Summer Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

There is no better time to have fun, like during summer. Still, with the scorching sun, humidity, pollution, and more, your skin takes the toll. The weather elements during this time, wipe off the natural glow of your skin and hair, and if you are not lucky enough, it gets infections.

Not to worry, there is a hack for this. After reading this piece, you will know how you can still keep your skin radiating as it should, during summer. Here are some few tips you can use to restore the glow on your skin throughout this season.

Use sunscreens

Do you use sunscreens? If not, then you are missing out big time. A few people use sunscreens during summer; stand to be counted by buying a new sunscreen with AVA and UVB which comes in SPF 30 and SPF 70.  Start using a shot glass full for your body and a full teaspoon full of the face, and ensure you reapply it after an hour or two when out in the sun.

 Apply minimal makeup

Go for less makeup during summer. You look much better when you are more natural under the unforgiving sun. In case you use foundation, it’s advisable that you apply face powder as it prevents patchy skin. A good quality lip balm or gloss is excellent at protecting your lips to make them fresher. Also, avoid eye make like a plague during summer.

Hydrate your body

A good summer lotion should be your close friend during this season that you should never forget to put on. Summertime is the time to pack away your light wintery lotions and body butter. Light summery creams are the best since they come lighter and get absorbed into your skin quicker than the wintery body lotions which are thick.

Try purees and gels as they are the utmost absorbers. These are light, refreshing fruity lotions, best at spelling out summer. Apply right after a shower to seal in the body moisture your body absorbed while bathing.

Use summer polish

When it is summertime, you pack off your boots and grab your sandals. Go for a pedicure or better still treat go for an at-home pedicure. Get rid of the dead, dry skin and uncover your sandal-ready feet as there is nothing worse than showing your dull, dry feet in cute new sandals. Do it a couple of times each week, and in the end, you will have softer and gorgeous feet.

Got tired eye?

Long working hours and a host of other things to attend to when preparing for the festive season is tiring. What if you get nice eyewash that could get you refreshed in an instant? Put ice spring water in a bowl and add about three drops of honey then immense one of your eyes into it. Open your eye briefly, and then close it.

Throw away this liquid and make another portion of the same liquid one to use for the other eye. Repeat this process for a little while. Next, splash your eyes with cold mineral water. You will notice some redness in your eyes for a little while, but it will soon disappear, leaving your eyes refreshed for long.

Laser hair removal

Yes, it’s time to get ready for the summer. And, you canuse a laser machine to remove the unwanted hair from your legs, face, bikini line, underarm, and also in other parts of your skin where you don’t need hair to grow.

The benefit of laser hair removal includes precision, in that the laser selectively targets the dark coarse hairs without damaging the surrounding skin.  Speed is also other benefits, in that it takes less time to get rid of the unwanted hair when using a laser.

Avoid green chlorine hair

During summer most people like spending time in swimming pools without knowing how that could have a toll on their hair- green chlorine hair, especially with dyed hair. It happens when the chemicals in your hair dye mix with chlorine in swimming pool water. To get rid of this, since you can’t keep off swimming pools completely, wash your hair with baking soda and leave it in there for some time.

Also, try a great shampoo for swimmers as it is effective in removing the green. Otherwise, the chlorine in the water will ruin your hair shelf.  A deep conditioner and keratin treatments are suitable for your hair health. It leaves your hair healthy, vibrant, and shiny.


These are only a few tips you can use this summer to acquire gorgeous skin and hair. There are many more, such as combing your hair from the bottom, air drying it, eating a healthy diet for both your hair and skin health. Be sure to use these tips, and you will enjoy your summer more, without worrying about your hair and skin health.