Tips for Using a Kitchen Knife

If you are just getting started working in the kitchen, there is something that you need to know. When you are dealing with kitchen knives, they are dangerous and can harm you. OK, so chances are you already knew that! However, you never want to take for granted how easy it is to make a mistake when using them. If you think you are too cool for recommendations, then maybe you will come back after the knife is laughing at you. For those of you who are looking to take extra precautions when using kitchen knives, here are some tips for you.

Have Common Sense

Having common sense when dealing with a sharp object that can inflict pain on you may be the best thing that you can do. To give you a further idea, here are some tips that should be common sense. Always, cut away from your hand and keep your fingers away from the blade. This way, if the knife slips your hand is not there waiting to be sliced. Absolutely never play with knives because remember, if there sharp enough to cut through a T-bone steak then they are tough enough to cut through your flesh. Finally, always use a cutting board. Never, under any circumstance, should you hold a food item over the sink and cut it. Just remember, if it seems like a stupid idea then it probably is!

Always Keep Your Knives Sharpened

It seems very odd to say this, but the safest way to use a knife is when it’s properly sharpened. If a knife is very dull and hasn’t been sharpened in a while, it has a greater chance of injuring you than a full sharpened one does. It’s funny because that seems completely backward. You would think that if a knife was dull, the blade itself would have less of a chance of causing injury. While if they both touched your skin the dull blade would cause less injury, that’s not the point. When you are using a dull blade, it’s more likely to slip than cut. This is where the brunt of the problem with dull knives comes from because once it slips, it is out of your control for where it goes. With a sharp knife, they are going to cut with ease and eliminate the chance of slippage.

Use a Large, Sturdy Cutting Board

Interestingly enough, a huge safety measure when using a knife is the type of cutting board you are using with it. For starters, you are going to want a sturdy cutting board. The one thing you want to prevent is your cutting board from slipping. If you have a heavy duty one, this is not an issue. However, if you have a cheap one that’s plastic you may want to place a damp rag underneath to prevent it from slipping. Also, you may want to use a larger cutting board. If you notice you don’t have a lot of room to cut your foods, it can increase the chance of an accident.

Don’t Leave Them Lying Around

This is a huge one if you have children running around in your kitchen. Clearly, children don’t know the dangers of a sharp kitchen knife. Just imagine what could happen if they pick it up thinking it’s something to play with? The best thing to do is always put them away in a safe location. One where there is no chance of your children accidently grabbing them. Even after you are done using them, it’s wise to wash, dry, and store them away immediately. If you are feeling a little lazy, then you can just place them with the blade down in a dish drainer.

Curl Your Fingers When Chopping

In specific, when you are chopping vegetables it’s wise for you to curl your fingers. To further explain, make sure to hold the food with your fingertips so your knuckles are the only body part exposed to the knife. This way, in the case of an accident, your fingertips don’t get sliced off. With them curled, the worst thing you will do is ding a knuckle. At the end of the day, a dinged knuckle is not nearly as painful as a chopped finger.

There you go, you are that much closer to being a wiz with kitchen knives. If you don’t have any good kitchen knives, now your goal is to find some. The great news is at Cut It Fine, you will find all of the necessary information you need.