Wedding Tropes: 6 Unnecessary Must-Haves for Your Wedding

It is fun to ruin tropes when you watch TV, but how about wedding tropes? Well, you will find out that it is enjoyable to try and notice a few stereotypes that you do not have to follow for your wedding. Here are a few must-haves that are somehow unnecessary for a wedding ceremony.

#1: Engagement Party

Just your wedding alone should suffice for attention and gifts, and an engagement party would only increase the burden on other people. If you want them to pool their resources for you, it should be for the main event, not the sideshow. However, if you wish to engage in more festivities, no one is stopping you, it is just unnecessary.

#2: Bridal Shower

Avoid holding one of these yourself, because it is likely to be redundant. However, if someone else sets a party for you instead, just accept it and be grateful. Just do not assume that having one is necessary for a great wedding party.

#3: Date Cards

Instead of cards for reminding people of the wedding date, use email instead. By doing so, you can save money, and recipients do not have to stick the card somewhere. If you think it is too informal, that is up to you, but the fact does not change that date cards are too much of a stereotype.

#4: Wedding Band

A wedding band may not be that necessary since there are other less expensive options. For a wedding ceremony, you can choose to hire a singer instead, or you may even get a DJ for your wedding. And if you want to be a minimalist, just a playlist, a phone, and a speaker can do the job well.

#5: Wedding Website

Uh oh, it’s a wedding website and its cliche “This is how we met.” stories. For guests, it can be quite entertaining to check out a site and read your stories and ask questions but remember that it is unnecessary. If weddings of a few decades ago can do just fine without a website, the same case applies to you as well. However, you may have to expect yourself to entertain questions via phone or social media, or you can just include information in your invitation.

#6: Dance Floors

Okay, dance floors are unnecessary, and even awkward for some, in a wedding ceremony. If you assume that guests will enjoy having to dance around in the middle of the party, think again. Others will find it a bother to even participate, and some may even find it too “old-school.” Then again, if you think it will work for your wedding, go ahead since no one is stopping you, and you most likely know what is best for the guests anyway.


If you are going to hold a wedding ceremony soon, it may help you to remind yourself of these unnecessary “Wedding Must-Haves.” These are optional and only serve to enhance the wedding experience or not. However, if you intend to opt for them anyway, feel free to do so since it is never wrong to follow traditional standards.