Fixing Car Scratches of Different Severity

You may find scratches on the paint job of your car annoying, but it is much more troublesome than that. A scratch is a possible means of entry for elements, such as oxygen and rain, to enter your car. Thus, your car may slowly rust inside and eventually break down. However, there are solutions for removing scratches, depending on its depth.

Washing With Soap

Start by washing the scratched area, since you can confirm whether it is a scratch or just a paint mark and other material. Typical car soap will remove paint marks and other stains. However, it is unable to get rid of scratches, so you need to do something else for that.

Clear Coat Layer

Running your finger around the scratch is a way of determining its depth. If there are no marks on your finger, then only your clear coat is most likely damaged. Thus, you only have to utilize a car buffer to remove any scratches on the coating. However, if your finger has marks on it, then the scratch most likely is deep.

Primers and Paints

A scratch can reach the paint job or the primer further below. Thus, you may require primer, paint, and a clear coat to fix your car. The tedious part is looking for touch-up paint for your vehicle’s color, but if you are unable to find one, then you may find services that offer a paint job.

Once you have the paint, you may opt for a thin brush for filling the crack up to the layer of the clear coat. If the scratch is sizeable, then you may use spray paint instead. However, you need to be cautious as you may only add paint a layer at a time. Then, you wait for that to dry and repeat the cycle. For clear coat, the same process would also apply when you add it. After the coating process, you may rub it with a fine sandpaper to make it much smoother until the scratch is no longer noticeable.

Rust: A Car’s Worst Enemy

The worst-case scenario for scratches is when they reach metals. If left unchecked, these cause oxygen and water to begin rusting the car’s body panel. Also, rust spreads beneath the paint, causing the top layers to slowly wear off.

To prevent further damage, you need to seal the scratch right away using the same method. Add primer, paint, and then the clear coat layer in that order, thus, protecting the inner framework from elements. If you fail to notice the problem early, then you should consult a certified technician to fix your car. A decent place to start with is Peter Mould’s BMW garage which offers top-quality maintenance and services. However, that only applies for the worst of cases, and it is unlikely that your car will break down from rust.


Scratches are a typical problem when driving and owning a car. There are various degrees to which a scratch can affect it, and you have different methods for fixing scratches depending on their severity.