Five Awesome DIY Project Ideas

It’s every family’s dream to one day own their own home, and those first glorious few years as homeowners with a mortgage will see you taking care of all those little handyman tasks around the house that set you up for better living. As the years go on, however, it can be easy to let these things slip by as the days get taken up with work, kids, school, and meals. The house can get tired and worn as those little projects slowly start to pile up, soon to be forgotten about as it takes up enough time just living in the house, let alone working on things to make it more homely again. Here are five excellent DIY project ideas to revive that handyman spirit in you and make you fall in love with your home again as you tackle that long-forgotten list.

Planting a Garden

I’m sure the thought of looking out into that back garden of yours makes you cringe and wince, knowing that those shrubs and bushes are long overdue for a prune. It has been in the back of your mind for many months, but it’s always raining on the weekends, or the kids want to go out and do something. There’s no better way to get around to doing something than to have a goal beyond it and that’s where the veggie garden comes in. Planting a veggie garden is the perfect way to get stuck into that overgrown backyard and make it look presentable again, plus you’ll have the reward of having grown and produced your fresh veggies that you can enjoy as you gaze out across your beautifully sculpted landscape. You’ll feel better and eat better for it, too.

The Gazebo Effect

Now you’ve got this beautiful backyard and garden to admire, why not go a step further and make it so that you can admire by being amongst it? A gazebo is the perfect low maintenance outhouse. From wooden, steel and aluminum builds, a gazebo is an ideal way to create a little sanctuary in your garden without spending thousands on a custom built glass house or sunroom. It will quickly bring your garden to life, giving it an extra appeal that will attract everyone from the kids and their friends who can now see through the yard to play in it to your good friends. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ area – you can cook the food and serve the drinks then all relax in the sheltered warmth of the gazebo, rain or shine. From affordable to decadent, there is a make and model to suit every backyard.

The Loft Conversion

How long has it been since you ventured up those precarious stairs leading seemingly nowhere and braved the layer of dust settled over the door to have a look at what’s going on in the loft these days? While lofts are great places to store all those childhood memories you’ve kept around and art projects of the kids, they can also be used for something else just as practical. Converting a loft into another room can make your house just that much more liveable. Especially when those children turn into teenagers, you’re going to want your space and they’re going to want theirs. Turning your loft into a rumpus room is the perfect solution for a household of growing teenagers who now need more room than their bedrooms. Check out loft conversion companies Barnet for a state of the art loft conversion company, catering to whatever kind of place you want your loft to be.

Nature Calls

Let’s take a toilet break for this next one. It’s always a dream of most households to one day renovate the bathrooms entirely and turn them into the kind of sinks and toilets that they’re dreamed off but rarely do people get around to working on such projects because they can be costly and time-consuming. If you do decide to roll up those sleeves and persevere with the bathroom of a lifetime, it’s worth having a look into exactly what kinds of sinks and toilets are available. There are some pretty innovative ideas out there. One great thought is to ditch the man-made materials for the countertop and opt instead for a natural wood counter. This can ultimately transform the ambiance of a bathroom and get you back in touch with your wilder roots again.

Pallet Project

If you’re looking for ways to refresh the décor of your home, both inside and out, but don’t have the biggest budget for it, there are indeed affordable, thrifty ways to create those looks you’ve always wanted. The humble pallet crate can become incredibly versatile in how it is used beyond its life in the food industry. One way to use a pallet creatively is to stack them underneath and behind your mattress, creating a rustic-looking bed frame. You can even get romantic and place lit candles underneath the bed throughout these. Another way to use pallets is to pair them with that brand new Gazebo. You’ll need some patio furniture after all, so once again stacking them and piling them high with pillows will instantly give you comfortable, affordable outdoor furniture that you can cover with the last few dollars of that Gazebo budget.

Final Words

A home lived in for years can get tired and worn as the kids continue to make messes and break things well into their young adult lives – not to mention all those pets you’ve had to potty train. Taking some time out of that non-stop busy schedule to revamp the home a bit and see what you can do to make it look like new again will have you feeling accomplished and fulfilled. It will remind you of the early days of home ownership when everything was new and shiny. Take pride in the home you’ve loved for all these years.