Understanding Induction Cooking

Cooking is one of the oldest technologies that you will come across. Humans wouldn’t have survived all these years if they didn’t perfect the art of cooking food. The basic idea of cooking is all about heating the food to kill bacteria and make the food tasty.

There are a lot of ways to cook food, ranging from roasting to baking, but at the end of the process, regardless of the type, the aim is to make the food better and easier to eat.

There has been a lot of progress in the cooking industry, with many equipment and tools being discovered for the sole reason of making this industry better. The 20th century saw the development of 2 inventions – the microwave oven and the induction cooktop. The microwave uses audio waves at high energy rates to great food fast and more efficiently. Induction cooking uses electromagnetic power to turn the cooking pan into a cooker, which creates heat within the pan instead of firing the pan from outside.

Microwave ovens are common, but the induction cookers are less understood. Let us explore them and see what you need to know about them.

What is Induction?

Before we can get into the induction cooktop discussion, you need to understand what induction is in the first place. Induction is a shortened form of the word electronic induction, which means generating electric current via magnetism.

This comes from the fact that magnetism and electricity work together, check out electromagnetism.

The Induction Cooktop: How does it Work

An induction cooktop is an electromagnet tool that you can use to cook with. The cooktop uses a controlled coil of metal that receives current and then produces a magnetic field all around it, which eventually produces heat.

The Benefits

Many people think that as long as they have a gas powered stove or electric ring; they don’t have to use an induction cooktop at all. Here are a few reasons.

Speed and Efficiency

Traditionally, the cooker generates heat some distance from the cooking pan and attempts to transport the energy unto the food with varying rates of success. If you have ever tried to cook food on a campfire, you know that cooking is fun, but it takes ages to cook the perfect meal.

The main reason is that a large percentage of the energy produced is radiated to the atmosphere and you end up losing a lot of heat this way. It is also inefficient. This is also what happens when you cook from home; you are wasting a lot of energy trying to cook just a few dishes.

With induction cooking, the heat is retained in the pan and not the cooktop, and a lot of this energy goes into the food, which is why this is more efficient compared to other methods.

Induction cooking also helps get the heat to the food much more efficiently because the pans get hotter more quickly and faster. This also translates to around 25-50 percent faster cooking than other methods. This can be a huge boost for the restaurants that need to get dishes to the table faster.

Easy to Use and Safe

Induction cooktops found here are usually built in ceramic or glass cooktops which are easy to maintain with just a quick wipe. The magnetic fields generate heat instantly, and it also disappears instantly as well, which means the cooktops get heated quickly and lose heat quickly as well.

You can vary the heat up and down easily using the dials that are provided on the cooktop. This makes it easier to cook the food at the right temperature helping you cook different types of food easily.

There is no open flame on the cooktop, which means you aren’t at risk of getting burnt the way other methods work. These cooktops detect the power automatically and cut it out in case you leave it on by mistake. This makes it safe for use at all times.

In Closing

Induction cooking makes it easy to cook food and is faster than conventional methods. Take time to understand how the cooktop functions and what each dial works so that you enjoy all the benefits that the cooktop brings to your cooking.