Safety Concerns When Using a Toaster Oven

When using a toaster oven, most people never encounter any problems. An important thing to keep in mind is that a toaster oven is essentially a small oven, and it will get hot!

The fact that your toaster oven is an electrical appliance means that you need to be careful of electrocution and burns. Always use a modern appliance, click here to see the best toaster in 2016.

Therefore, it is important to touch on some basic safety measures that should be taken whilst using a toaster oven to protect yourself, others, and your home.

Instruction Manual

You would think that reading the instruction manual is common sense, but many of us don’t want to be bothered and feel that we are smart enough to figure things out on our own. This may be true, and most toaster ovens are pretty straight forward and easy to figure out, but please remember, instruction manuals can provide a wealth of information and are usually very helpful in learning how to use the toaster oven in a safe and practical way.

You should always read the instruction manual for any new appliance you purchase. This will not only ensure that you are taking proper precautions, but also ensure you get the most out of your toaster oven.

Leave Some Room 

The lower end models that have less insulation have a tendency to get hot, therefore it is very important you leave enough room around the toaster oven, a general rule of thumb is to leave about 8 inches around the appliance, but refer to the manual for the manufacturer recommendations. This will allow for adequate air circulation and also help prevent any possible wall discoloration.

A simple way to avoid fires or accidents is to ensure you place the toaster oven away from flammable materials such as drapes, curtains or fabrics. You should also place the toaster oven on a solid and stable surface, not on a table cloth.  You should also make sure that all food particles and are clear from the area, and that the oven is clean and ready for use.

Plug & Cord Safety 

To protect yourself from electric shock, do not immerse the toaster oven, power cord or plug, in any kind of liquid.  Also, it is advisable to buy a toaster oven that comes with a 3 prong plug that has a grounding wire.  In the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding will reduce the risk of electrical shock.

Caution When Handling 

You may think this sounds obvious, but any cooking appliance generates heat. Therefore, caution must be taken when placing/removing food or handling the oven. The interior and exterior will become hot during and after cooking, so be sure to be careful when handling. Always allow the appliance to completely cool before moving or storing.

An easy way to avoid burns is to ensure you always wear oven mitts. It is recommended that these should be worn even when changing settings or touching the dials.

Lots of the food we buy today comes in a huge amount of packaging. Be sure that you have removed all flammable materials, like cardboard and plastic, before you place the item in the oven. If using ceramic or glass pans or dishes, make sure they are oven safe to avoid cracking.

If you are using dishes that have a lid, always ensure that it is in a safe working order. Some dishes can create an incredible amount of pressure and this can increase the risk of spillage and cracking.

Never insert metal utensils into the oven, not only can you damage the heating elements, you are putting yourself at risk of an electric shock.


The most obvious thing before cleaning is to ensure the machine is off and the plug is out of the socket.

Only use soft cleaning cloths. Metal scourers can leave small metal deposits, and they also scratch the surface. Clean the oven on a regular basis, ensuring all food deposits and crumbs are removed.