Keep Your Home Secure Without an Expensive Security System

No house is secure enough, even with the latest technologies available today. And often, employing methods can save you the cost of an expensive security system. Try out these tips, and you’ll see that your home is much more secure.

Do Not Leave the Keys in the Mailbox

This one comes first since there are carefree homeowners who just leave their keys in the mailbox. Do not ever try to imitate this, as it is equivalent to giving away your property to any burglar or untrustworthy person. Instead, keep your keys that only you and your family would know, a place that is not that obvious.

Change Locks

Whenever you move to a different home, change the locks. After all, there are people who utilized the house before you moved in, so it is better to be safe than sorry. To ensure maximum security, you may have to replace all locks just to keep your family and property out of harm’s way.

Keep Lights Turned On

Even at night, it may do you well to keep some lights on. After all, burglars search in the neighborhood for houses that are empty. One way of telling for them is lights that are always turned off, more so if several days. Anyway, the entrance is the most crucial location that requires lighting. Thus, you may want to keep lights on at night even if you are away, just to deter any suspicious person.

Deadbolt Locks

Although deadbolt locks may be more expensive than typical spring latch locks, these have greater strength and durability. Thus, they offer you much more protection, since these are quite difficult to break down. You may even reinforce them with either plywood or sheet metal. Lastly, you should avoid leaving space between the door and the frame, since an intruder tends to take advantage of gaps.

Protect the Windows

Besides the doors and entrances, the windows are another opening that a burglar will exploit. In fact, most entries into homes are through windows rather than doors. As such, you should protect them by installing window locks as well as resistant glass. Another option that helps is to install multiple small glass panes rather than a single large one, as infiltrating these is impossible for the burglar without breaking down the window.

Install Smart Locks

Although these may be pricey, a smart lock is a good option to increase home security. These often require either a code or bio-information in order to open. Furthermore, these can also be locked and unlocked from a remote location, which is quite handy for someone who is away often. If you would like to install high-quality locks on your doors and storage, drop by at


If you follow these tips, you can increase your home security without investing in expensive equipment such as security cameras and alarms. As long as you employ some rules of thumb, then you can keep you and your family safe from harm.