Pizza is the Best Winter Warmer

What is the thing that warms you up most in the winter? Is it the world’s best infrared heater that you bought from the shop the other week? Could it be getting cuddles from the one you love?

Well it might be all of these things but for me the thing that warms me up the most and helps me to get through those bleak winter months is pizza. I know that this might sound silly when you think about it logically why would pizza not help you out in this situation?

What’s that? I’m still not persuading you? Well sit back and relax because I am going to tell you all about why pizza is the only thing you need in the winter months.

The taste

I shouldn’t even need to explain this one. Everyone knows that pizza tastes nicer than anything else. It is warm and it is delicious and that is all that needs to be said on the issue.

The flavor combinations

Pizza is probably the most versatile food on the face of the earth. You can top it with basically anything you want and it will still taste nice. There is pepperoni, salami, ham, pineapple and bacon but to name a few. Then there are the different types of cheese you can have. My personal preference is for the classic mozzarella but you can also use cheddar, Swiss or anything else you can get you hands on.

Next up are the bases. I know I am in the minority but I like my pizzas to be formed on a barbecue base. I think it really adds to the whole sensation of a pizza but I know I am alone here. Most people like the original tomato base and there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong as long as you smother it in cheese! I’ll leave you with the thought of a stuffed crust pizza floating around in your thoughts.

The social elements

I don’t know about you but the only time I really eat pizza is when I am with my friends. Someone normally pipes up wanting to get one and within a couple of minutes the call has been placed and a delicious pizza is on its way to you. For this reason having a pizza is normally associated with good times and having another one will normally bring back good memories of the other times you have shared with your pals.

They can make you a better chef

If you are brave enough to make a pizza on your own instead of ordering one in then you will know just how easy they are to make. You have to create the base which is the only really difficult part. Once you have done this you are then free to experiment however you wish to. You can pick whatever ingredient you like and flavour it exactly to your own tastes.

If you want to try a pickle and pepperoni pizza then you can do just that. The more time you spend in the kitchen creating pizza ideas and the executing them the quicker you will become a pizza pro and never have to order one in again. Think of all of the money you can save by doing this. When you add this to the fact that cooking is extremely fun then you are looking at a very good way to spend an evening or two each week!

The conclusion

I hope I have brought you round to my way of thinking. Pizza is life and life is pizza. When things start to get cold each year you can keep all of your heaters and jackets and just chuck me a pizza from an infrared oven. If you are feeling extra generous then make mine a meat feast with a barbecue base please…