Exciting Ways to Make Your Treadmill Workouts Less Boring

Running on a treadmill can seem monotonous and at times boring, but this should not be the case. Sometimes the weather outside is unfavorable or you’d rather run on a treadmill while the small one takes a nap. Overtime, you end up sticking to the same workout and your body tends to get lazy.

If you are one of those people who have a treadmill as their backup plan, do not worry. With the right mindset and planning, you can have fun at the treadmill.

Here are some unique ways to give your brain a break from the monotony and make your treadmill workouts more fun.

Increase the incline

You don’t have to run for a whole hour every day. One of the ways to change this is to walk slowly. Once your body warms up, you can then run or jog on the same slope. You can do three to five of these intervals and move to speed intervals. Alternatively, you can change your movements. This not only changes your routine, it also makes the workout more challenging.

Listen to your favorite music

Running while you listen to music boosts performance and helps to get rid of boredom. Studies also reveal that music reduces the levels of perceived effort, making it easier for you to run longer. Start with slow tempo songs and afterwards increase to songs with a faster beat to keep you motivated.

Visualize yourself being outside

Running outside creates a lot of memories, why not bring those memories to your treadmill workouts? When on the treadmill, think of your favorite route, running by landmarks or getting past that hill. Visualizing your good running memorizes makes your treadmill experience natural and exciting. If visualizing doesn’t come easy for you, look for videos and images that feature running routes and think of this.

Include bodyweight exercises

Treadmill workouts when combined with body weight exercises not only help to burn fat, but get rid of boredom while at the same time improving performance. After a jog, you can choose to sprint for 30 seconds, do 8-12 reps of squat jumps, do some lunges and cool down with a slow jog.

Incorporate high intensity interval training

If you’re tired of running at a steady speed for a long period of time, incorporate high intensity interval training to your treadmill workouts. You can go as fast as you can for a given time frame and return to your previous pace for a given amount of time. While it’s up to you to choose what ratio to use, it’s imperative to remember that you need to put in the effort to get the most out of this form of training.

Let go of the bar

When first introduced to the treadmill, you’re told not to hold the bar.  When running or jogging, you won’t be able to grip, the only time you get a hold is when on a steep incline or while walking. Holding the grip reduces the intensity and makes your workout boring and less effective.

Take a workout class that includes treadmill running

Staying in the house for a long time can leave you bored and stressed out. Go for a workout class that includes treadmill running to get rid of the monotony.

Run with someone

If you live with a friend or spouse, you can get them to run with you to make the experience more exciting. You get to have similar conversations inside that you would have outside. There’s no need to slog through the workouts alone when you can get a buddy to encourage you to keep at it.


When running inside, you’re likely to sweat a lot due to the indoor temperatures and reduced airflow while running on the treadmill.  If you’re dehydrated, you’ll feel fatigued and less motivated to continue running. The trick is to consume lots of fluids like you would on an outdoor run. Most treadmills must have the capacity to hold a bottle where you can easily drink up.

Take your eyes away from the screen

If you’re used to constantly focusing on the screen, the numbers can drive you insane after some time. Distract yourself by watching TV or listening to an amazing playlist.

Minimize the time you spend on a treadmill

You should spend at least 30 minutes doing cardio five days a week. To minimize boredom, spend 15 minutes on the treadmill and the other 15 on a stationery bike.

The secret with treadmill workouts is to vary your routine. Get your favorite playlist and drink up while working out.  Remember not to quit. Quitting won’t get you any results. Stay motivated and inspired while you work out.