Types of Espresso Makers According to Automation

Automation is the future. In the present technological age, every product is designed to reduce human effort and edge towards automation. Espresso coffee machines are not an exception.

The major difference in all kinds of espresso machines out there is how easy they’re to use. Based on automation, here are the four main kinds of espresso machines on the market. And if you’re getting an espresso machine for commercial purposes, it’s important that you examine all the parts of the espresso maker carefully.

Manual espresso maker

Manual espresso makers are perfect for people who don’t mind doing some work on their espresso. This extra work can pay dividends though as a manual espresso machine lets you control all aspects of making an espresso shot so you can potentially get the perfect shot.

Manual espresso machines are usually attractive and functional at the same time. They are expensive, but for the true connoisseurs who don’t mind putting in some work, they can make a great espresso shot.


  • This kind of espresso maker produces high-quality, tasty espresso
  • You have greater control over the espresso-making process
  • It’s an attractive kitchen appliance for your countertop
  • This espresso machine is known to be long-lasting

Super automatic espresso machine

As the name implies, super automatic espresso machines are extremely easy to use.

The idea behind a super automatic espresso machine is to make the work of making an espresso shot as simple as adding ground coffee and pressing some button. It’s fast and easy without any mess to tidy up. That’s it.

This kind of espresso maker is ideal for those who don’t want to put in any work and aren’t too bothered by the specifics of the taste, but instead simply want a shot fast. If you take lots of espresso all day, this could be the machine for you.

These espresso machines, especially top rated super automatic espresso machines, are usually more costly than other espresso machines, but you can still buy some smaller versions in the $200 range. They also come with plenty of features, including control panels, temperature controls, programmable system, LED display, simple to use buttons, and pre-brewing and pre-grinding features.


  • It’s the easiest espresso machine to use
  • It comes with plenty of special features, including programmable settings and built-in grinders
  • It’s basically an “all-in-one” machine with a lot of special features

Semi-automatic espresso maker

Semi-automatic espresso makers come with electric pumps, which make them that much simpler to use than manual espresso machines. Like manual espresso machines, they give you some level of control (but not quite the same control in manual machines) and the simplicity of use seen in different kinds of automatic models. Semi-automatic espresso makers are now the most popular machines on the market.


  • This kind of espresso maker is simper to use than a manual one
  • It can make quality and yummy shots of espresso
  • There are lots of affordable models from reputable brands

Fully automatic espresso machine

Apart from the electric pump, a fully automatic espresso machine also automates the quantity and delivery of water in the process of making espresso shots. Therefore, they’re even simpler to use than their semi-automatic counterparts, but they remove one more aspect of control from your hands—which may be a problem if you’re very specific about how you want your espresso made.

As with semi-automatic versions, this kind of espresso machine has a wide price range. Some models can go for $200 while others go for several thousand dollars. Whether you’re in your office or at home, a fully automatic espresso machine is the best for preparing your shots of espresso.