Exploring Top 3 Martial Arts Goals

If your goal is to lose weight or improve your fitness without jogging or using a treadmill, then you should consider enrolling for a martial arts class. This class involves various martial arts such as karate, kickboxing, judo or boxing. Let us look at the different goals and how martial arts assist you to achieve them.

Martial Arts and Weight Loss

If you have ever bought a training video or DVD, you must have realized that there are so many training techniques that borrow from martial arts.

So, how do martial arts help with weight loss? Martial arts training is done at high intensity, with each session taking an hour or more. A single session burns a maximum number of calories which makes it great for someone looking to burn fat fast and consequently, lose weight.

When it comes to weight loss, you need to focus on a few martial arts. The main reason why only select martial arts are suitable for promoting fat loss is that the styles blend strength training, agility, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning with functional movements. These include Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and mixed martial arts (MMA).

Martial Arts and Self-defense

The most obvious benefit of performing martial arts is it provides the skill, strength and fitness necessary to protect yourself in different situations. You can defend yourself from those who are out to harm you.

Well, it is not that you are preparing to use your martial arts soon, but it is great to know that you have this ability just in case.

The only thing you need in order to enjoy this benefit and more is to have dedicated instructors like those at the London Fight Factory. Unless the instructor has several years of martial arts training, the instructor shouldn’t be in a position to give you advice about kicking and punching.

Martial Arts and Fitness

Martial arts also incorporate drills and exercises that improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness, muscle building and muscle flexibility. These drills are ideal for improving overall body fitness.

For cardiovascular health, martial arts help improve your heart rate for the period of the session, which is good for the heart and the circulation.

To make your muscles fit, you need to improve the strength, shape and size of the muscles. The best way to do this would be to subject the muscles to regular training, especially resistance training. Your instructor will take you through various movements such as squats and pushups using your own body weight.

Martial arts training helps you achieve a flexible body. Almost all martial styles incorporate stretching exercises in their routines, which leave you as flexible as you can be.

Due to these fitness movements, martial artists are considered some of the fittest athletes in the world. They are also among the most flexible athletes.


If your goal is to boost your fitness level, lose weight or defend yourself, you need to go for something more exciting than jogging or running on a treadmill.