Why You Need A Vacuum Sealer And What You to Look For When Buying One

Not long ago, there was a belief that vacuum sealers were only reserved for professional cooks and chefs. Today, however, most people have embraced the use of vacuum sealers. In fact, they have become a must have Kitchen tool. For me, owning a vacuum sealer has changed my life. For this reason, I decided to write and explain why you should include a vacuum sealer on your shopping list. I have also included a list of factors that I look for when buying a vacuum sealer.

What are the benefits of owning a vacuum sealer? Well, I asked myself this question too. However, before I mention the benefits, let me first explain what a vacuum sealer is and how it works. A vacuum sealer is a device that helps preserve food by removing air from the bag it is stored in. Simply put, a vacuum sealer gets rid of oxygen, which is usually responsible for food and consequently food loss. Oxygen causes the food to lose essential qualities like flavor, color, texture, and nutrients. Therefore, having a vacuum prevents oxygen from degrading perishable foods and greatly extends its life, freshness, and flavor.

A recent report stated that an average family spends over $5000 a year on foods that go bad. The report made me think of how my vacuum sealer helps me save more because I rarely throw food in the bin. Owning a vacuum sealer also makes it possible for me to buy more food when a great sale opportunity presents itself because I can keep the food longer without sacrificing quality. My vacuum sealer has also helped me become a better cook. How? I utilize it to prepare my food for cooking submerged in water. It is an innovative approach. So, how do I find a good vacuum sealer? Here what I look for;

Brand Reliability
With the ever-changing economic environment, I am always keen to ensure I spend my money on reliable products. I don’t want an item that gives me trouble when using it. For this reason, reliability tops my list of what I look for when buying a vacuum sealer. I always check for vacuum sealer reviews and buying guide first and aim at buying a reliable vacuum sealer that is efficient. The best approach is to go about it is to select the leading brands.

For me, a vacuum sealer is solely for home use. Therefore, it should be portable and easy to work with around the house. I always go for a sealer that I can effortlessly carry from one to another and around my house.

This is a very important thing that I cannot afford ignore. Leading online shops sell ‘compatible’ sealer that can work with any type of bag. However, most sealers are designed to use specific types of bags. You should consider the type of food you want to store and the kind of bags you intend to use. I always go for the vacuum sealer that uses different types of bags in order to save money.

There are several types of sealers available on the market for home use. However, I will focus on the two main types of vacuum sealers. That is the chamber vacuum sealers and the external vacuum sealers. A chamber vacuum sealer removes the air from the chamber and sealing bag, keeping the food almost completely free from air. An external vacuum sealer removes the air inside the bag only. Having worked with the two sealers, I would say that external vacuum sealers are the best for home use. Chamber vacuum sealers are complex and are mainly used by professions for commercial use.

For a sealer to work efficiently, all the coordinating accessories must be there. Vacuum sealer accessories include bottle stopper, marinators, adapters, jar sealers, vacuum hoses and replacement parts. I am always keen to ensure I get all the right accessories.

With a vacuum sealer, speed is king. I don’t want to wait forever especially when I have to store a large quantity of food. So, I make sure I buy a model that can quickly seal my food.

Care and Maintenance
A sealer will handle my food. This means that hygiene should be a top priority. Therefore, when buying a vacuum sealer I always go for the one that I can easily clean after each use.