Three Most Common Types of Brick to Build With

Brick is one of the oldest and most common building materials to be used in the construction of structures from houses and public buildings to roadways, pavements, and driveways. It is versatile, sturdy, and long-lasting with one of the longest lives a building material has. While used as the go-to material for centuries, because of the age of industrialization and the pioneering of many other construction materials that are a lot cheaper to produce, brick has unfortunately become a little dearer on the price scale of modern conventional building materials. However, it stills stands out in quality and so is worth the investment for the guarantee of long-term durability. Here are the three most common types of brick out there in the building market, all available for residential or commercial use with positives and negatives to each one.

The first most common type of brick is the mud brick. The mud brick is by far the oldest of the three categories, having been in use for thousands of years. Because the process to produce the mud brick is to air dry it once the clay has formed into the shape of the brick, this is the easiest of the methods, and while the drying process takes some time, it’s also the most efficient and simplest. Because of its simple design, it’s used less these days, particularly in developed countries who prefer the other types of brick.

The second most common type of brick is the most popular in the 21st century as it has been for hundreds of years – the fired brick. Shaped into a brick and then put into a kiln, these bricks are dried using fire which solidifies their shape and makes them a sturdy, reliable option. The fired brick is used in the construction of many structures, specifically the driveway. In England, most driveways consist of brick. Check out Driveways Nottingham for some excellent ways to get a driveway done in brick.

The third and final most common type of brick that is also a popular choice in the 21st century – brought into existence because of modernity and the industrialization era – are chemically set bricks. These types of blocks, unlike the other two most common ones, are made out of lime instead of clay. Then they go into an autoclave that accelerates the setting process, saving time in the production. This produces a very accurately shaped brick which is desirable now that we have created other ways to provide near-perfectly shaped building materials.

Whether they are building their ultimate home from scratch, renovating an existing one, or adding on a much-needed driveway to their recently purchased house, brick is a fantastically durable material that has proven to last the mile in being one of the most popular building materials to date. When choosing to build or renovate with brick, it’s good to do research and discover just what’s out there when it comes to what kind of blocks can be used. Each of the three most common types has its positives and negatives, which means that upon reading about them and finding out more information they’ll be able to decide exactly which type of brick is going to fit the specified construction criteria. It’s no coincidence that their neighbor’s house or driveway consists of brick, and their neighbors too – it’s a reliable option to go for that will ensure the longest life out of home and driveway.