resources for the tips and tricks I use, but the internet has been the best so far – I don’t really think there’s any competition there.

The Tools

lawnmowerThese are going to be your bread and butter, the tools that you use will ultimately decide how well your clean-up operation is going to go. The common items like a sponge or bucket of water with some soap should already be covered, so we’re going to go a little “out of the box” with this one. For example, did you know that you can use Coca-Cola (yes, the soda) to actually de-rust metal? It’s strange, and we drink it all of the time, but it’s a nifty trick you can always make use of.

Pressure washers are very useful in the summertime, because you already know there are going to be some disgustingly crusted barbecue grills out there. Pressure washers can help you in more situations than most people give them credit for – and it’s easier to clean your barbecue with a pressure washer, than with a couple cans of Coke. There are a wide range of selections available when it comes to pressure washers, so just pick one that tickles your fancy.

CLR is great for your shower, especially if you’re the gardening type. Sometimes it can seem as if we were frolicking in the dirt for hours after we take a shower and look down, only to realize that the ground is completely covered with muddy footprints. CLR will help get rid of not only that, but any calcium build-up that might be linger in your shower as well. These are just a few of the tools that I use myself, and I guess you could say I’m sort of unconventional with everything I do to clean my house. When it’s hot outside, you’ve just got to get a little creative.

Why Do It?

lawnmowerThe heat is going to stick around for a couple of months, do you really want to live in a filthy house for the entirety of that? Clean the stuff that you use on a consistent basis in the summer – it’s the only way you can make sure that it’s an experience to enjoy (as opposed to forget). It might take a day or two of legitimate cleaning, but the feeling afterwards is completely worth it. Try it for yourself and tell me that you don’t feel like a million bucks after you completely clean up your property during the summer!

If you’re not going to take pride in how your house looks (both inside and out), what else can you take pride in?