Generators – The Evolution Revolution

Whatever your generator needs are there will be a generator to cover it. The market has exploded into life with a bang and there are so many to choose from, Portable/non-portable, small/large, recreational, residential, industrial and ones to back up your home in case of a power outage.

It really depends on what you want but there is something to suit every requirement.

generator-2Until a few years ago generators were lumbering dinosaurs, bulky and non-portable, spilling out fumes into the atmosphere like Dot Cotton from Eastenders on a stressful day with ‘her Nick’ smoking 500 ciggies a day.

Of course you can still get similar versions of these alebit restricted due to EU Emission laws but some of the older models can be a bit smoky. These days there are many fuels to choose from. Petrol, diesel, natural gas.

Actually, the fuels are where the biggest evolution has been made. Diesel and petrol varieties have pretty much always been available, with more limited availability than now but the other option you can buy today is a generator fuelled with natural gas.

industrial-generatorsNatural gas, is more environmentally friendly as it is as it says, natural. More plentiful.  If there is a disaster ie: a hurricane or something to cut off the electricity and makes travelling difficult, natural gas cannisters would be easily and readily found in outdoor type shops, garages and some supermarkets or online at of course! There are also underground natural gas pipes in most towns that are especially protected with thick cabling. WIth special care and if it is looked after natural gas does not degrade, unlike its counterparts. Petrol and diesel can grow mould and degrade quite quickly if not stored properly.

  • Portable RV/Recreational Generators:
    The inverter technology makes these generators really quiet and perfect for recreational use.  It is also hailed as the generators that provide the cleanest power for smaller electronics like computers. These generators usually run on gasoline.
  • Portable Residential Generators:
    A good choice to power essential items in your home when the power goes out (refrigerators, freezers, pumps, sump pumps, furnaces, lights, etc.) and for use around your yard (electrical tools, etc.). Most residential portable generators run on gasoline, but some models run on L.P., Natural Gas, or all three.
  • power-3-phase-gen-setPortable Construction and Industrial Generators:
    These generators are the perfect choice for a construction/industrial site and and can be used for various tasks. Both gasoline/diesel models aare available. High cycle generators offer 60 Hz power for standard tools and 180Hz power for high-cycle tools.
  • Mobile Towable Generators:
    These are usually diesel generators and they provide a high volume of transportable power for many industrial/construction uses. There are switchable voltage models which allow use with several different voltage applications.
  • Sound_Proof_Diesel_GeneratorsStandby Generators:
    These stationary generators are designed to run most or all of your home or business in case of a power cut. These generators often come with an automatic transfer switch and starting system as standard. These generators can also be used for industrial and agricultural applications.

If you are an ardent camper, you work in industry, are on a budget or someone who cares about he environment and have restricted space (or not) there is so much variety out there to choose from. Shop around and take some time deciding which one is for you. There is a generator to suit every purpose and need.