The Great Outdoors: 5 Reasons You Should Go Camping

Admittedly, camping is not for everyone, but there are many reasons why camping is an absolutely awesome experience and benefits you in many ways. Getting out and reconnecting with the Great Outdoors can be positively transcendental, bringing you back to a more natural state and soothing your mind, body, and soul. Just getting away from the stress and worries of your modern life can lift your spirits. Camping is as relaxing or as intense as you want it to be. Don’t worry – there is probably no chance that you’re going to get eaten by a bear or start a forest fire. It’s time to face your fears and get outside.

1. Bonding Time

Whether your life is busy and full of anxiety or dull and mundane, everyone seeks some form of escape at one point or another. Camping is the ultimate escape. There is no better way to feel at one with nature than to camp overnight in the Great Outdoors. The outdoor adventure brings incredible natural beauty and a lifestyle that requires tents, camping gear, and serious skills. Age is just a number when it comes to this activity. Outdoor camping and adventuring have no age limits and can be enjoyed by experienced enthusiasts and neophyte novices of all ages.

Many people have pleasant childhood memories of going camping with their parents and wish to recreate that feeling with their own families. If you have children of your own, taking them camping for the weekend is the perfect opportunity for some of that old-fashioned family bonding time. Leave the tablets and smartphones behind and bask in nature’s bounty together. Just as you can still fondly recall those old family camping trips, your kids will be left with a lifetime of memories to share with your future grandchildren.

2. Learning New Skills

To truly get the most out of camping, you must love being surrounded by fresh air at all times and spending the night in a sleeping bag on the ground. Camping is a fun, exciting, and wonderful activity providing hours of enjoyment and introducing you to new experiences. One of those experiences is the art of pitching a tent, preferably one endorsed by Tents and Camp Gear. There are many different types and models of tents depending on your needs, but you should always practice putting up your tent beforehand in the backyard if you’re not an experienced camper. Better to experiment in the safety of your own yard for the first time rather than out in the woods in the middle of an unexpected rainstorm. Once you learn how to pitch a tent properly, it will become like second nature to you.

In addition to sharpening your survival skills, there’s a whole range of physical and mental benefits that result from camping, providing even more reasons why you should spend a night under the stars. Just sit back, watch the world go by, and chill.

3. Outdoor Adventure Therapy

The increased physical exertion of camping, such as pitching a tent or the mere act of carrying a full backpack, provides a great workout in itself. While camping, you will likely explore new surroundings of green as you spend time walking, hiking scenic trails, enjoying a mountain bike ride, or even kayaking to different amenities. From playing sports to going hunting or fishing, the options for adventure on a camping trip are as limitless as the horizon beyond the lake. Not only is it fun, these various exercises also burn off a largeamount of calories. Physical activity stimulates your cardiovascular system and is beneficial to the health of your heart, lungs, and other organs.

4. Fresh Air

Nature in all its splendor is the most organic immune booster on the market, breathtakingly beautiful to behold at its peak. Inhaling deep breaths of that clean, natural air feels and smells good because you are surrounded by trees, which give off oxygen. Your brain functions better with this increased level of oxygen, improving your mood and lowering your stress level. Spending time outside has a huge impact on your health for a good night’s sleep.

After a long, exhausting day of fresh air and glorious sunshine, packed with camping fun and unforgettable adventures, falling asleep is easier and more satisfying than ever. A sufficient amount of sleep is required to keep your body functioning smoothly while reducing inflammation and enhancing your sleep cycles even long after your vacation is over. There’s no more peaceful sound to nod off to than the reassuring pit-pat of rain gently falling on your tent’s canvas roof.

5. The View

Sunshine, sunrises, and sunsets. The deep, primal appearanceof the woods. Gorgeous blue sky and sparkling streams of fresh water. No matter where you look, you can’t help but be in awe of the views surrounding you. When you go camping, you are in prime territory to enjoy the flowers and plants blooming around you and the epic movements of the sun. The peace offered by these simple pleasures allows you to relax and recharge.

A tip for your next camping excursion: it’s best to head out around sunrise or sunset for a trail walk to fully experience and appreciate the majesty of that flaming orb in the sky. Look up the times of the settings before you go, as it changes daily. The sun is not only good for a tan, but also provides your body with Vitamin D. This is essential for your well-being because Vitamin D allows the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which does the job of strengthening your bones and teeth.