The Need for Regular Air Filter Cleaning

The air filter in your AC unit is a crucial part of the unit. The role of the filter is to trap debris that comes in with the air and hence prevent them from getting into your house. It also helps trap allergens that might get into the house and cause respiratory issues. The use of the filter makes it possible for you to enjoy clean, fresh air in the home all the time.

As the filter keeps on working day and night to keep the air clean, it ends up trapping more and more debris, and it might get clogged. When it reaches this point, the dust and allergens might clog the pores of the filter, thereby affecting the performance of the unit as a whole.

It is a good idea to work with an experienced technician to check the performance of the AC, check the filters and identify any existing problems. When the technician identifies any problem, he goes ahead to fix them before a problem occurs.

Air Filter Problems and Issues

The major issue that crops up with filters is simple enough – as these components become older, they take in too much debris and become inefficient. This makes the unit underperform and use up a lot of power just to get the air through.

A bigger problem also arises when your air conditioning unit is old. With age, the unit becomes prone to failure and breakdown. Replacing the filter might take more time and require more effort. Additionally, getting the right filters for outdated models becomes a hassle as time goes by.

When it comes to newer units, the process is much faster, and the process is less expensive. These units have better safeguards and self-diagnostic tools that make it easy for a technician from Airecontrol aircon services to identify the issue and handle it. It takes a shorter time to diagnose a problematic filter and replace it on a newer system than the older units. Nevertheless, a replacement makes your unit work much better than before.

Health Risks and the Integrity of Filters

Your filters are conduits of both cold and warm air. When they pass humid air, they encourage the growth of microbes and mold. They also need to filter pollen, which is one of the top allergens in the home.

Old filters also cause irritation just for being dusty. They need to be cleaned regularly and replaced when they don’t work as expected. The allergens are a serious health risk especially when you have small kids or the elderly in your house. These filters cause allergic reactions that if left for some time can lead to respiratory conditions.

It is therefore great to have a policy for changing these filters regularly. Remember, the filters aren’t designed to last forever and will one time become inefficient. Depending on the level of use and the season, the filter ought to be replaced or cleaned to ensure good performance and fresh, good air quality.

The Solution

So, what do you need to do to maintain the integrity of your air filters and prevent health issues? The right technician helps you maintain the integrity of the AC unit. The technician will regularly check for issues that your unit is experiencing and come up with the best solution. Regular air filter replacement and cleaning help you enjoy fresh and clean air all year long.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is more refreshing than having clean, fresh air in your home each day. One of the components that determine how fresh your air becomes is the air filter. When this filter malfunctions or gets clogged, you start experiencing issues with the quality of air in your home. Work with an experienced repair person to make sure your unit is working properly.